Euro 2020 Goal Keepers Clean Sheets

Euro 2020 Clean Sheets by Nation

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Euro 2020 Clean Sheets from the 24 participating Nations.
The Euro 2020 tournament will run from June 11 to July 11 2021.
It is the first-ever pan-European edition of the competition and the Final will be staged at Wembley.

Table of UEFA Euro 2020 Finals Clean Sheets

Nation Clean Sheets

England Football

England 5

Belgium Football

Belgium 3

Italy Football

Italy 3

Czech Football

Czech Republic 2

Netherlands Football

Netherlands 2

Spain Football

Spain 2

Sweden Football

Sweden 2

Austria Football

Austria 1

Denmark Football

Denmark 1

Finland Football

Finland 1

France Football

France 1

Portugal Football

Portugal 1

Russia Football

Russia 1

Scotland football

Scotland 1

Wales Football

Wales 1

croatia football

Croatia 0

Germany Football

Germany 0

Hungary Football

Hungary 0

Macedonia Football

North Macedonia 0

Poland Football

Poland 0

Slovakia 0

Switzerland Fooball

Switzerland 0

Turkey Football

Turkey 0

Ukraine Football

Ukraine 0

Euro 2020 Nations Finals

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