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Football Personalities Honours List

List of Football Personalities who have received Orders, Decorations and Medals of the United Kingdom.
Entries are listed alphabetically under the highest award attained. Previous awards, if gained, are listed in the relevant notes section.
All players from 1966 were awarded medals the MBE, additionally Jack Charlton, Bobby Moore and Gordon Banks were made OBE.

Trevor BrookingJun-2004KnighthoodFor services to sport; also received CBE in 1999 and MBE in 1981
Matt BusbyJun-1969KnighthoodAfter guiding Manchester United to the European Cup title.
Bobby CharltonJun-1994KnighthoodFor services to football; regarded as second footballer to be knighted;
also received CBE in 1974 and OBE in 1969.
John Charles Clegg1927KnighthoodThought by some to be the first man knighted for services to football,
although the citation did not mention football.
Kenny Dalglish2018KnighthoodFor services to Football, to Charity and to the City of Liverpool;
Services of Charity and Liverpool regarded as support to victims of 1989 Hillsborough disaster.
Alex FergusonJun-1999KnighthoodOnly the eighth football manager or player to receive a knighthood;
was also awarded an OBE in 1984 and a CBE in 1995.
Tom FinneyJan-1998KnighthoodFor services to football; regarded as third footballer to be knighted;
also received CBE in 1992 and OBE in 1961.
Geoff HurstJun-1998KnighthoodFor services to football; regarded as fourth footballer to be knighted;
also received MBE in 1979.
Stanley MatthewsJan-1965KnighthoodFor services to football; regarded as first footballer to be knighted;
also received CBE in 1957 (the only footballer knighted whilst still playing).
Bert Millichip1991Knighthood
Alf RamseyJan-1967KnighthoodFor services to football (following England's 1966 World Cup triumph).
David Gerald RichardsJun-2006KnighthoodChairman of the FA Premier League and Football Foundation. For services to Sport.
Bobby RobsonJun-2002KnighthoodFor services to football; also received CBE in 1990.
Stanley Rous1949KnighthoodHe was knighted in 1949 for his contribution to the London Olympics the previous
year and to sport in general.
Walter Winterbottom1978KnighthoodFor services to sport; also received CBE in 1972 and OBE in 1963 (first England manager).
Édson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé)1997KBE (honorary)As a Brazilian citizen, he was not eligible to receive an actual knighthood.
Jimmy Armfield2010CBEAlso appointed an OBE in 2000-Jun.
Craig BrownJun-1999CBEFor services to Association Football.
Paul Elliott2012CBEFor services to Equality and Diversity in Football; also appointed an MBE in 2003-Jun.
Ron GreenwoodJan-1981CBEManager, England Association Football Team.
Denis Law2016CBEFor services to Football and charity.
Hope Powell2010CBEAlso appointed an OBE in 2002-Jun.
Alan Shearer2016CBEAlso appointed an OBE in 2001-Jun.
Jock SteinJan-1970CBEFor services to Scottish Football.
Billy WrightJun-1959CBEFor services to Association Football.
Gordon Banks1970OBEFor services to Association Football.
Brendon Batson2015OBEAlso appointed an MBE in 2001-Jan.
David BeckhamJun-2003OBEFor services to Football.
Brian CloughJun-1991OBEFor services to Association Football.
Chris Coleman2017OBEFor services to Football.
Garth CrooksJun-1999OBEFor services to the Institute of Professional Sport.
Jack Charlton1974OBEFor services to Association Football.
Jermain Defoe2018OBEFor services to the Jermain Defoe Foundation.
George Eastham1975OBEFor services to Association Football.
Ryan GiggsJun-2007OBEFor services to Sport.
Jimmy Hill1995OBEFor services to Association Football and to Broadcasting.
Gérard Houllier2003OBE
Emlyn Hughes1980OBEFor services to Association Football.
Mark HughesJun-2004OBEAlso appointed an MBE in 1998-Jan.
Frank Lampard2015OBEFor services to Football.
Gary LinekerJan-1992OBEFor services to Association Football.
Cliff Lloyd1975OBESecretary/Treasurer, Professional Footballers' Association.
Nat Lofthouse1994OBEFor services to Association Football.
Des Lynam2008OBEFor services to Sport.
Joe Mercer1976OBEFor services to Association Football in England.
John Motson2001OBEFor services to Sports Broadcasting.
Bill Nicholson1975OBEManager, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
Martin O'Neill2004OBEFor services to Football.
Bob Paisley1977OBEManager of Liverpool Football
Gary Pallister2009OBEFor Contributions to Sport.
Bryan RobsonJan-1990OBEFor services to Association Football.
Bill Shankly1974OBEManager, Liverpool Football Club.
Alan ShearerJun-2001OBE
Peter Shilton1991OBEAlso received MBE in 1986.
Walter Smith1997OBEManager, England Football Team. For services to Football.
Gareth Southgate2019OBEFor services to Association Football.
Gordon Strachan1993OBEFor services to Sport.
Gordon Taylor2008OBEFor services to Association Football.
Jack Taylor1975OBEFootball Referee
Geoff ThompsonJun-2007OBEFor services to Sport.
Arsène Wenger2003OBEHonorary (French citizen)
Bob Wilson2008OBEFor charitable services through the Willow Foundation.
Dean Windass2000OBE
Rachel Yankey2014OBEAlso appointed an MBE in 2006-Jan.
Gianfranco Zola2004OBEHonorary (Italian citizen)
Tony AdamsJun-1999MBEFor services to Football.
John Barnes1998MBEFor services to Football.
Ted Bates2001MBEFor services to Football.
Noel Bailie2013MBEFor services to Football in Northern Ireland.
Peter Beardsley1995MBEFor services to Association Football.
Colin BellJan-2005MBEFor services to the community.
Billy Bingham1981MBEManager, Northern Ireland Association Football Team.
Billy Bonds1988MBEFor services to Association Football.
Tom Boyd2002MBEFor services to Association Football.
Steve Bull2000MBEFor services to Association Football.
Karen Carney2017MBEFor services to Football.
Tony Carr2010MBEFor services to Football.
Ray Clemence1987MBEFor services to Association Football.
George Cohen2000MBEFor services to Association Football.
Norman Creek1943MBEMilitary Division; also awarded the Military Cross in 1918.
Barry Davies2005MBEFor services to Sports Broadcasting.
Steven Davis2017MBEFor services to Football.
Robbie Earle1999MBEFor services to Association Football.
Barry Ferguson2006MBEFor services to Sport.
Tony Ford2000MBEFor services to Association Football.
Steven Gerrard2007MBEFor services to Sport.
Shaun Goater2003MBEFor services to Sport and young people, Bermuda.
Dario Gradi1998MBEFor services to Association Football.
John Greig1977MBECaptain, Glasgow Rangers Football Club.
George Harkus1949MBEFor "keeping up morale in the forces whilst stationed in the Middle East"
Eric Harrison2018MBEFor services to Football.
David Healy2008MBEFor "services to football and the community"
Steph Houghton2016MBEFor services to Football.
Roger Hunt2000MBEFor services to Association Football.
Gordon Jago2006MBE
David James2012MBE
Harry Kane2019MBECaptain, England Football Team. For services to Association Football.
Shelley Kerr2019MBEFor services to Football.
Alan Knight2001MBEFor services to Association Football.
Henrik Larsson2006MBEFor services to Football.
Jim Leighton1998MBEFor services to Football.
Gary MabbuttJan-1994MBEFor services to Football.
Sian Massey-Ellis2017MBEFor services to Football.
Gary McAllister2002MBEFor services to Association Football.
Gareth McAuley2019MBEFor services to Football in Northern Ireland.
Ally McCoist1994MBEFor services to Football.
Lawrie McMenemy2006MBEFor services to Sport and to Charity.
Willie Miller1974MBEFor services to Sport and to Charity.
David Narey1992MBEFor services to Association Football in Scotland.
Michael O'Neill2017MBEFor services to Football and the community in Northern Ireland.
Terry Paine1977MBEPlayer Coach, Hereford United Football Club.
Stuart Pearce1999MBEFor services to Association Football.
Ivor Powell2008MBEFor services to Sport.
Niall Quinn2003MBEHonorary (Irish) ; "outstanding services to international football & contributions to charities"
Cyrille Regis2008MBEFor services to the Voluntary Sector and to Football.
Pat Rice2013MBEFor services to Sport.
Peter Schmeichel2001MBEHonorary (Danish citizen)
Alex Scott2017MBEFor services to Football.
Teddy Sheringham2007MBEFor services to Football.
Kelly Smith2008MBEFor services to Football.
Neville Southall1995MBEFor services to Association Football.
Tommy Smith1977MBEFootballer, Liverpool Football Club.
Neville Southall1996MBEFor services to Association Football.
Gary Speed2010MBEFor services to Football.
Nobby Stiles2000MBEFor services to Association Football.
Casey Stoney2015MBEFor services to Football.
John Toshack1982MBEManager, Swansea City Association Football Club.
Howard Webb2011MBEFor services to Football.
Ray Wilkins1993MBEFor services to Association Football.
Fara Williams2016MBEFor services to Women’s Football and charity.
Ray Wilson2000MBEFor services to Association Football.
Ian Wright2000MBEFor services to Association Football.

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