Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City All-Time Match Records

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City All-Time Match Records 1909-2023

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Complete match record of Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City games from 1909 to 2023.
Tottenham v Manchester City Results are listed in chronological order with a summary of historical records in first table.
Third table shows Spurs and Man City Premier League Goalscorers.


Spurs vs Man City Results Summary

Spurs vs Man City Results by Game

Spurs vs Man City Goal Scorers


Tottenham Hotspur v Man City All-Time Record

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City
Premier League50277167170
Football League Division One (old)92282539121143
Football League Division Two (old)401326
FA Cup146352424
Football League Cup430162
UEFA Champions League210144
Competitive Games166653665228249
Total Games167663665230249
Tottenham Hotspur's record against Manchester City: 50.30%

List of Tottenham Hotspur v Man City Results Record by Match

DateCompetitionAttnVenResF – ATottenham Hotspur GoalscorersManchester City Goalscorers
16-Jan-1909F.A. Cup 120,000AW4 – 3Morris (pen), Minter (2), Steel RHolford (3)
27-Dec-1910Division 128,000HD1 – 1TullSmith JW
3-Jan-1911Division 110,000AL1 – 2KennedyJones, Ross
5-Apr-1912Division 139,800AL1 – 2NewmanDorsett, Jones
8-Apr-1912Division 120,000HL0 – 2Dorsett, Jones
25-Dec-1912Division 130,000AD2 – 2Cantrell, MiddlemissBottomley, Wynn
26-Dec-1912Division 120,000HW4 – 0Minter, Cantrell (3)
27-Sep-1913Division 130,513HW3 – 1Minter (2), CantrellJones
24-Jan-1914Division 130,000AL1 – 2SparrowCumming, Taylor
31-Jan-1914F.A. Cup 236,256AL1 – 2BlissBrowell, Howard
26-Sep-1914Division 113,000AL1 – 2SparrowHoward, Taylor
15-Mar-1915Division 16,000HD2 – 2Minter, SparrowBarnes, Taylor
12-Feb-1921Division 132,000HW2 – 0Cantrell, Dimmock
9-Mar-1921Division 130,000AL0 – 2Barnes, Browell
4-Feb-1922Division 120,000AD3 – 3Wilson, Bliss (2)Barnes, Browell, Johnson
11-Feb-1922Division 143,000HW3 – 1Grimsdell, Bliss, DimmockBarnes
18-Feb-1922F.A. Cup 353,810HW2 – 1Wilson, BlissKelly
3-Mar-1923Division 127,963HW3 – 1Walden, Seed, HandleyBrowell
14-Mar-1923Division 125,000AL0 – 3Roberts (2), Johnson
1-Jan-1924Division 124,000AL0 – 1Johnson
21-Apr-1924Division 111,739HW4 – 1Elkes, Lindsay, Hargreaves (2)Johnson
10-Nov-1924Division 110,781HD1 – 1SmithRoberts
2-May-1925Division 110,000AL0 – 1Warner
5-Sep-1925Division 135,594HW1 – 0Seed
16-Jan-1926Division 125,244AD0 – 0
11-Jan-1930F.A. Cup 337,000HD2 – 2Osborne, CookCowan, Toseland
14-Jan-1930F.A. Cup 3 Replay37,716AL1 – 4ThompsonBusby (2), Marshall, Toseland
2-Dec-1933Division 138,021AL0 – 2Brook, Herd
14-Apr-1934Division 124,576HW5 – 1O'Callaghan (2), Hunt GS (2), Evans WToseland
3-Nov-1934Division 128,802AL1 – 3Evans WHeale, Herd, McLuckie
12-Jan-1935F.A. Cup 348,983HW1 – 0Evans W
16-Mar-1935Division 143,572HD0 – 0
5-Nov-1938Division 247,998AL0 – 2Doherty, Milsom
11-Mar-1939Division 227,426HL2 – 3Hitchens, Hall GWSprotson (2), Freeman
28-Sep-1946Division 255,253HD0 – 0
1-Feb-1947Division 241,645AL0 – 1Westwood
6-Oct-1951Division 158,163HL1 – 2BennettClarke (2)
16-Feb-1952Division 139,080AD1 – 1WaltersRevie
27-Aug-1952Division 133,621AW1 – 0Duquemin
1-Sep-1952Division 141,113HD3 – 3Ramsey (pen), McClellan, RobbSowden (2), Meadows
24-Oct-1953Division 137,577HW3 – 0Duquemin, Robb (2)
30-Jan-1954F.A. Cup 451,182AW1 – 0Bennett
17-Mar-1954Division 19,984AL1 – 4MarchiClarke, Hart, McAdams, Revie
11-Dec-1954Division 127,052AD0 – 0
5-Mar-1955Division 135,358HD2 – 2Duquemin (2)Hart, Hayes
12-Nov-1955Division 124,094AW2 – 1McClellan, DunmoreHayes
17-Mar-1956F.A. Cup SF69,788SFL0 – 1Johnstone
24-Mar-1956Division 131,622HW2 – 1Brooks (pen), Smith RHayes
22-Aug-1956Division 132,718AD2 – 2Medwin, BrooksClarke (2)
29-Aug-1956Division 133,443HW3 – 2Medwin, Harmer (pen), Smith RJohnstone, Paul
28-Sep-1957Division 122,497AL1 – 5Brannigan ogHayes (2), Johnstone (2), Barlow
8-Feb-1958Division 137,539HW5 – 1Smith R (3), Brooks, RobbHayes
1-Nov-1958Division 130,601AL1 – 5Smith RBarlow (3), Hannah, Hayes
21-Mar-1959Division 134,493HW3 – 1Medwin, Smith R, Jones (pen)McAdams
31-Oct-1959Division 145,506AW2 – 1Mackay, JonesLeivers
16-Apr-1960Division 149,767HL0 – 1McAdams
10-Oct-1960Division 158,916HD1 – 1Smith RColbridge
25-Feb-1961Division 140,278AW1 – 0Medwin
14-Oct-1961Division 140,561HW2 – 0Medwin, White, Greaves (2), Jones
3-Mar-1962Division 131,706AL2 – 6Greaves (2)Dobing (3), Hayes, Young, og
1-Sep-1962Division 148,758HW4 – 2Blanchflower (p), Medwin, Greaves, JonesDobing, Harley
11-May-1963Division 127,784AL0 – 1Harley
8-Oct-1966Division 132,551AW2 – 1Gilzean (2)Summerbee
25-Feb-1967Division 133,832HD1 – 1RobertsonConnor
9-Dec-1967Division 135,792AL1 – 4GreavesBell, Coleman, Summerbee, Young
4-May-1968Division 151,242HL1 – 3Greaves (pen)Bell (2), Summerbee
12-Oct-1968Division 138,019AL0 – 4Lee (2), Coleman, Connor
14-Dec-1968Division 128,462HD1 – 1EnglandLee
1-Mar-1969F.A. Cup 648,872AL0 – 1Lee
13-Sep-1969Division 141,644HL0 – 3Bell, Bowyer, Oakes
13-Dec-1969Division 129,216AD1 – 1JohnsonOakes
26-Sep-1970Division 142,490HW2 – 0Gilzean, Chivers
1-May-1971Division 119,761AW1 – 0Perryman
28-Aug-1971Division 133,683AL0 – 4Bell, Lee, Davies, Summerbee
8-Jan-1972Division 136,470HD1 – 1PetersDavies
16-Sep-1972Division 131,755AL1 – 2PetersMarsh (2)
10-Feb-1973Division 130,944HL2 – 3Chivers (2)Lee (2), Marsh
15-Dec-1973Division 117,066HL0 – 2Bell, Booth
2-Feb-1974Division 124,652AD0 – 0
21-Aug-1974Division 131,549AL0 – 1Hartford
28-Aug-1974Division 120,079HL1 – 2PetersBell, Booth
18-Oct-1975Division 130,554HD2 – 2Jones (2)Bell, Watson
22-Nov-1975Division 131,457AL1 – 2OsgoodOakes, Tueart
11-Dec-1976Division 124,608HD2 – 2Taylor (2)Kidd, Power
7-May-1977Division 137,919AL0 – 5Barnes, Booth, Hartford, Kidd, Tueart
23-Sep-1978Division 143,471AL0 – 2Futcher, Owen
3-Feb-1979Division 132,037HL0 – 3Barnes, Channon, Kidd
1-Sep-1979Division 130,901HW2 – 1Jones, HoddleMackenzie
12-Jan-1980Division 134,837AD1 – 1HoddleRobinson
22-Oct-1980Division 128,788AL1 – 3HoddleDaley, Mackenzie, Reeves
13-Dec-1980Division 123,883HW2 – 1Archibald, HoddleBoyer
9-May-1981F.A. Cup Final100,000WemD1 – 1Hutchinson ogHutchinson
14-May-1981F.A. Cup Final Replay96,000WemW3 – 2Villa (2), CrooksMackenzie, Reeves
26-Sep-1981Division 139,085AW1 – 0Falco
20-Feb-1982Division 146,181HW2 – 0Hoddle (2, 1pen)
11-Sep-1982Division 132,483HL1 – 2MabbuttBaker (2)
5-Feb-1983Division 126,357AD2 – 2Gibson, Brooke (pen)Cross, Tueart
16-Aug-1984FriendlyAW2 – 0Roberts (pen), Galvin
31-Aug-1985Division 127,789AL1 – 2MillerSimpson, own goal
18-Jan-1986Division 117,009HL0 – 2Davies, Lillis
30-Aug-1986Division 123,164HW1 – 0Roberts
15-Apr-1987Division 121,460AD1 – 1ClaesenBaker
28-Aug-1989Division 132,004AD1 – 1GascoigneWhite
13-Jan-1990Division 126,384HD1 – 1HowellsHendrey
25-Aug-1990Division 133,501HW3 – 1Gascoigne, Lineker (2)Quinn
15-Dec-1990Division 131,236AL1 – 2GascoigneRedmond, Ward
19-Oct-1991Division 130,502HL0 – 1Quinn
1-Feb-1992Division 130,123AL0 – 1White
28-Oct-1992League Cup 318,399AW1 – 0Samways
28-Nov-1992Premier League 25,496AW1 – 0Watson
7-Mar-1993F.A. Cup 634,050AW4 – 2Nayim (3), SedgleyPhelan, Sheron
24-Mar-1993Premier League 27,247HW3 – 1Anderton, Nayim, TurnerSheron
21-Aug-1993Premier League 24,535HW1 – 0Sedgley
11-Dec-1993Premier League 21,566AW2 – 0Dozzell (2)
22-Oct-1994Premier League 25,473AL2 – 5Dumitrescu (2, 1pen)Walsh (2), Flitcroft, Lomas, Quinn
11-Apr-1995Premier League 27,410HW2 – 1Howells, KlinsmannRosler
19-Aug-1995Premier League 30,827AD1 – 1SheringhamRosler
13-Jan-1996Premier League 31,438HW1 – 0Armstrong
23-Sep-2000Premier League 36,069HD0 – 0
10-Feb-2001Premier League 34,399AW1 – 0Rebrov
23-Dec-2002Premier League 39,563AW3 – 2Perry, Davies, PoyetHowey, Benarbia
18-Apr-2003Premier League 36,075HL0 – 2Sommeil, Barton
28-Sep-2003Premier League 46,842AD0 – 0
3-Dec-2003League Cup 431,727HW3 – 1Anderton, Postiga, KanouteFowler
25-Jan-2004F.A. Cup 447,000AD1 – 1DohertyAnelka
3-Feb-2004F.A. Cup 4 Replay30,400HL3 – 4King, Keane, ZiegeWright-Phillips, Distin, Bosvelt, Macken
12-Apr-2004Premier League 35,282HD1 – 1DefoeAnelka
11-Dec-2004Premier League 45,805AW1 – 0Kanoute
19-Mar-2005Premier League 35,681HW2 – 1Defoe, KeaneReyna
4-Jan-2006Premier League 40,808AW2 – 0Mido, Keane
8-Apr-2006Premier League 36,167HW2 – 1Stalteri, CarrickSamaras
17-Dec-2006Premier League 39,825AW2 – 1Davenport, HuddlestoneBarton
13-May-2007Premier League 35,426HW2 – 1Keane, BerbatovMpenza
9-Dec-2007Premier League 35,646HW2 – 1Chimbonda, DefoeBianchi
15-Mar-2008Premier League 40,188AL1 – 2KeaneIreland, Onuoha
18-Dec-2007League Cup 538,564AW2 – 0Defoe, Malbranque
9-Nov-2008Premier League 41,853AW2 – 1Bent (2)de Souza
16-May-2009Premier League 36,000 H W 2 – 1Defoe, Keane (pen)Bojinov
16-Dec-2009Premier League 35,891HW3 – 0Kranjcar (2), Defoe
5-May-2010Premier League 47,370A W 1 – 0Crouch
14-Aug-2010Premier League 35,928HD0 – 0
10-May-2011Premier League 47,029AL0 – 1Crouch (own goal)
28-Aug-2011Premier League 36,150HL1 – 5KaboulDzeko (4), Aguero
22-Jan-2012Premier League 47,422AL2 – 3Defoe, BaleNasri, Lescott, Balotelli
11-Nov-2012Premier League 47,208AL1 – 2CaulkerAguero, Dzeko
21-Apr-2013Premier League 36,121 HW3 – 1Dempsey, Defoe, BaleNasri
24-Nov-2013Premier League 47,228AL0 – 6Navas (2), Sandro (og), Aguero (2), Negredo
29-Jan-2014Premier League 36,071HL1 – 5CapoueAguero, Y Toure, Dzeko, Jovetic, Kompany
18-Oct-2014Premier League 45,549AL1 – 4EriksenAguero (4)
3-May-2015Premier League 35,784HL0 – 1Aguero
26-Sep-2015Premier League 35,867HW4 – 1Dier, Alderweireld, Kane, LamelaDe Bruyne
14-Feb-2016Premier League 54,551AW2 – 1Kane (pen), EriksenIheanacho
2-Oct-2016Premier League 31,793HW2 – 0Kolarov (OG), Alli
21-Jan-2017Premier League 54,402AD2 – 2Alli, SonSané, De Bruyne
29-Jul-2017ICC56,232NL0 – 3(Played in Nashville, USA)Stones, Sterling, Diaz
16-Dec-2017Premier League 54,214AL1 – 4EriksenGündogan, De Bruyne, Sterling (2)
14-Apr-2018Premier League 80,811HL1 – 3(at Wembley) EriksenJesus, Gündogan (pen), Sterling
29-Oct-2018Premier League 56,854HL0 – 1(at Wembley)Mahrez
9-Apr-2019UEFA CL QF L160,004H W 1 – 0Son
17-Apr-2019UEFA CL QF L253,348AL3 – 4Son (2), Llorente (Won on Away Goals)Sterling (2), Bernardo Silva, Agüero
20-Apr-2019Premier League 54,489AL0 – 1Foden
17-Aug-2019Premier League 54,503AD2 – 2Lamela, MouraSterling, Agüero
2-Feb-2020Premier League 61,022HW2 – 0Bergwijn, Son
21-Nov-2020Premier League N/AW2 – 0Son, Lo Celso
13-Feb-2021Premier League N/AL0 – 3Rodri (pen), Gündogan (2)
25-Apr-2021League Cup Final7,773WemL0 – 1  Laporte
15-Aug-2021Premier League 58,262HW1 – 0Son
19-Feb-2022Premier League 53,201A3 – 2 Kulusevski, Kane (2)Gündogan, Mahrez (pen)
10-Sep-2022Premier League A
04-Feb-2023Premier League H

Tottenham Hotspur & Manchester City Premier League Goalscorers

Spurs v City Premier League Goalscorers


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