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FA Cup Quiz! Know your FA Cup trivia? Answer these FA Cup Quiz Questions and find out now! MyFootballFacts brings you a collection of FA Cup Quiz Questions from our Daily Football Quiz Questions. Use these FA Cup questions and answers to create FA Cup trivia quizzes to ask friends and family. Click on the questions for the answers and link to FA Cup Facts or simply search MyFootballFacts trove of football and FA Cup stats. Enjoy the football quiz!

  1. Who were the last seven men to win the FA Cup as both Players and Managers?

  2. Which eight Clubs outside the Top Flight won FA Cup Finals from 1888-89 onward?

  3. Which six venues outside London or Cardiff have hosted FA Cup Finals or Replays?

  4. Who has won the FA Cup the most times?

  5. What was unusual about the 1985 FA Cup Semi-Finals between Everton & Luton and Man United & Liverpool?

  6. How many times has the Double of FA Cup & Football League Cup been achieved?

  7. How many London Derby FA Cup Finals have there been?

  8. What was the first FA Cup Final to feature numbers on the Player’s Shirts?

  9. Which six Managers won the FA Cup with Manchester City?

  10. What was the innovation used in the 1892 FA Cup Final that’s still with us today?

  11. Which was the last club to win the FA Cup featuring 11 English players in their starting line-up?

  12. Which five companies have sponsored the FA Cup since 1994?

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