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2021-22 UEFA Champions League Scores, Aggregate Scores, Fixtures, Stats and Group Tables.
UEFA Champions League 2021-22 is the 67th season (30th Champions League season) of Europe’s Top Tier Football Tournament
It’s held from 14th September 2021 to 28th of May 2022.


2021-22 Champions League Group Stage

2021-22 Champions League Knock-Out Phase

2021-22 Champions League Goalscorers

UEFA Champions League Group Stage 2021-22

The 6 clubs who qualified from the Play-Off Round were joined by 26 clubs who automatically qualified for the Group Stage.

The 32 clubs are drawn into 8 Groups of four teams with the top 2 teams progressing to the Knock-Out Phase.
The eight 3rd placed teams will join the Europa League.

From 2021-22 the winner of a draw will be decided by 30 minutes extra time, and if there is still no winner then by a penalty shoot-out. 

Group A Group B Group C Group D

England Football

Manchester City 20-21

Manchester City 3

England Football

Liverpool Badge Rectangle

Liverpool 3

Netherlands Football

Ajax Badge

Ajax 3

Moldova football

FC Sheriff Modovan

Sheriff Tiraspol 3

France Football

Paris Saint Germaine Football

Paris Saint-Germain 1

Spain Football

Atletico Madrid Football

Atlético Madrid 1

Germany Football

Borussia Dortmand UEFA

Borussia Dortmund 3

Spain Football

Real Madrid Fooball

Real Madrid 3

Belgium Football

Club Brugge UEFA

Club Brugge 1

Portugal Football


FC Porto 1

Turkey Football

Beşiktaş Turkey

Beşiktaş 0

Italy Football

Inter Milan Football

Inter Milan 0

Germany Football

Red Bull Leipzig Germany

RB Leipzig  0

Italy Football

AC Milan

AC Milan 0

Portugal Football

Sporting Lisbon Football Results

Sporting CP 0

Ukraine Football

Shakhtar Donetsk 0
Club Brugge 1-1 Paris Saint Germain Atlético Madrid 0-0 FC Porto Beşiktaş 1-2 Borussia Dortmund Inter Milan 0-1 Real Madrid
Manchester City 6-3 RB Leipzig Liverpool 3-2 AC Milan Sporting CP 1-5 Ajax Sheriff Tiraspol 2-0 Shakhtar Donetsk
Paris Saint Germain 28.09 Manchester City AC Milan 28.09 Atlético Madrid Ajax 28.09 Beşiktaş Real Madrid 28.09 Sheriff Tiraspol
RB Leipzig 28.09 Club Brugge FC Porto 28.09 Liverpool Borussia Dortmund 28.09 Sporting CP Shakhtar Donetsk 28.09 Inter Milan
Club Brugge 19.10 Manchester City Atlético Madrid 19.10 Liverpool Ajax 19.10 Borussia Dortmund Inter Milan 19.10 Sheriff Tiraspol
Paris Saint Germain 19.10 RB Leipzig FC Porto 19.10 AC Milan Beşiktaş 19.10 Sporting CP Shakhtar Donetsk 19.10 Real Madrid
Manchester City 03.11 Club Brugge AC Milan 03.11 FC Porto Borussia Dortmund 03.11 Ajax Real Madrid 03.11 Shakhtar Donetsk
RB Leipzig 03.11 Paris Saint-Germain Liverpool 03.11 Atlético Madrid Sporting CP 03.11 Beşiktaş Sheriff Tiraspol 03.11 Inter Milan
Club Brugge 24.11 RB Leipzig Atlético Madrid 24.11 AC Milan Beşiktaş 24.11 Ajax Inter Milan 24.11 Shakhtar Donetsk
Manchester City 24.11 Paris Saint-Germain Liverpool 24.11 FC Porto Sporting CP 24.11 Borussia Dortmund Sheriff Tiraspol 24.11 Real Madrid
Paris Saint Germain 07.12 Club Brugge AC Milan 07.12 Liverpool Ajax 07.12 Sporting CP Real Madrid 07.12 Inter Milan
RB Leipzig 07.12 Manchester City FC Porto 07.12 Atlético Madrid Borussia Dortmund 07.12 Beşiktaş Shakhtar Donetsk 07.12 Sheriff Tiraspol
Group E Group F Group G Group H

Germany Football

Bayern Munich Results

Bayern Munich 3

Switzerland Fooball

BSC-Young-Boys Football

Young Boys 3

Austria Football

Red Bull Salzburg

Red Bull Salzburg 1

Italy Football

Juventus Badge

Juventus 3

Portugal Football

Benfica UEFA

Benfica 1

Italy Football


Atalanta  1

Spain Football


Sevilla 1

England Football

Chelsea 20-21

Chelsea 3

Ukraine Football

Dynamo Kyiv Badge

Dynamo Kyiv 1

Spain Football


Villarreal 1

France Football

Lille OSC France Football

Lille LOSC 1

Russia Football

Zenit Saint Petersburg 0

Spain Football

Barcelona Football

Barcelona 0

England Football

Manchester United Results

Manchester United 0

Germany Football

Wolfsburg Badge Germany

VfL Wolfsburg 1

Sweden Football

Malmoff Football Sweden

Malmö FF 0
Barcelona 0-3 Bayern Munich Villarreal 2-2 Atalanta Lille 0-0 VfL Wolfsburg Chelsea 1-0 Zenit Saint Petersburg
Dynamo Kyiv 0-0 Benfica Young Boys 2-1 Manchester United Sevilla 1-1 Red Bull Salzburg Malmö FF 0-3 Juventus
Bayern Munich 29.09 Dynamo Kyiv Atalanta 29.09 Young Boys Red Bull Salzburg 29.09 Lille Juventus 29.09 Chelsea
Benfica 29.09 Barcelona Manchester United 29.09 Villarreal VfL Wolfsburg 29.09 Sevilla Zenit Saint Petersburg 29.09 Malmö FF
Barcelona 20.10 Dynamo Kyiv Manchester United 20.10 Atalanta Lille 20.10 Sevilla Chelsea 20.10 Malmö FF
Benfica 20.10 Bayern Munich Young Boys 20.10 Villarreal Red Bull Salzburg 20.10 VfL Wolfsburg Zenit Saint Petersburg 20.10 Juventus
Bayern Munich 02.11 Benfica Atalanta 02.11 Manchester United Sevilla 02.11 Lille Juventus 02.11 Zenit Saint Petersburg
Dynamo Kyiv 02.11 Barcelona Villarreal 02.11 Young Boys VfL Wolfsburg 02.11 Red Bull Salzburg Malmö FF 02.11 Chelsea
Barcelona 23.11 Benfica Villarreal 23.11 Manchester United Lille 23.11 Red Bull Salzburg Chelsea 23.11 Juventus
Dynamo Kyiv 23.11 Bayern Munich Young Boys 23.11 Atalanta Sevilla 23.11 VfL Wolfsburg Malmö FF 23.11 Zenit Saint Petersburg
Bayern Munich 08.12 Barcelona Atalanta 08.12 Villarreal Red Bull Salzburg 08.12 Sevilla Juventus 08.12 Malmö FF
Benfica 08.12 Dynamo Kyiv Manchester United 08.12 Young Boys VfL Wolfsburg 08.12 Lille Zenit Saint Petersburg 08.12 Chelsea

UEFA Champions League Knock-Out Phase 2021-22

UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Round of Sixteen
Nat Team 1 Leg 1 Leg 2 Nat Team 2 Agg
UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Quarter Finals
Nat Team 1 Leg 1 Leg 2 Nat Team 2 Agg
UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Semi Finals
Nat Team 1 Leg 1 Leg 2 Nat Team 2 Agg
UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Final
Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia 28th May 2021
Nat Team 1 Score Nat Team 2

2021-22 Champions League Goalscorers

2020-21 Champions League Goalscorers

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