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Sheffield United Premier League Appearances 1993-94 to 2019-20

Sheffield United All-Time Premier League Appearances from season 1993-94 to 2019-20.
Complete record of all players during their four seasons in the Premier League

Sheffield United Premier League Appearances
Player Apps First App Last App
Carl Bradshaw 72 15-Aug-92 7-May-94
Paul Beesley 64 15-Aug-92 3-May-94
Alan Kelly 63 2-Sep-92 3-May-94
Glyn Hodges 62 15-Aug-92 7-May-94
Paul Rogers 52 2-Sep-92 7-May-94
Dane Whitehouse 52 12-Sep-92 7-May-94
Mitch Ward 48 29-Aug-92 7-May-94
Kevin Gage 48 15-Aug-92 26-Mar-94
Alan Cork 46 15-Aug-92 3-May-94
Adrian Littlejohn 46 22-Aug-92 16-Apr-94
Brian Gayle 44 25-Aug-92 7-May-94
Brian Deane 41 15-Aug-92 8-May-93
John Gannon 41 15-Aug-92 7-May-94
Jamie Hoyland 40 24-Oct-92 7-May-94
Phil Jagielka 38 19-Aug-06 13-May-07
Paddy Kenny 34 19-Aug-06 13-May-07
Jostein Flo 33 21-Aug-93 7-May-94
Dave Tuttle 31 14-Aug-93 30-Apr-94
Keith Gillespie 31 19-Aug-06 13-May-07
Rob Hulse 29 19-Aug-06 17-Mar-07
Michael Tonge 27 19-Aug-06 13-May-07
John Pemberton 27 21-Nov-92 18-Sep-93
Chris Armstrong 27 19-Aug-06 5-May-07
Colin Kazim-Richards 27 9-Sep-06 13-May-07
Derek Geary 26 19-Aug-06 13-May-07
Nick Montgomery 26 22-Aug-06 13-May-07
Christian Nade 25 22-Aug-06 13-May-07
Tom Cowan 25 25-Aug-92 18-Sep-93
Simon Tracey 25 15-Aug-92 7-May-94
Chris Morgan 24 19-Aug-06 13-May-07
Chris Kamara 24 21-Nov-92 13-Mar-94
Willie Falconer 23 14-Aug-93 1-Jan-94
Danny Webber 22 19-Aug-06 13-May-07
Roger Nilsen 22 6-Nov-93 7-May-94
Charlie Hartfield 22 15-Aug-92 24-Nov-93
Claude Davis 21 23-Sep-06 13-May-07
Alan Quinn 19 22-Aug-06 14-Apr-07
Rob Kozluk 19 23-Sep-06 17-Apr-07
Mikele Leigertwood 19 19-Aug-06 5-May-07
Franz Carr 18 16-Jan-93 16-Apr-94
Leigh Bromby 17 19-Aug-06 7-Apr-07
Andy Scott 17 21-Apr-93 12-Feb-94
Ian Bryson 16 15-Aug-92 17-Apr-93
David Barnes 15 15-Aug-92 2-Oct-93
Stephen Quinn 15 2-Dec-06 13-May-07
Jon Stead 14 13-Jan-07 13-May-07
Nathan Blake 12 22-Feb-94 7-May-94
Bobby Davison 9 18-Oct-93 13-Mar-94
Jonas Wirmola 8 24-Aug-93 29-Dec-93
Chris Lucketti 8 13-Jan-07 7-Apr-07
Steven Kabba 7 23-Sep-06 25-Nov-06
Mike Lake 6 15-Aug-92 27-Feb-93
Matt Kilgallon 6 31-Mar-07 13-May-07
David Unsworth 5 19-Aug-06 16-Sep-06
David Sommeil 5 22-Aug-06 23-Sep-06
Luton Shelton 4 31-Mar-07 5-May-07
Nicky Law 4 4-Nov-06 25-Nov-06
Ahmed Fathi 3 10-Feb-07 3-Mar-07
Ade Akinbiyi 3 19-Aug-06 16-Sep-06
Alan McLeary 3 15-Aug-92 22-Aug-92
Paul Ifill 3 19-Aug-06 16-Sep-06
Paul Gerrard 2 1-Jan-07 13-Jan-07
Ian Bennett 2 16-Sep-06 23-Sep-06
Alan Wright 1 23-Sep-06 23-Sep-06
Correct to 12th May 2019 (Matchday 38)

Correct to 12th May 2019

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