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Euro 2020 Finals Fixtures and Results

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Euro 2020 Fixtures and Results of group matches, tables & knock-out phase for the Euro 2020 Football Championship Finals played across Europe.
The 2020 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2020) will be the 16th edition of the UEFA European Championships, the quadrennial international men’s Football Championship of Europe.
It is being held across Europe from 11th June to 11th July 2021.
Portugal are the defending Champions.
The 2020 Euro Nation matches will be played in 11 stadiums in 11 different cities

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UEFA European Football Championships 2020 Group Stage & Knock-Out Phase

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Group A (KO times CET)

Euro 2020 Finals Group A

 Italy 33007079
 Wales 31113214
  Switzerland 311145−1 4
 Turkey 300318−7 0
11th June Rome 21:00Turkey0 – 3Italy12,916
12th June Baku 15:00Wales1 – 1Switzerland8,782
16th June Baku 18:00Turkey0 – 2Wales19,762
16th June Rome 21:00Italy3 – 0Switzerland12,445
20th June Baku 18:00Switzerland3 – 1Turkey17,138
20th June Rome 18:00Italy1 – 0Wales11,541
Group B (KO times CET)

Euro 2020 Finals Group B

 Belgium 33007169
 Denmark (H)31025413
 Finland 310213−2 3
 Russia310227−5 3
12th June Copenhagen 18:00Denmark0 – 1Finland13,790
12th June St Petersburg 21:00Belgium3 – 0Russia26,264
16th June St Petersburg 15:00Finland0 – 1Russia24,540
17th June Copenhagen 18:00Denmark1 – 2Belgium23,395
21st June Copenhagen 21:00Russia1 – 4Denmark23,644
21st June St Petersburg 21:00Finland0 – 2Belgium18,545
Group C (KO times CET)

Euro 2020 Finals Group C

Netherlands (H)33008269
North Macedonia300328-60
13th June Bucharest 18:00Austria3 – 1North Macedonia9,082
13th June Amsterdam 21:00Netherlands3 – 2Ukraine15,837
17th June Bucharest 15:00Ukraine2 – 1North Macedonia10,001
17th June Amsterdam 21:00Netherlands2 – 0Austria15,243
21st June Amsterdam 18:00North Macedonia0 – 3Netherlands15,227
21st June Bucharest 18:00Ukraine0 – 1Austria10,472
Group D (KO times CET)

Euro 2020 Finals Group D

 England (H) 32102027
 Czech Republic31113214
 Scotland (H) 301215−4 1
13th June Wembley 15:00England1 – 0Croatia18,497
14th June Hampden Park 15:00Scotland0 – 2Czech Republic9,847
18th June Hampden Park 18:00Croatia1 – 1Czech Republic5,607
18th June Wembley 21:00England0 – 0Scotland20,306
22nd June Hampden Park 21:00Croatia3 – 1Scotland9,896
22nd June Wembley 21:00Czech Republic0 – 1England19,104
Group E (KO times CET)

Euro 2020 Finals Group E

 Spain (H) 31206155
 Slovakia310227−5 3
 Poland301246−2 1
14th June St Petersburg 18:00Poland1 – 2Slovakia12,862
14th June Seville 21:00Spain0 – 0Sweden10,559
18th June St Petersburg 15:00Sweden1 – 0Slovakia11,525
19th June Seville 21:00Spain1 – 1Poland11,732
23rd June Seville 18:00Slovakia0 – 5Spain11,204
23rd June St Petersburg 18:00Sweden3 – 2Poland14,252
Group F (KO times CET)

Euro 2020 Finals Group F

 Germany (H) 31116514
 Hungary (H) 302136−3 2
15th June Budapest 18:00Hungary0 – 3Portugal55,662
15th June Munich 21:00France1 – 0Germany13,000
19th June Budapest 15:00Hungary1 – 1France55,998
19th June Munich 18:00Portugal2 – 4Germany12,926
23rd June Budapest 21:00Portugal2 – 2France54,886
23rd June Munich 21:00Germany2 – 2Hungary12,413
Knock-Out Phase (KO times CET)
Round of Sixteen
26th June Amsterdam 18:00Wales0 – 4Denmark14,645
26th June Wembley 21:00Italy2 – 1Austria18,910
27th June Budapest 18:00Netherlands0 – 2Czech Republic52,834
27th June Seville 21:00Belgium1 – 0Portugal11,504
28th June Copenhagen 18:00Croatia3 – 5Spain22,771
28th June Bucharest 21:00France3 – 3Switzerland (Pens 5-4)22,642
29th June Wembley 18:00England2 – 0Germany41,973
29th June Hampden Park 21:00Sweden1 – 2Ukraine9,221
Quarter Finals
2nd July St Petersburg 18:00Switzerland1 – 1Spain (Pens 3-1)24,764
2nd July Munich 21:00Belgium1 – 2Italy12,984
3rd July Baku 18:00Czech Republic1 – 2Denmark16,306
3rd July Rome 21:00Ukraine0 – 4England11,880
Semi Finals
6th July Wembley 21:00Italy (Pens 4-2)1 – 1Spain57,811
7th July Wembley 21:00England2 – 1Denmark64,950
2020 UEFA European Championships Final
11th July Wembley 21:00Italy (Pens 3-2)1 – 1England67,173

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