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FA Charity & Community Shield Order of Merit 1908-2019

Table detailing the teams who have won or shared the Charity Shield from 1908-2019. Wins are not usually counted towards a club’s major honours. The first Wembley match was in 1974. Stats correct to 4th August 2019.

FA Charity & Community Shield 1908-2019

TeamWins (Shared)Runners-Up
Manchester United21 (3)9
Arsenal15 (1)7
Liverpool15 (5)7
Everton9 (1)2
Tottenham Hotspur7 (3)2
Manchester City65
Professionals XI42
Wolverhampton Wanderers4 (3)2
Amateurs XI24
Leeds United21
Derby County20
Burnley2 (1)2
West Bromwich Albion2 (1)2
Portsmouth2 (1)1
Newcastle United15
Blackburn Rovers13
Charlton Athletic11
Leicester City11
Nottingham Forest11
Sheffield Wednesday11
Bolton Wanderers10
Brighton & Hove Albion10
Cardiff City10
England World Cup 1950 XI10
Huddersfield Town10
Aston Villa1 (1)3
West Ham United1 (1)2
Ipswich Town02
Queens Park Rangers02
Coventry City01
FA Canadian Touring Team01
Northampton Town01
Preston North End01
Swindon Town01
Wigan Athletic01

FA Charity & Community Shield Matches

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