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UEFA European Cup & Champions League Medal Winners 1956 to 2019

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List of all players who were UEFA European Cup Winners or Champions League Winners from 1956 to 2019. 814 different players from 64 countries have been awarded 1,163 UEFA Champions League Medal or European Cup Medal up to and including the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final.
Francisco Gento has won the most European Cups / Champions league titles.

Players (814)NationalityClub(s)TotYearsNotes
Francisco Gento SpainReal Madrid61956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1966Most European Cup wins. Captain in 1966.
Alfredo Di Stéfano SpainReal Madrid51956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
José María Zárraga SpainReal Madrid51956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960Captain in 1959 and 1960.
Rafael Lesmes SpainReal Madrid51956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
Marquitos SpainReal Madrid51956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
Juan Santisteban SpainReal Madrid51956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
Juan Alonso SpainReal Madrid51956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960Captain in 1958.
Héctor Rial SpainReal Madrid51956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
Paolo Maldini ItalyMilan51989, 1990, 1994, 2003, 2007Captain in 2003 and 2007. Longest period between first and last win (18 years), started both finals.
Alessandro Costacurta ItalyMilan51989, 1990, 1994, 2003, 2007Costacurta was not in the 18 in 2007 and was suspended for the 1994 final.
Cristiano Ronaldo PortugalManchester United, Real Madrid52008, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018First ever player to score in two finals for two different winning teams.
Joseíto SpainReal Madrid41956, 1957 1958, 1959
Enrique Mateos SpainReal Madrid41957, 1958, 1959, 1960
José Santamaría UruguayReal Madrid41958, 1959, 1960, 1966
Phil Neal EnglandLiverpool41977, 1978, 1981, 1984
Clarence Seedorf NetherlandsAjax, Real Madrid, Milan41995, 1998, 2003, 2007Seedorf is the only player to have won the trophy with three different clubs.
Lionel Messi ArgentinaBarcelona42006, 2009, 2011, 2015Messi was injured for the quarterfinals, semi-finals and final in 2006.
Xavi SpainBarcelona42006, 2009, 2011, 2015Captain in 2015. Did not feature in any game during knockout stages in 2006.
Andrés Iniesta SpainBarcelona42006, 2009, 2011, 2015
Gerard Piqué SpainManchester United, Barcelona42008, 2009, 2011, 2015Was not in the 18 for the final 2008. Won two years in a row with two different teams.
Toni Kroos GermanyBayern Munich, Real Madrid42013, 2016, 2017, 2018Was not in the 18 for the 2013 final.
Sergio Ramos SpainReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018Captain in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Gareth Bale WalesReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Marcelo BrazilReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Karim Benzema FranceReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Luka Modrić CroatiaReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Isco SpainReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Dani Carvajal SpainReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Raphaël Varane FranceReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Casemiro BrazilReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Nacho SpainReal Madrid42014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Ramón Marsal Ribó SpainReal Madrid31956, 1957, 1958
Becerril Minguela SpainReal Madrid31956, 1957, 1958
Miguel Muñoz SpainReal Madrid31956, 1957, 1958Has also won as manager in 1960 and 1966. Captain in 1956 and 1957.
Angel Atienza SpainReal Madrid31956, 1957, 1958
Raymond Kopa FranceReal Madrid31957, 1958, 1959
Rogelio Domínguez ArgentinaReal Madrid31958, 1959, 1960
Ferenc Puskás HungaryReal Madrid31959, 1960, 1966
Piet Keizer NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973Captain in 1972.
Johan Cruijff NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973Has also won as manager in 1992 for Barcelona. Captain in 1973.
Arie Haan NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973
Gerrie Mühren NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973
Arnold Mühren NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973Not in the 1973 final. One of only 9 footballers to have won all 3 major European competitions (EC-UCL, UCWC, UC-EL).
Johan Neeskens NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973
Horst Blankenburg GermanyAjax31971, 1972, 1973
Barry Hulshoff NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973
Wim Suurbier NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973
Heinz Stuy NetherlandsAjax31971, 1972, 1973
Conny Torstensson SwedenBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Rainer Zobel GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Ulrich Hoeness GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Gerd Müller GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Hans-Josef Kapellmann GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Franz Roth GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Bernd Dürnberger GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Franz Beckenbauer GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976Captain in 1974, 1975 and 1976.
Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Johnny Hansen DenmarkBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Sepp Maier GermanyBayern Munich31974, 1975, 1976
Steve Heighway IrelandLiverpool31977, 1978, 1981
Jimmy Case EnglandLiverpool31977, 1978, 1981
Ray Kennedy EnglandLiverpool31977, 1978, 1981
Terry McDermott EnglandLiverpool31977, 1978, 1981
Ray Clemence EnglandLiverpool31977, 1978, 1981
Kenny Dalglish ScotlandLiverpool31978, 1981, 1984
Graeme Souness ScotlandLiverpool31978, 1981, 1984Captain in 1984.
Alan Hansen ScotlandLiverpool31978, 1981, 1984
Franco Baresi ItalyMilan31989, 1990, 1994Captain in 1989 and 1990. Baresi was suspended for the 1994 final.
Roberto Donadoni ItalyMilan31989, 1990, 1994
Filippo Galli ItalyMilan31989, 1990, 1994
Mauro Tassotti ItalyMilan31989, 1990, 1994Captain in 1994.
Frank Rijkaard NetherlandsMilan, Ajax31989, 1990, 1995Has also won as manager in 2006 for Barcelona. [1]
Fernando Redondo ArgentinaReal Madrid, Milan31998, 2000, 2003Redondo was not in the 18 for the final in 2003. Captain in 2000.
Aitor Karanka SpainReal Madrid31998, 2000, 2002
Iker Casillas SpainReal Madrid32000, 2002, 2014Captain in 2014.
Guti SpainReal Madrid31998, 2000, 2002
Fernando Morientes SpainReal Madrid31998, 2000, 2002Was cup-tied and did not partake in Liverpool's 2004-05 campaign.
Raúl SpainReal Madrid31998, 2000, 2002First player ever to score in two Champions League final matches for the winning team.
Roberto Carlos BrazilReal Madrid31998, 2000, 2002
Fernando Hierro SpainReal Madrid31998, 2000, 2002Captain in 2002.
Sávio BrazilReal Madrid31998, 2000, 2002
Samuel Eto'o CameroonBarcelona, Internazionale32006, 2009, 2010Won 2 years in a row with 2 different teams.
Carles Puyol SpainBarcelona32006, 2009, 2011Captain in 2006 and 2009
Víctor Valdés SpainBarcelona32006, 2009, 2011
Dani Alves BrazilBarcelona32009, 2011, 2015Was suspended for the 2009 final.
Pedro SpainBarcelona32009, 2011, 2015
Sergio Busquets SpainBarcelona32009, 2011, 2015
Pepe PortugalReal Madrid32014, 2016, 2017Was not in the 18 for the 2017 final.
Lucas Vázquez SpainReal Madrid32016, 2017, 2018Was not in the 18 for the 2017 final.
Mateo Kovačić CroatiaReal Madrid32016, 2017, 2018
Kiko Casilla SpainReal Madrid32016, 2017, 2018
Keylor Navas Costa RicaReal Madrid32016, 2017, 2018
Joaquín Oliva SpainReal Madrid21956, 1957
Joaquín Navarro SpainReal Madrid21956, 1957
Jesús Herrera SpainReal Madrid21959, 1960
Antonio Ruiz Cervilla SpainReal Madrid21959, 1960
Pachín SpainReal Madrid21960, 1966
Manuel Bueno SpainReal Madrid21960, 1966
Mário Coluna PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
José Aguas PortugalBenfica21961, 1962Captain in 1961 and 1962.
José Augusto PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
Fernando Cruz PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
Domiciano Cávem PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
Angelo Martins PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
Germano PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
Mario João PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
Costa Pereira PortugalBenfica21961, 1962
Mario Corso ItalyInternazionale21964, 1965
Luis Suárez SpainInternazionale21964, 1965
Sandro Mazzola ItalyInternazionale21964, 1965
Jair da Costa BrazilInternazionale21964, 1965
Armando Picchi ItalyInternazionale21964, 1965Captain in 1964 and 1965.
Giacinto Facchetti ItalyInternazionale21964, 1965
Aristide Guarneri ItalyInternazionale21964, 1965
Tarcisio Burgnich ItalyInternazionale21964, 1965
Giuliano Sarti ItalyInternazionale21964, 1965
Gianni Rivera ItalyMilan21963, 1969Captain in 1969.
Giovanni Lodetti ItalyMilan21963, 1969
Giovanni Trapattoni ItalyMilan21963, 1969Has also won as manager
Saul Malatrasi ItalyInternazionale, Milan21965, 1969
Sjaak Swart NetherlandsAjax21971, 1972
Ruud Krol NetherlandsAjax21972, 1973
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge GermanyBayern Munich21975, 1976
Hugo Robl GermanyBayern Munich21975, 1976
Ian Callaghan EnglandLiverpool21977, 1978
Joey Jones WalesLiverpool21977, 1978
David Fairclough EnglandLiverpool21977, 1978
Emlyn Hughes EnglandLiverpool21977, 1978Captain in 1977 and 1978.
Garry Birtles EnglandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
John Robertson ScotlandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
Ian Bowyer EnglandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
John McGovern ScotlandNottingham Forest21979, 1980Captain in 1979 and 1980.
Martin O'Neill Northern IrelandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
Frank Clark EnglandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
Kenny Burns ScotlandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
Larry Lloyd EnglandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
Viv Anderson EnglandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
Peter Shilton EnglandNottingham Forest21979, 1980
Colin Irwin EnglandLiverpool21978, 1981
Steve Ogrizovic EnglandLiverpool21978, 1981
David Johnson EnglandLiverpool21977, 1981
Phil Thompson EnglandLiverpool21978, 1981Captain in 1981.
Jimmy Rimmer EnglandManchester United, Aston Villa21968, 1982Longest gap between medal wins (14 years) albeit with a non-playing role in the 1968 final.
Sammy Lee EnglandLiverpool21981, 1984
Alan Kennedy EnglandLiverpool21981, 1984
Marco van Basten NetherlandsMilan21989, 1990
Ruud Gullit NetherlandsMilan21989, 1990
Alberigo Evani ItalyMilan21989, 1990
Carlo Ancelotti ItalyMilan21989, 1990Has also won as manager in 2003 and 2007 for A.C. Milan and in 2014 for Real Madrid.[1]
Angelo Colombo ItalyMilan21989, 1990
Giovanni Galli ItalyMilan21989, 1990
Miodrag Belodedici RomaniaSteaua București, Red Star Belgrade21986, 1991First player to win the trophy with two different clubs.
Ronald Koeman NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven, Barcelona21988, 1992
Marco Simone ItalyMilan21990, 1994
Daniele Massaro ItalyMilan21990, 1994
Dejan Savićević FR YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade, Milan21991, 1994
Marcel Desailly FranceMarseille, Milan21993, 1994The first player won 2 years in a row with 2 different teams.
Christian Panucci ItalyMilan, Real Madrid21994, 1998
Edwin van der Sar NetherlandsAjax, Manchester United21995, 2008Longest gap between medal wins for which a part was played in each match (13 years).
Didier Deschamps FranceMarseille, Juventus21993, 1996Captain in 1993.
Vladimir Jugović FR YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade, Juventus21991, 1996
Paulo Sousa PortugalJuventus, Borussia Dortmund21996, 1997Won 2 years in a row with 2 different teams.
Manolo Sanchís SpainReal Madrid21998, 2000Captain in 1998.
Christian Karembeu FranceReal Madrid21998, 2000
Bodo Illgner GermanyReal Madrid21998, 2000
Paul Scholes EnglandManchester United21999, 2008Scholes was suspended for the final in 1999.
Wes Brown EnglandManchester United21999, 2008
Ryan Giggs WalesManchester United21999, 2008
Gary Neville EnglandManchester United21999, 2008Not in final 18 in 2008.
Carlos Aranda SpainReal Madrid22000, 2002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Steve McManaman EnglandReal Madrid22000, 2002First British player to win two Champions League titles; First Englishman to win Champions League with Overseas club.
Iván Helguera SpainReal Madrid22000, 2002
Míchel Salgado SpainReal Madrid22000, 2002
Iván Campo SpainReal Madrid22000, 2002
Elvir Baljić Bosnia and HerzegovinaReal Madrid22000, 2002Was not in the 18 in 2002.
Geremi CameroonReal Madrid22000, 2002Was not in the 18 in 2002.
Owen Hargreaves EnglandBayern Munich, Manchester United22001, 2008First British player to win two Champions League titles with 2 different teams.
Cristian Brocchi ItalyMilan22003, 2007
Filippo Inzaghi ItalyMilan22003, 2007
Massimo Ambrosini ItalyMilan22003, 2007
Serginho BrazilMilan22003, 2007
Andrea Pirlo ItalyMilan22003, 2007
Gennaro Gattuso ItalyMilan22003, 2007
Kakha Kaladze GeorgiaMilan22003, 2007
Alessandro Nesta ItalyMilan22003, 2007
Dida BrazilMilan22003, 2007
Xabi Alonso SpainLiverpool, Real Madrid22005, 2014
Sylvinho BrazilBarcelona22006, 2009
Thiago Motta ItalyBarcelona, Internazionale22006, 2010Was suspended for the 2010 final.
Albert Jorquera SpainBarcelona22006, 2009Was not in the 18 in 2009.
Deco PortugalPorto, Barcelona22004, 2006
Rafael Márquez MexicoBarcelona22006, 2009Was not in the 18 in 2009 due to injury.
Dario Šimić CroatiaMilan22003, 2007Was not in the 18 in 2003 or 2007.
Valerio Fiori ItalyMilan22003, 2007Was not in the 18 in 2003 or 2007.
Seydou Keita MaliBarcelona22009, 2011
Éric Abidal FranceBarcelona22009, 2011Was suspended for the 2009 final. Captain in 2011.
Gabriel Milito ArgentinaBarcelona22009, 2011Was not in the 18 in 2009 or 2011.
Bojan SpainBarcelona22009, 2011
José Manuel Pinto SpainBarcelona22009, 2011Was suspended for the 2011 final.
Javier Mascherano ArgentinaBarcelona22011, 2015
Adriano BrazilBarcelona22011, 2015
Marc Bartra SpainBarcelona22011, 2015Was not in the 18 for the 2011 final.
Paulo Ferreira PortugalPorto, Chelsea22004, 2012
José Bosingwa PortugalPorto, Chelsea22004, 2012
Fábio Coentrão PortugalReal Madrid22014, 2017Was not in the 18 for the 2017 final.
Álvaro Arbeloa SpainReal Madrid22014, 2016
Jesé SpainReal Madrid22014, 2016
Álvaro Morata SpainReal Madrid22014, 2017
Danilo BrazilReal Madrid22016, 2017
Rubén Yáñez SpainReal Madrid22016, 2017Was not in the 18 for the 2017 final.
James Rodríguez ColombiaReal Madrid22016, 2017Was not in the 18 for the 2017 final.
Marco Asensio SpainReal Madrid22017, 2018
Daniel Sturridge EnglandChelsea, Liverpool22012, 2019
Xherdan Shaqiri SwitzerlandBayern Munich, Liverpool22013, 2019
Roque Olsen ArgentinaReal Madrid11956
Pérez-Payá Soler SpainReal Madrid11956
Luis Molowny SpainReal Madrid11956
Castaño SpainReal Madrid11956
Berasaluce Marquiegui SpainReal Madrid11957
Manuel Torres SpainReal Madrid11957
Pereda SpainReal Madrid11958
Miché SpainReal Madrid11959, 1960
Pepillo SpainReal Madrid11960
Pantaleón SpainReal Madrid11960
Luis del Sol SpainReal Madrid11960
Canário SpainReal Madrid11960
José María Vidal SpainReal Madrid11960
Canário BrazilReal Madrid11960
Didi BrazilReal Madrid11960
Joaquim Santana PortugalBenfica11961
José Neto PortugalBenfica11961
António Simões PortugalBenfica11962
Eusébio PortugalBenfica11962
Bruno Mora ItalyMilan11963
José Altafini BrazilMilan11963
Dino Sani BrazilMilan11963
Gino Pivatelli ItalyMilan11963
Cesare Maldini ItalyMilan11963Captain in 1963.
Morales Benitez Victor PeruMilan11963
Mario Trebbi ItalyMilan11963
Mario David ItalyMilan11963
Giorgio Ghezzi ItalyMilan11963
Aurelio Milani ItalyInternazionale11964
Carlo Tagnin ItalyInternazionale11964
Joaquín Peiró SpainInternazionale11965
Gianfranco Bedin ItalyInternazionale11965
Ramón Grosso SpainReal Madrid11966
Amancio Amaro SpainReal Madrid11966
Juan Agüero ParaguayReal Madrid11966
José Luis Veloso SpainReal Madrid11966
Félix Ruiz SpainReal Madrid11966
Fernando Serena SpainReal Madrid11966
Manuel Velázquez SpainReal Madrid11966
Pirri SpainReal Madrid11966
Manuel Sanchís Martínez SpainReal Madrid11966
Ignacio Zoco SpainReal Madrid11966
Antonio Calpe SpainReal Madrid11966
Pedro De Felipe SpainReal Madrid11966
Vicente Miera SpainReal Madrid11966
Ramón Tejada SpainReal Madrid11966
Antonio Betancort SpainReal Madrid11966
José Araquistáin SpainReal Madrid11966
John Fallon ScotlandCeltic11967
Bobby Lennox ScotlandCeltic11967
Bertie Auld ScotlandCeltic11967
Stevie Chalmers ScotlandCeltic11967
William Wallace ScotlandCeltic11967
Jimmy Johnstone ScotlandCeltic11967
John Clark ScotlandCeltic11967
Billy McNeill ScotlandCeltic11967Captain in 1967.
Bobby Murdoch ScotlandCeltic11967
Tommy Gemmell ScotlandCeltic11967
Jim Craig ScotlandCeltic11967
Ronnie Simpson ScotlandCeltic11967
John Aston EnglandManchester United11968
Brian Kidd EnglandManchester United11968
George Best Northern IrelandManchester United11968
David Sadler EnglandManchester United11968
Bobby Charlton EnglandManchester United11968Captain in 1968
Jimmy Ryan ScotlandManchester United11968Was not in the final.
John Fitzpatrick ScotlandManchester United11968Was not in the final.
Francis Burns ScotlandManchester United11968Was not in the final.
Pat Crerand ScotlandManchester United11968
Tony Dunne IrelandManchester United11968
Bill Foulkes EnglandManchester United11968
Nobby Stiles EnglandManchester United11968
Shay Brennan IrelandManchester United11968
Alex Stepney EnglandManchester United11968
Pierino Prati ItalyMilan11969
Angelo Sormani ItalyMilan11969
Kurt Hamrin SwedenMilan11969
Roberto Rosato ItalyMilan11969
Karl-Heinz Schnellinger GermanyMilan11969
Angelo Anquilletti ItalyMilan11969
Fabio Cudicini ItalyMilan11969
Coen Moulijn NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Ove Kindvall SwedenFeyenoord11970
Henk Wery NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Willem van Hanegem NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Wim Jansen NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Franz Hasil AustriaFeyenoord11970
Theo van Duivenbode NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Rinus Israël NetherlandsFeyenoord11970Captain in 1970.
Theo Laseroms NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Guus Haak NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Piet Romeijn NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Eddy Pieters Graafland NetherlandsFeyenoord11970
Dick van Dijk NetherlandsAjax11971
Nico Rijnders NetherlandsAjax11971
Velibor Vasović YugoslaviaAjax11971Captain in 1971.
Johnny Rep NetherlandsAjax11973
Paul Breitner GermanyBayern Munich11974
Klaus Wunder GermanyBayern Munich11975
Sepp Weiss GermanyBayern Munich11975
Björn Andersson SwedenBayern Munich11975
Udo Horsmann GermanyBayern Munich11976
Alec Lindsay EnglandLiverpool11977
Alan Waddle EnglandLiverpool11977
Peter McDonnell EnglandLiverpool11977
Kevin Keegan EnglandLiverpool11977
Tommy Smith EnglandLiverpool11977
Chris Woods EnglandNottingham Forest11979
Tony Woodcock EnglandNottingham Forest11979
Trevor Francis EnglandNottingham Forest11979
Jimmy Montgomery EnglandNottingham Forest11979
John O'Hare ScotlandNottingham Forest11980
Gary Mills EnglandNottingham Forest11980
Bryn Gunn EnglandNottingham Forest11980
Frank Gray ScotlandNottingham Forest11980
Richard Money EnglandLiverpool11981
Avi Cohen IsraelLiverpool11981
Howard Gayle EnglandLiverpool11981
Pat Heard EnglandAston Villa11982
Tony Morley EnglandAston Villa11982
Peter Withe EnglandAston Villa11982
Gary Shaw EnglandAston Villa11982
Dennis Mortimer EnglandAston Villa11982Captain in 1982.
Gordon Cowans EnglandAston Villa11982
Des Bremner ScotlandAston Villa11982
Gary Williams EnglandAston Villa11982
Ken McNaught ScotlandAston Villa11982
Allan Evans ScotlandAston Villa11982
Kenny Swain EnglandAston Villa11982
Nigel Spink EnglandAston Villa11982
Uwe Hain GermanyHamburg11983
Thomas von Heesen GermanyHamburg11983
Lars Bastrup DenmarkHamburg11983
Horst Hrubesch GermanyHamburg11983Captain in 1983
Jürgen Milewski GermanyHamburg11983
Felix Magath GermanyHamburg11983
Wolfgang Rolff GermanyHamburg11983
Jürgen Groh GermanyHamburg11983
Bernd Wehmeyer GermanyHamburg11983
Holger Hieronymus GermanyHamburg11983
Ditmar Jakobs GermanyHamburg11983
Manfred Kaltz GermanyHamburg11983
Uli Stein GermanyHamburg11983
Gary Gillespie ScotlandLiverpool11984
David Hodgson EnglandLiverpool11984
Bob Bolder EnglandLiverpool11984
Ian Rush WalesLiverpool11984
Michael Robinson IrelandLiverpool11984
Ronnie Whelan IrelandLiverpool11984
Steve Nicol ScotlandLiverpool11984
Craig Johnston EnglandLiverpool11984
Mark Lawrenson IrelandLiverpool11984
Bruce Grobbelaar ZimbabweLiverpool11984
Bruno Limido ItalyJuventus11985
Nicola Caricola ItalyJuventus11985
Luciano Bodini ItalyJuventus11985
Zbigniew Boniek PolandJuventus11985
Beniamo Vignola ItalyJuventus11985
Paolo Rossi ItalyJuventus11985
Claudio Prandelli ItalyJuventus11985
Massimo Briaschi ItalyJuventus11985
Marco Tardelli ItalyJuventus11985One of the only nine footballers to have won all Three Major European Competitions (EC-UCL, UCWC,UC-EL).
Michel Platini FranceJuventus11985
Massimo Bonini San MarinoJuventus11985
Gaetano Scirea ItalyJuventus11985Captain in 1985. One of the only five footballers to have won all European club competitions.
Sergio Brio ItalyJuventus11985One of the only five footballers to have won all European club competitions.
Antonio Cabrini ItalyJuventus11985One of the only five footballers to have won all European club competitions.
Luciano Favero ItalyJuventus11985
Stefano Tacconi ItalyJuventus11985One of the only five footballers to have won all European club competitions.
Tudorel Stoica RomaniaSteaua București11986
Dumitru Stângaciu RomaniaSteaua București11986
Marin Radu RomaniaSteaua București11986
Victor Pițurcă RomaniaSteaua București11986
Marius Lăcătuș RomaniaSteaua București11986
Mihail Majearu RomaniaSteaua București11986
Ladislau Bölöni RomaniaSteaua București11986
Anghel Iordănescu RomaniaSteaua București11986
Lucian Bălan RomaniaSteaua București11986
Gavril Balint RomaniaSteaua București11986
Ilie Bărbulescu RomaniaSteaua București11986
Adrian Bumbescu RomaniaSteaua București11986
Ștefan Iovan RomaniaSteaua București11986Captain in 1986.
Helmuth Duckadam RomaniaSteaua București11986
Walter Casagrande BrazilPorto11987
Zé Beto PortugalPorto11987
Festas PortugalPorto11987
Paulo Futre PortugalPorto11987
Rabah Madjer AlgeriaPorto11987
Juary BrazilPorto11987
Quim PortugalPorto11987
António Sousa PortugalPorto11987
António André PortugalPorto11987
Jaime Magalhães PortugalPorto11987
Antonio Frasco PortugalPorto11987
Augusto Inácio PortugalPorto11987
Eduardo Luís PortugalPorto11987
Celso PortugalPorto11987
João Pinto PortugalPorto11987Captain in 1987.
Józef Mlynarczyk PolandPorto11987
Patrick Lodewijks NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Willy van de Kerkhof NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Eric Viscaal NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Adick Koot NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Anton Janssen NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Hans Gillhaus NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Wim Kieft NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Søren Lerby DenmarkPSV Eindhoven11988
Gerald Vanenburg NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Edward Linskens NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Jan Heintze DenmarkPSV Eindhoven11988
Berry van Aerle NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Ivan Nielsen DenmarkPSV Eindhoven11988
Eric Gerets BelgiumPSV Eindhoven11988Captain in 1988.
Hans van Breukelen NetherlandsPSV Eindhoven11988
Roberto Mussi ItalyMilan11989
Davide Pinato ItalyMilan11989
Pietro Paolo Virdis ItalyMilan11989
Stefano Borgonovo ItalyMilan11990
Andrea Pazzagli ItalyMilan11990
Vladan Lukić YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Rade Tošić YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Ivica Momčilović YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Milić Jovanović YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Vlada Stošić YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Darko Pančev YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Robert Prosinečki YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Dragiša Binić YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Siniša Mihajlović YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Slobodan Marović YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Refik Šabanadžović YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Ilija Najdoski YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991
Stevan Stojanović YugoslaviaRed Star Belgrade11991Captain in 1991.
Miguel Ángel Nadal SpainBarcelona11992
Carles Busquets SpainBarcelona11992
Aitor Beguiristain SpainBarcelona11992
Guillermo Amor SpainBarcelona11992
Richard Witschge NetherlandsBarcelona11992
Cristóbal Parralo SpainBarcelona11992
Ricardo Serna SpainBarcelona11992
Hristo Stoichkov BulgariaBarcelona11992
Andoni Goikoetxea SpainBarcelona11992
Julio Salinas SpainBarcelona11992
Michael Laudrup DenmarkBarcelona11992
José Ramón Alexanko SpainBarcelona11992
Pep Guardiola SpainBarcelona11992Has also won as manager for Barcelona in 2009 and 2011.[1]
José Mari Bakero SpainBarcelona11992
Juan Carlos SpainBarcelona11992
Nando SpainBarcelona11992
Albert Ferrer SpainBarcelona11992
Eusebio Sacristán SpainBarcelona11992
Andoni Zubizarreta SpainBarcelona11992Captain in 1992.
Igor Dobrovolski RussiaMarseille11993Was not in the final.
Jean-Marc Ferreri FranceMarseille11993
Bernard Casoni FranceMarseille11993
Pascal Olmeta FranceMarseille11993
Abédi Pelé GhanaMarseille11993
Jean-Christophe Thomas FranceMarseille11993
Rudi Völler GermanyMarseille11993
Alen Bokšić CroatiaMarseille11993
Jean-Jacques Eydelie FranceMarseille11993
Franck Sauzée FranceMarseille11993
Basile Boli FranceMarseille11993
Éric Di Meco FranceMarseille11993
Jean-Philippe Durand FranceMarseille11993
Jocelyn Angloma FranceMarseille11993
Fabien Barthez FranceMarseille11993
Brian Laudrup DenmarkMilan11994Was not in the final.
Florin Răducioiu RomaniaMilan11994Was not in the final.
Angelo Carbone ItalyMilan11994
Gianluigi Lentini ItalyMilan11994
Mario Ielpo ItalyMilan11994
Zvonimir Boban CroatiaMilan11994
Stefano Nava ItalyMilan11994
Demetrio Albertini ItalyMilan11994
Sebastiano Rossi ItalyMilan11994
Winston Bogarde NetherlandsAjax11995
Fred Grim NetherlandsAjax11995
Peter van Vossen NetherlandsAjax11995
Patrick Kluivert NetherlandsAjax11995
Nwankwo Kanu NigeriaAjax11995
Marc Overmars NetherlandsAjax11995
Jari Litmanen FinlandAjax11995
Ronald de Boer NetherlandsAjax11995
Finidi George NigeriaAjax11995
Edgar Davids NetherlandsAjax11995
Frank de Boer NetherlandsAjax11995
Danny Blind NetherlandsAjax11995Captain in 1995. One of the only five footballers to have won all European club competitions.
Michael Reiziger NetherlandsAjax11995
Michaelangelo Rampulla ItalyJuventus11996
Sergio Porrini ItalyJuventus11996
Michele Padovano ItalyJuventus11996
Fabrizio Ravanelli ItalyJuventus11996
Gianluca Vialli ItalyJuventus11996Captain in 1996. One of only 9 footballers to have won all 3 Major European Competitions (EC-UCL, UCWC,UC-EL).
Alessandro Del Piero ItalyJuventus11996
Angelo Di Livio ItalyJuventus11996
Antonio Conte ItalyJuventus11996
Gianluca Pessotto ItalyJuventus11996
Pietro Vierchowod ItalyJuventus11996
Moreno Torricelli ItalyJuventus11996
Ciro Ferrara ItalyJuventus11996
Angelo Peruzzi ItalyJuventus11996
René Tretschok GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Wolfgang de Beer GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Lars Ricken GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Stéphane Chapuisat SwitzerlandBorussia Dortmund11997
Heiko Herrlich GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Karlheinz Riedle GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Michael Zorc GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Andreas Möller GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Jörg Heinrich GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Jovan Kirovski United StatesBorussia Dortmund11997Was not in the 18 for the final.
Paul Lambert ScotlandBorussia Dortmund11997
Stefan Reuter GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Martin Kree GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Matthias Sammer GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997Captain in 1997.
Jürgen Kohler GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Steinar Pedersen NorwayBorussia Dortmund11997Not in the 18 for the final.
Vladimir But RussiaBorussia Dortmund11997Not in the 18 for the final.
Stefan Klos GermanyBorussia Dortmund11997
Roberto Rojas SpainReal Madrid11998Was not in the 18 for the final
Álvaro Benito SpainReal Madrid11998Was not in the 18 for the final
Manuel Canabal SpainReal Madrid11998Was not in the 18 for the final
Raúl Pareja SpainReal Madrid11998Was not in the 18 for the final
Chendo SpainReal Madrid11998Was not in the 18 for the final
Pedro Contreras SpainReal Madrid11998Was not in the 18 for the final
Víctor Sánchez SpainReal Madrid11998
Fernando Sanz SpainReal Madrid11998
Santiago Cañizares SpainReal Madrid11998
Jaime Sánchez SpainReal Madrid11998
Dani García SpainReal Madrid11998
Zé Roberto BrazilReal Madrid11998
Davor Šuker CroatiaReal Madrid11998
Predrag Mijatović YugoslaviaReal Madrid11998
José Amavisca SpainReal Madrid11998
Henning Berg NorwayManchester United11999Berg was not in the 18 in 1999.
Roy Keane IrelandManchester United11999Keane was suspended for the final. Club captain in 1999.
Jonathan Greening EnglandManchester United11999
Phil Neville EnglandManchester United11999
David May EnglandManchester United11999
Raimond van der Gouw NetherlandsManchester United11999
Ole Gunnar Solskjær NorwayManchester United11999
Andy Cole EnglandManchester United11999
Dwight Yorke Trinidad and TobagoManchester United11999
Teddy Sheringham EnglandManchester United11999
Jesper Blomqvist SwedenManchester United11999
Nicky Butt EnglandManchester United11999
David Beckham EnglandManchester United11999
Denis Irwin IrelandManchester United11999
Jaap Stam NetherlandsManchester United11999
Ronny Johnsen NorwayManchester United11999
Peter Schmeichel DenmarkManchester United11999Captain in 1999 final due to Keane's suspension.
Júlio César BrazilReal Madrid12000Was not in the 18 for the final.
Manuel Meca SpainReal Madrid12000Was not in the 18 for the final.
David Aganzo SpainReal Madrid12000Was not in the 18 for the final.
Javier Dorado SpainReal Madrid12000Was not in the 18 for the final.
Albano Bizarri ArgentinaReal Madrid12000Was not in the 18 for the final.
Perica Ognjenović YugoslaviaReal Madrid12000Was not in the 18 for the final.
Nicolas Anelka FranceReal Madrid12000
Hasan Salihamidžić Bosnia and HerzegovinaBayern Munich12001
Michael Wiesinger GermanyBayern Munich12001Was not in the 18 for the final.
Jens Jeremies GermanyBayern Munich12001Was not in the 18 for the final.
Thorsten Fink GermanyBayern Munich12001Was not in the 18 for the final.
Stefan Wessels GermanyBayern Munich12001Was not in the 18 for the final.
Roque Santa Cruz ParaguayBayern Munich12001
Michael Tarnat GermanyBayern Munich12001
Ciriaco Sforza SwitzerlandBayern Munich12001
Bernd Dreher GermanyBayern Munich12001
Alexander Zickler GermanyBayern Munich12001
Giovane Élber BrazilBayern Munich12001
Paulo Sérgio BrazilBayern Munich12001
Mehmet Scholl GermanyBayern Munich12001
Bixente Lizarazu FranceBayern Munich12001
Stefan Effenberg GermanyBayern Munich12001Captain in 2001.
Carsten Jancker GermanyBayern Munich12001
Willy Sagnol FranceBayern Munich12001
Thomas Linke GermanyBayern Munich12001
Patrik Andersson SwedenBayern Munich12001
Samuel Kuffour GhanaBayern Munich12001
Oliver Kahn GermanyBayern Munich12001
Valdo SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Raúl Bravo SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Enrique Corrales SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Rubén SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Borja SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Óscar Miñambres SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Albert Celades SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Carlos Sánchez SpainReal Madrid12002Was not in the 18 for the final.
Javier Portillo SpainReal Madrid12002
Francisco Pavón SpainReal Madrid12002
Pedro Munitis SpainReal Madrid12002
Santiago Solari ArgentinaReal Madrid12002
Zinedine Zidane FranceReal Madrid12002
Flávio Conceição BrazilReal Madrid12002
Claude Makélélé FranceReal Madrid12002
Luís Figo PortugalReal Madrid12002
César Sánchez SpainReal Madrid12002
Jon Dahl Tomasson DenmarkMilan12003Was not in the 18 for the final.
Thomas Helveg DenmarkMilan12003Was not in the 18 for the final.
Samuele Dalla Bona ItalyMilan12003Was not in the 18 for the final.
Martin Laursen DenmarkMilan12003
Rivaldo BrazilMilan12003
Christian Abbiati ItalyMilan12003
Andriy Shevchenko UkraineMilan12003
Rui Costa PortugalMilan12003
Roque Júnior BrazilMilan12003
Nuno PortugalPorto12004
Edgaras Jankauskas LithuaniaPorto12004
Ricardo Costa PortugalPorto12004
Carlos Alberto BrazilPorto12004
Dmitri Alenichev RussiaPorto12004
Benni McCarthy South AfricaPorto12004
Derlei BrazilPorto12004
Pedro Mendes PortugalPorto12004
Maniche PortugalPorto12004
Pedro Emanuel PortugalPorto12004
Costinha PortugalPorto12004
Ricardo Carvalho PortugalPorto12004
Jorge Costa PortugalPorto12004Captain in 2004.
Nuno Valente PortugalPorto12004
Vítor Baía PortugalPorto12004One of the only nine footballers to have won all Three Major European Competitions (EC-UCL, UCWC,UC-EL).
Antonio Núñez SpainLiverpool12005
Igor Bišćan CroatiaLiverpool12005
Josemi SpainLiverpool12005
Scott Carson EnglandLiverpool12005
Djibril Cissé FranceLiverpool12005
Milan Baroš Czech RepublicLiverpool12005
Luis García SpainLiverpool12005
John Arne Riise NorwayLiverpool12005
Steven Gerrard EnglandLiverpool12005Captain in 2005.
Vladimír Šmicer Czech RepublicLiverpool12005
Harry Kewell AustraliaLiverpool12005
Djimi Traoré MaliLiverpool12005
Jamie Carragher EnglandLiverpool12005
Sami Hyypiä FinlandLiverpool12005
Dietmar Hamann GermanyLiverpool12005
Steve Finnan IrelandLiverpool12005
Jerzy Dudek PolandLiverpool12005
Gabri SpainBarcelona12006Was not in the 18 for the final.
Maxi López ArgentinaBarcelona12006Was not in the 18 for the final.
Santiago Ezquerro SpainBarcelona12006Was not in the 18 for the final.
Ronaldinho BrazilBarcelona12006
Ludovic Giuly FranceBarcelona12006
Henrik Larsson SwedenBarcelona12006
Mark van Bommel NetherlandsBarcelona12006
Edmílson BrazilBarcelona12006
Juliano Belletti BrazilBarcelona12006
Oleguer SpainBarcelona12006
Giovanni van Bronckhorst NetherlandsBarcelona12006
Marco Storari ItalyMilan12007Was not in the 18 in 2007.
Ricardo Oliveira BrazilMilan12007Was not in the 18 in 2007.
Yoann Gourcuff FranceMilan12007Was not in the 18 in 2007.
Daniele Bonera ItalyMilan12007Was not in the 18 in 2007.
Massimo Oddo ItalyMilan12007
Alberto Gilardino ItalyMilan12007
Giuseppe Favalli ItalyMilan12007
Cafu BrazilMilan12007
Zeljko Kalac AustraliaMilan12007
Kaká BrazilMilan12007
Marek Jankulovski Czech RepublicMilan12007
Darren Fletcher ScotlandManchester United12008
Nani PortugalManchester United12008
Anderson BrazilManchester United12008
John O'Shea IrelandManchester United12008
Tomasz Kuszczak PolandManchester United12008
Rio Ferdinand EnglandManchester United12008Captain in 2008.
Nemanja Vidić SerbiaManchester United12008
Mikaël Silvestre FranceManchester United12008
Patrice Evra FranceManchester United12008
Michael Carrick EnglandManchester United12008
Wayne Rooney EnglandManchester United12008
Carlos Tevez ArgentinaManchester United12008
Louis Saha FranceManchester United12008Was not in the 18 for the final.
Park Ji-sung South KoreaManchester United12008Was not in the 18 for the final. Became the first Asian-born player to win a Champions League title.
Martín Cáceres UruguayBarcelona12009
Eiður Guðjohnsen IcelandBarcelona12009
Thierry Henry FranceBarcelona12009
Yaya Touré Ivory CoastBarcelona12009
Alexander Hleb BelarusBarcelona12009
Marko Arnautović AustriaInternazionale12010Was not in the 18 for the final.
Diego Milito ArgentinaInternazionale12010
Walter Samuel ArgentinaInternazionale12010
Javier Zanetti ArgentinaInternazionale12010Captain in 2010.
Esteban Cambiasso ArgentinaInternazionale12010
Júlio César BrazilInternazionale12010
Maicon BrazilInternazionale12010
Lúcio BrazilInternazionale12010
Iván Córdoba ColombiaInternazionale12010
Sulley Muntari GhanaInternazionale12010
Francesco Toldo ItalyInternazionale12010
Marco Materazzi ItalyInternazionale12010
Mario Balotelli ItalyInternazionale12010
Davide Santon ItalyInternazionale12010Was not in the 18 for the final.
Paolo Orlandoni ItalyInternazionale12010Was not in the 18 for the final.
McDonald Mariga KenyaInternazionale12010
Wesley Sneijder NetherlandsInternazionale12010
Goran Pandev MacedoniaInternazionale12010
Ricardo Quaresma PortugalInternazionale12010Was not in the 18 for the final.
Cristian Chivu RomaniaInternazionale12010
Rene Krhin SloveniaInternazionale12010Was not in the 18 for the final.
Dejan Stanković SerbiaInternazionale12010
Ibrahim Afellay NetherlandsBarcelona12011
Thiago SpainBarcelona12011
David Villa SpainBarcelona12011
Oier SpainBarcelona12011
Jeffrén SpainBarcelona12011Was not in the 18 for the final.
Andreu Fontàs SpainBarcelona12011Was not in the 18 for the final.
Jonathan dos Santos MexicoBarcelona12011Was not in the 18 for the final.
Maxwell BrazilBarcelona12011Was not in the 18 for the final.
Ramires BrazilChelsea12012Suspended and did not start the final.
David Luiz BrazilChelsea12012
Raul Meireles PortugalChelsea12012Suspended and did not play in the final.
Branislav Ivanović SerbiaChelsea12012Suspended and did not play in the final.
Florent Malouda FranceChelsea12012
John Terry EnglandChelsea12012Captain. Suspended and did not play in the final.
Frank Lampard EnglandChelsea12012Vice-captain, captain for the final.
Jamal Blackman EnglandChelsea12012Was not in the 18 for the final.
Ashley Cole EnglandChelsea12012
Gary Cahill EnglandChelsea12012
Ross Turnbull EnglandChelsea12012
Ryan Bertrand EnglandChelsea12012Made his European debut in the final.
Fernando Torres SpainChelsea12012
Oriol Romeu SpainChelsea12012
Juan Mata SpainChelsea12012
Petr Čech Czech RepublicChelsea12012
John Obi Mikel NigeriaChelsea12012
Michael Essien GhanaChelsea12012
Salomon Kalou Ivory CoastChelsea12012
Didier Drogba Ivory CoastChelsea12012
Claudio Pizarro PeruBayern Munich12013
Anatoliy Tymoshchuk UkraineBayern Munich12013
Rafinha BrazilBayern Munich12013Was not in the 18 for the final.
Luiz Gustavo BrazilBayern Munich12013
Mario Mandžukić CroatiaBayern Munich12013
Diego Contento GermanyBayern Munich12013Was not in the 18 for the final.
Holger Badstuber GermanyBayern Munich12013Was not in the 18 for the final.
Mario Gómez GermanyBayern Munich12013
Tom Starke GermanyBayern Munich12013
Bastian Schweinsteiger GermanyBayern Munich12013
Thomas Müller GermanyBayern Munich12013
Arjen Robben NetherlandsBayern Munich12013
Franck Ribéry FranceBayern Munich12013
Javi Martínez SpainBayern Munich12013
Daniel Van Buyten BelgiumBayern Munich12013
David Alaba AustriaBayern Munich12013
Dante BrazilBayern Munich12013
Jérôme Boateng GermanyBayern Munich12013
Philipp Lahm GermanyBayern Munich12013Captain in 2013.
Manuel Neuer GermanyBayern Munich12013
Sami Khedira GermanyReal Madrid12014
Ángel Di María ArgentinaReal Madrid12014
Diego López SpainReal Madrid12014
Asier Illarramendi SpainReal Madrid12014
Jesús SpainReal Madrid12014
Neymar BrazilBarcelona12015
Luis Suárez UruguayBarcelona12015
Thomas Vermaelen BelgiumBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Claudio Bravo ChileBarcelona12015
Marc-André ter Stegen GermanyBarcelona12015
Ivan Rakitić CroatiaBarcelona12015
Jordi Alba SpainBarcelona12015
Jérémy Mathieu FranceBarcelona12015
Rafinha BrazilBarcelona12015
Sergi Roberto SpainBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Martín Montoya SpainBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Jordi Masip SpainBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Douglas BrazilBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Sergi Samper SpainBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Sandro Ramírez SpainBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Munir SpainBarcelona12015Was not in the 18 for the final.
Enzo Fernández FranceReal Madrid12017
Mariano Díaz Mejía Dominican RepublicReal Madrid12017
Dani CeballosSpainReal Madrid12018Was not in the 18 for the final.
Achraf HakimiMoroccoReal Madrid12018Was not in the 18 for the final.
Theo HernándezFranceReal Madrid12018
Alisson BrazilLiverpool12019
Trent Alexander-Arnold EnglandLiverpool12019
Joël Matip CameroonLiverpool12019
Virgil van Dijk NetherlandsLiverpool12019
Andrew Robertson ScotlandLiverpool12019
Jordan Henderson EnglandLiverpool12019Captain in 2019.
Fabinho BrazilLiverpool12019
Georginio Wijnaldum NetherlandsLiverpool12019
Mohamed Salah EgyptLiverpool12019
Roberto Firmino BrazilLiverpool12019
Sadio Mané SenegalLiverpool12019
Simon Mignolet BelgiumLiverpool12019
Caoimhin Kelleher IrelandLiverpool12019
Dejan Lovren CroatiaLiverpool12019
Joe Gomez EnglandLiverpool12019
Alberto Moreno SpainLiverpool12019
James Milner EnglandLiverpool12019
Adam Lallana EnglandLiverpool12019
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain EnglandLiverpool12019Was unused in the tournament's entirety.
Rhian Brewster EnglandLiverpool12019
Divock Origi BelgiumLiverpool12019
Naby Keïta GuineaLiverpool12019Was not in the 23 for the final.
Nathaniel Phillips EnglandLiverpool12019Was not in the 23 for the final.
Curtis Jones EnglandLiverpool12019Was not in the 23 for the final.
Ben Woodburn WalesLiverpool12019Was not in the 23 for the final.
Rafael Camacho PortugalLiverpool12019Was not in the 23 for the final.

UEFA European Cup & Champions League Medals Won by Players’ Countries

Country (64)PlayersMedals
Czech Republic44
Bosnia & Herzegovina23
Ivory Coast33
Northern Ireland23
Costa Rica13
Dominican Republic11
San Marino11
South Africa11
South Korea11
Trinidad and Tobago11
United States11
Total Medals Won8141,163

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