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The Copa América (Spanish and Portuguese for “America Cup”) is the main football competition of the men’s national football teams governed by CONMEBOL, the South American football confederation. It is the oldest surviving international tournament in the world starting in 1916.

46th Edition Copa America Brazil 2019 Results and Statistics
45th Edition Copa America United States 2016 Results and Statistics
COPA America 2015
44th Edition Copa America Chile 2015 Results and Statistics
copa aMERICA 2011
43rd Edition Copa America Argentina 2011 Results and Statistics
South American Championship Copa America Progress Chart
South American Championship Copa America Order of Merit
South American Championship Copa America Champions
Copa top goalscorers
Copa America Highest Goalscorers from 1916 to 2019
South America 2014 Qualifications
FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualification Competition South America
Copa Libertadores Finals Results and Statistics from 1960 to 2019
Copa Libertados Merit
Copa Libertadores Order of Merit from 1960 to 2019
Copa Sudamericana
Copa Sudamericana Finals 2002 to 2018
Copa Lipton Trophy 1905-1992

World Leagues: Brazil Football Stats

Includes Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Highest Goalscorers

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