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Former Premier League Clubs – from Season 1992-93 to 2018-19

Comprehensive statistics of former Premier League clubs including Player’s Squad Numbers, All-Time Premier League Club Goalscorers, All-Time Premier League Club Appearances, Awards and full Match Records.

Content 1. Squad Numbers 2. Home Kits 2. Club Goalscorers 3. Club Appearances 4. Club Records 5. Club Awards

All-Time Former Premier League Club Squad Numbers

Football statistics & football results
of the all-time League winners for each of the 108 countries shown below, including every country that has qualified for
the FIFA World Cup Finals since 1930, together with images of the club crests of the Championship-winning teams.
Details of all the clubs currently playing in each of the countries' Top Flights is also included.

Former Premier League Home Playing Kits

Kit Graphics with kind permission from Historical Football Kits

All-Time Former Premier League Club Goalscorers

Statistics correct to 12th May 2019 (Matchday 38)


All-Time Former Premier League Club Appearances

Statistics correct to 12th May 2019 (Matchday 38)


All-Time Head to Head Premier League Record

All-Time Premier League Player of the Year Awards

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