Argentine Primera División - Superliga Argentine Winners

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Argentine Primera División – Superliga Argentine Winners

Argentinian Football League Champions from season 1890-91 to 2018-19. The Argentinian top football league is the Primera División is known as Superliga Argentina since the 2017–18 season,
The Amateur Era was from 1890-91 to 1929-30 and the Professional Era from 1930-31 onward. List of Highest Goalscorers from Season 1891 to 2019 Total by Club is included.

Argentinian Primera Division / Superliga Football Champions by Year

YearChampions 1891-1956YearChampions 1957-2019
1891St. Andrew's / Old Caledonians1957River Plate
18921958Racing Club de Avellaneda
1893Lomas Athletic1959San Lorenzo de Almagro
1894Lomas Athletic1960Independiante
1895Lomas Athletic1961Racing Club de Avellaneda
1896Lomas Academy1962Boca Juniors
1897Lomas Athletic1963Independiante
1898Lomas Athletic1964Boca Juniors
1899Belgrano Athletic1965Boca Juniors
1900English High School1966Racing Club de Avellaneda
1901Alumni1967Estudiantes / Independiante
1902Alumni1968San Lorenzo / Velez Sarsfield
1903Alumni1969Chacarita Jnrs / Boca Juniors
1904Belgrano Athletic1970Independiante / Boca Juniors
1905Alumni1971Independiante / Rosario Central
1906Alumni1972San Lorenzo / San Lorenzo
1907Alumni1973Huracan / Rosario Central
1908Belgrano Athletic1974Newell's Old Boys / San Lorenzo
1909Alumni1975River Plate / River Plate
1910Alumni1976Boca Juniors / Boca Juniors
1911Alumni1977River Plate / Independiante
1912Quilmes1978Quilmes / Independiante
1913Racing Club de Avellaneda1979River Plate / River Plate
1914Racing Club de Avellaneda1980River Plate / Rosario Central
1915Racing Club de Avellaneda1981Boca Juniors / River Plate
1916Racing Club de Avellaneda1982Ferro Carril Oeste / Estudiantes
1917Racing Club de Avellaneda1983Estudiantes / Independiante
1918Racing Club de Avellaneda1984Ferro Carril Oeste / Argentinos Jnrs
1919Boca Juniors1985Argentinos Juniors
1920Boca Juniors / River Plate1986River Plate
1921Huracan BA / Racing Club1987Rosario Central
1922Huracan BA / Independiante1988Newell's Old Boys
1923Boca Juniors / San Lorenzo1989Independiante
1924Boca Juniors / San Lorenzo1990River Plate
1925Huracan BA / Racing Club1991Newell's Old Boys / River Plate
1926Boca Juniors / Independiante1992Newell's Old Boys / Boca Juniors
1927San Lorenzo de Almagro1993Velez Sarsfield / River Plate
1928Huracan1994Independiante / River Plate
1929Gimnasia y Esgrima LP1995San Lorenzo / Velez Sarsfield
1930Boca Juniors1996Velez Sarsfield / River Plate
1931Boca Juniors1997River Plate / River Plate
1932River Plate1998Velez Sarsfield / Boca Juniors
1933San Lorenzo de Almagro1999Boca Juniors / River Plate
1934Boca Juniors2000River Plate / Boca Juniors
1935Boca Juniors2001San Lorenzo / Racing
1936River Plate2002River Plate / Independiante
1937River Plate2003River Plate / Boca Juniors
1938Independiante2004River Plate / Newell's Old Boys
1939Independiante2005Velez Sarsfield / Boca Juniors
1940Boca Juniors2006Boca Juniors / Estudiantes La Plata
1941River Plate2007San Lorenzo de Almagro / Lanus
1942River Plate2008River Plate / Boca Juniors
1943Boca Juniors2009Vélez Sarsfield / CA Banfield
1944Boca Juniors2010Argentinos Juniors / Estudiantes
1945River Plate2011Vélez Sarsfield / Boca Juniors
1946San Lorenzo de Almagro2012Arsenal di Sarandi / Vélez Sarsfield
1947River Plate2013Newell's Old Boys / Vélez Sarsfield
1948Independiante2014River Plate / Racing
1949Racing Club de Avellaneda2015Boca Juniors
1950Racing Club de Avellaneda2016Lanus Club Atletico
1951Racing Club de Avellaneda2017Boca Juniors
1952River Plate2018Boca Juniors
1953River Plate2019Racing Club de Avellaneda
1954Boca Juniors2020
1955River Plate2021
1956River Plate2022

Argentinian Primera Division Champion Clubs by Number of Wins

Argentina Champions (28 Clubs)Primera División 2018-19 (Pts)
River Plate36Defensa y Justicia57
Boca Juniors33Boca Juniors53
Racing Club de Avellaneda18River Plate51
Independiente (A)16Atlético Tucumán45
San Lorenzo de Almagro15Vélez Sarsfield42
Vélez Sarsfield10Independiente40
Estudiantes de La Plata6Tigre36
Newell's Old Boys6Huracán36
Huracán (BA)5Lanús35
Lomas Athletic5Talleres (C)34
Rosario Central4Aldosivi33
Argentinos Juniors3Godoy Cruz33
Belgrano Athletic3Newell's Old Boys32
Lanus Club Atletico2Banfield29
Ferro Carril Oeste (BA)2Estudiantes (LP)29
Porteño2Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP)29
Quilmes & Rovers2Patronato29
Estudiantil Porteño2Rosario Central26
Gimnasia y Esgrima LP1San Martín (SJ)26
CA Banfield1Belgrano25
Lomas Academy1San Lorenzo24
Arsenal di Sarandi1Colón23
Chacarita Juniors1San Martín (T)23
Doc Sud1Argentinos Juniors23
Old Caledonians1Argentinos Juniors22
Sportivo Barracas1
St. Andrew's1
Total Champions189
Professional Era from 1931 onwards

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Argentine Primera División - Superliga Argentine Winners
Argentine Primera División - Superliga Champions
rgentine Primera División top scorers
Argentine Primera División Top Scorers

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