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World Football Leagues: Romania

Romanian Football League Champions – Liga I – from season 1909-10 to season 2018-19. From season 2015–16 a playoff/playout system was began. The 14 teams meet twice, a total of 26 matches per team, with the top 6 advancing to the Championship round and the bottom 8 qualifying for Relegation round.[8] 

World Football Leagues: Romania

YearRomanian Champions
1910Olympia Bucureşti
1911Olympia Bucureşti
1912United AC Ploieşti
1913Colentina AC Bucureşti
1914Colentina AC Bucureşti
1915Româno-Americana Ploieşti
1916Prahova Ploieşti
1920Venus Bucuresti
1921Venus Bucuresti
1922Chinezul Timisoara
1923Chinezul Timisoara
1924Chinezul Timisoara
1925Chinezul Timisoara
1926Chinezul Timisoara
1927Chinezul Timisoara
1928Colţea Braşov
1929Venus Bucuresti
1930Juventus Bucureşti
1931FCM Reşiţa
1932Venus Bucuresti
1933Ripensia Timişoara
1934Venus Bucuresti
1935Ripensia Timişoara
1936Ripensia Timişoara
1937Venus Bucuresti
1938Ripensia Timişoara
1939Venus Bucuresti
1940Venus Bucuresti
1941Unirea Tricolor Bucureşti
1947UTA Arad
1948UTA Arad
1949FC Bihor Oradea
1950UTA Arad
1951Steaua Bucureşti
1952Steaua Bucureşti
1953Steaua Bucureşti
1954UTA Arad
1955Dinamo Bucureşti
1956Steaua Bucureşti
1958Petrolul Ploieşti
1959Petrolul Ploieşti
1960Steaua Bucureşti
1961Steaua Bucureşti
1962Dinamo Bucureşti
1963Dinamo Bucureşti
1964Dinamo Bucureşti
1965Dinamo Bucureşti
1966Petrolul Ploieşti
1967Rapid Bucureşti
1968Steaua Bucureşti
1969UTA Arad
1970UTA Arad
1971Dinamo Bucureşti
1972FC Argeş Piteşti
1973Dinamo Bucureşti
1974Universitatea Craiova
1975Dinamo Bucureşti
1976Steaua Bucureşti
1977Dinamo Bucureşti
1978Steaua Bucureşti
1979FC Argeş Piteşti
1980Universitatea Craiova
1981Universitatea Craiova
1982Dinamo Bucureşti
1983Dinamo Bucureşti
1984Dinamo Bucureşti
1985Steaua Bucureşti
1986Steaua Bucureşti
1987Steaua Bucureşti
1988Steaua Bucureşti
1989Steaua Bucureşti
1990Dinamo Bucureşti
1991Universitatea Craiova
1992Dinamo Bucureşti
1993Steaua Bucureşti
1994Steaua Bucureşti
1995Steaua Bucureşti
1996Steaua Bucureşti
1997Steaua Bucureşti
1998Steaua Bucureşti
1999Rapid Bucureşti
2000Dinamo Bucureşti
2001Steaua Bucureşti
2002Dinamo Bucureşti
2003Rapid Bucureşti
2004Dinamo Bucureşti
2005Steaua Bucureşti
2006Steaua Bucureşti
2007Dinamo Bucureşti
2008CFR Cluj
2009Dinamo Bucureşti
2010CFR Cluj
2011FC Otelul Galati
2012CFR Cluj
2013Steaua Bucureşti
2014Steaua Bucureşti
2015Steaua Bucureşti
2016Astra Giurgiu
2017Viitorul Constanța
2018CFR Cluj
2019CFR Cluj

Romania Football Champions by Club

Romanian Champions (23 Clubs)
26Steaua Bucureşti
18Dinamo Bucureşti
8Venus Bucuresti
6UTA Arad
6Chinezul Timisoara
5CFR Cluj
4Ripensia Timişoara
4Universitatea Craiova
3Petrolul Ploieşti
3Rapid Bucureşti
2FC Argeş Piteşti
2Colentina AC Bucureşti
2Olympia Bucureşti
1FC Bihor Oradea
1Unirea Tricolor Bucureşti
1FC Unirea Urziceni
1Colţea Braşov
1Juventus Bucureşti
1Prahova Ploieşti
1Româno-Americana Ploieşti
1FCM Reşiţa
1United AC Ploieşti
1FC Otelul Galati
1Astra Giurgiu
1Viitorul Constanța
101Total Champions
Liga 1 2018-19 (Pts)
54CFR Cluj
45Universitatea Craiova
42Astra Giurgiu
38Viitorul Constanța
37Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe
34Politehnica Iași
32Dinamo București
31Gaz Metan Mediaș
24Dunărea Călărași
18Concordia Chiajna

Top 6 Clubs qualify for Champions Round. Bottom 8 Clubs qualify for relegation round.

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