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Tottenham Hotspur Squad Minutes Played Season 2020-21

Tottenham Hotspur Squad Minutes Played for Season 2020-21 for each Tottenham Fixture together with Summary Statistics. Includes number of Spurs appearances, total minutes played for each Tottenham player. Scroll the first table left to see how the minutes each player had in each football game. Total players’ minutes is at bottom of table.
The second table is list of
Spurs Current 46-Man Squad Season 2021-22 with their transfer history and date they started playing for Tottenham.
The third table shows Tottenham Hotspur Players’ Combined Goals & Assists for Season 2020-21.
The fourth Table shows All-Time Premier League Appearances, Goals and Strike-Rates

Tottenham Hotspur Squad Minutes Played Season 2020-21 by Fixtures

Tottenham Hotspur Squad Minutes Played Season 2020-21 by Fixtures
#FixtureDateCompetitionVenFA1234567891011121415171820222324252728303340414445464748495355565764 Mins OffNotes
LlorisDohertyReguilónAlderweireldHøjbjergSánchezSonWinksBaleKaneLamelaHartRodonDierSissokoLo CelsoAlliGazzanigaBergwijnAurierTangangaMouraNdombeleGedsonDaviesAustinWhitemanBowdenViniciusDevineClarkeWhiteCirkinScarlettLavinierMarkandayJohnFagan-WalcottOG
1Everton13.09.20PL 1H019076Transfer9090US9060Loan90USUS 9045 45 30USInjured9014 90   Loan       
2Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Bulgaria)17.09.20Europa 2QRA219090from 907390USfrom9020US 906190  70 Injured1729 90   from       
3Southampton20.09.20PL 2A529090Real MadridUS90909090Real Madrid8429US 90US45  6USInjured6145 90   Benfica       
4KF Shkëndija (N Macedonia)24.09.20Europa 3QRA31USUS 90 909060Injured309090TransferUSUS3060 6690Injured2490 90           
5Newcastle United27.09.20PL 3H119090USUS90904590Injured9011USfrom90Illness77  45 Injured7913US90           
6Chelsea (Won 5-4 pens)29.09.20Lge Cup R4H1190US909027USInjured Injured2090USSwansea9090   769070149063US           
7Maccabi Haifa (Israel)01.10.20Europa POH72US9015906390Injured90Injured75US90City90274545 90US 90US 90           
8Manchester United04.10.20PL 4A6190US90US909073USInjured9045US 9090Injured21  90 4569 17           
9West Ham United18.10.20PL 5H3390US9090909080171890InjuredUS Injured90Injured  7290Injured1073 US   US       
10LASK (Austria)22.10.20Europa GS1H30US9090US6290289062US6290IneligibleInjured281228 IneligibleUSUSInjured78US  Ineligible90US  86 4   112 Named Subs, 5 Used
11Burnley26.10.20PL 6A109090US9090 89 US9033US1909011    Injured5779 90   US        
12Royal Antwerp (Belgium)29.10.20Europa GS2A0190US90US45904590583245USIneligible US4545Ineligible4590Injured45 Ineligible90   45 USUSUS   12 Named Subs, 5 Used
13Brighton & Hove Albion01.11.20PL 7H219090909090 85US209070USUS909026    InjuredUS64 5            
14Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria)05.11.20Europa GS3A31US90Illness9045US29906545Injured90Ineligible904572USIneligible25InjuredInjured6118Ineligible90US  45 USUSUS   12 Named Subs, 5 Used
15West Bromwich Albion08.11.20PL 8A109090909090 90 7890InjuredUSUS907926   USInjured1264 US   11       
16Manchester City21.11.20PL 9H2090Isolated908190 90 US90InjuredUS9909025  7390Injured1765 US   US       
17Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria)26.11.20Europa GS4H40 90US 2990US9068US 82IneligibleUSUSInjured82Ineligible US908261Ineligible90US8 90 228 8   12 Named Subs, 5 Used
18Chelsea29.11.20PL 10A0090 90Injured90US89 US90InjuredUS90909025  8990 165 1   US         
19LASK (Austria)03.12.20Europa GS5A33 90 Injured909082US82InjuredInjured90Ineligible1925718Ineligible258906565Ineligible90USUS   USUS US   12 Named Subs, 5 Used
20Arsenal06.12.20PL 11H2090 909090 88USUS90InjuredUS1909072  8990 2Illness 18   US     
21Royal Antwerp (Belgium)10.12.20Europa GS6H20 9045US 9032595831Injured90 US2290US 45 906831 90 US 59 USUS US
22Crystal Palace13.12.20PL 12A1190US849090 90 Illness90InjuredUSUS9090235 8590 US67 6         
23Liverpool16.12.20PL 13A1290 149090 87US 90InjuredUSUS9090583 7690Injured32US 90         
24Leicester City20.12.20PL 14H0290US909090 90264590InjuredUSUS909049  US64Injured4145 US   US     
25Stoke City23.12.20Lge Cup R5A319090USUS90904590459024US 9024 66   Injured66  90   US     
26Wolverhampton Wanderers27.12.20PL 15A11909063US90908490Injured906USUS9020InjuredUS 27USUS 70 90         
27Leeds United02.01.21PL 16H309090US9090 9076Injured87 USUS9014InjuredUS 90 US1278US90   3     Doherty Red Card
28Brentford05.01.21Lge Cup SFH2090Suspended71US86908919Injured90 USIneligible9090InjuredUS US9047190 19   1  US  
29Marine10.01.21FA Cup 3RA50 901945 USUS 25  9090 45Injured65US  4565US9071   90452590  
30Fulham13.01.21PL 17H1190US90US90909075US9015US 9090InjuredUS Injured90 US81 US   9     
31Sheffield United17.01.21PL 18A3190 89US90189 US90USUS9090USInjured  8790 390US90   1     
32Wycombe Wanderers25.01.21FA Cup 4RA41  US9045902290903268901 90Injured USUSUS456822 89   58  Loan to   
33Liverpool28.01.21PL 19H139090InjuredUS90US904594545US9090USInjuredInjured 8145 US90 90   US  Portsmouth   
34Brighton & Hove Albion31.01.21PL 20A0190USInjured90904590US61Injured16US90US90InjuredInjured 90 US2974 90   45US       
35Chelsea04.02.21PL 21H0190USInjured9090US90USUSInjuredUSUSUS9090InjuredInjured 9090USUS90 90   90         
36West Bromwich Albion06.02.21PL 22H309022Injured90909089 US9074USUSUSUSInjuredInjured 1668 9090 90   US    1    
37Everton10.02.21FA Cup 5RA4512099Injured12012012012030 6798USUSUS21Injured43Loan to53 US7790Loan90   22        30 Minutes Extra Time
38Manchester City13.02.21PL 23A0390USInjuredUS909090US189072US 9045Injured26ElcheUS 904564Cancelled90   US         
39Wolfsberger AC (Austria)18.02.21Europa R32 L1A419090Injured9012US459064 26US 9078Injured78 25 US6512 90 USUS45    USUS   Played at Puskás Aréna
40West Ham United20.02.21PL 24A12904577US909090US459045US 90USInjured13   459090 US   US          
41Wolfsberger AC (Austria)24.02.21Europa R32 L2H40US74US90  US9021US6990 9082Injured81 69 US21US 90   90    916US8   
42Burnley28.02.21PL 25H409099090909090US709020US USUSInjured24  81 6690 US   US           
43Fulham04.03.21PL 26A109090US90909090US679015US US23Injured67   US2375 90   US        1Tosin (OG)
44Crystal Palace07.03.21PL 27H419090909090909070708020US US20InjuredUS USInjured 90US US   10        
45Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)11.03.21Europa R16 L1H2090USUSUS189064US268464US 9090Injured64 2690US2672 90 US 6        
46Arsenal14.03.21PL 28A1290909090909019US909057US USUSInjuredUS  US 9090 US   US        1414Lamela Red Card
47Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)18.03.21Europa R16 L2A03120US30US 120Injured686012060US 1201205268 13107US8552 90   35    USUS     
48Aston Villa21.03.21PL 29A2090 57 9090Injured US90SuspendedUS90US966US 24 909081 33   90US   US
49Newcastle United04.04.21PL 30A2290 90 909045US29026US90USUS88US   906490 Injured   45    US   
50Manchester United10.04.21PL 31H1390 90US90 90USUS90USUS9090US90US  90US9090 Injured   US        
51Everton17.04.21PL 32A2290 649090US90USUS8926US909090US1  90US2664 Injured            
52Southampton21.04.21PL 33H2190 909090US901783Injured11US 90US79US 790US9073 Injured   US        Ryan Mason Manager
53Manchester City25.04.01Lge Cup FinalW0190 909084US90902390USUS 9023676 189US67US Injured            4 Used Subs
54Sheffield United02.05.21PL 34H4090US909090US9020759012US 90US7078 1590 USUS Injured            
55Leeds United08.05.21PL 35A1390US909090US90US679023US 90US8067 US90 2320 Injured            
56Wolverhampton Wanderers12.05.21PL 36H2090US909090US90218990USUS 9016982 USInjured90US8 Injured            
57Aston Villa15.05.21PL 37H12907909090US90741890USUS 90 US90 72US83US16 Injured            
58Leicester City23.05.21PL 38A4290909090909089902290USUS1US  68 68  22  Injured   US    US  US1 Schmeichel (OG)
Total Minutes Played4,3802,3122,7883,1264,3262,7893,9921,9971,6943,9811,3878928233,4692,4771,5531,329 1,8612,2629222,5452,8991532,869 8 976455198 1816 8 1458,060
Starts482532354631442219431310938251816 2026112835231 0 10001 00 0  638
Used Substitute (Bold)0440716814619051151011 1512211107 1 12121 31 1  190
Total Appearances4829363553325030334932101439402827 3527134946238 1 22122 31 1  828
Unused Substitute (US)513914 13316936439131411028911683104411524526111  284
Total Squad Appearances534245495345534642523853235254293724336245554548 5 37367 92 2  1,104
Average Minutes Played per Match918077898287806751814390189625549 53847152637776   86452649 616    
Goals Scored (Clean Sheets for Goalkeepers)14 CS  122222163345 CS  153 12 96 1   101       3124Total Goals Scored
Strike Rate Minutes played/goal (Goalkeeper Goals Conceded)59 GC  3,1262,1631,3951819991061213478 GC  2,477311443  1,131 283483 2,869 0 GC 9845         
Total Goals For-Against12467LlorisDohertyReguilónAlderweireldHøjbjergSánchezSonWinksBaleKaneLamelaHartRodonDierSissokoLo CelsoAlliGazzanigaBergwijnAurierTangangaMouraNdombeleGedsonDaviesAustinWhitemanBowdenViniciusDevineClarkeWhiteCirkinScarlettLavinierMarkandayJohnFagan-WalcottOG

Tottenham Hotspur Current 46-Man Squad Season 2021-22

Squad #PlayerPositionPrevious ClubLoanInternational CapsSignedContract toTransfer Fee
1Hugo LlorisGoalkeeperOlympique Lyonnais, France FranceAug-1230th June  2024£11,800,000
2Matt DohertyDefenderWolverhampton Wanderers IrelandAug-2030th June  2024£15,000,000
3Sergio ReguilónLeft BackReal Madrid, SpainSeason Loan to Atletico Madrid, SpainSpainSep-2030th June  2025£30,000,000
4Oliver SkippMidfieldTottenham Hotspur Academy England U-21Jul-18*30th June  2027£0
5Pierre-Emile HøjbjergDefensive MidfieldSouthampton DenmarkAug-2030th June  2025£15,000,000
6Davinson SánchezCentral DefenderAjax, Netherlands ColombiaAug-1730th June  2024£38,485,000
7Heung-Min SonStrikerBayer Leverkusen, Germany South KoreaAug-1530th June  2025£22,000,000
8Harry WinksMidfieldTottenham Hotspur AcademySeason Loan to SampdoriaEnglandNov-14*30th June  2024£0
9RicharlisonStrikerEverton BrazilJul-2230th June  2027£60,000,000
10Harry KaneStrikerTottenham Hotspur Academy EnglandAug-11*30th June  2024£0
11Bryan GilWingerSevilla, Spain SpainJul-2130th June  2026£21,600,000
12Emerson RoyalRight BackBarcelona, Spain BrazilAug-2130th June  2026£25,800,000
14Ivan PerišićWingerInter Milan, Italy CroatiaMay-2230th June  2024£0
15Eric DierDefensive MidfieldSporting Lisbon, Portugal EnglandJul-1430th June  2024£4,000,000
17 Cristian RomeroCentral DefenderAtalanta, Italy ArgentinaAug-2130th June  2027£47,000,000
18Giovani Lo CelsoMidfieldReal Betis, SpainSeason Loan to Villarreal, SpainArgentinaAug-1930th June  2025£27,200,000
19Ryan SessegnonLeft Back / WingerFulham England U-21Aug-1930th June  2024£25,000,000
20Fraser ForsterGoalkeeperSouthampton EnglandJun-2230th June  2024£0
21Dejan KulusevskiRight Winger / MidfieldJuventus, Italy18 Month Loan from Juventus, ItalySwedenJan-2230th June  2023Loan
22Joe RodonCentral DefenderSwansea CitySeason Loan to Rennes, FranceWalesOct-2030th June  2025£11,000,000
24Djed SpenceRight BackNottingham Forest England U-21Jul-2230th June  2027£20,000,000
25Japhet TangangaDefenderTottenham Hotspur Academy England U-21Jul-19*30th June  2025£0
 Destiny UdogieLeft BackUdinese, ItalySeason Loan to Udinese, ItalyItaly U-21Aug-2230th June  2027£15,000,000
27Lucas MouraAttacking MidfielderParis Saint-Germain, France BrazilJan-1830th June  2024£25,000,000
28Tanguy NdombeleMidfieldOlympique Lyonnais, FranceSeason Loan to Napoli, ItalyFranceJul-1930th June  2024£60,000,000
29Pape Matar SarrDefensive MidfieldMetz, France SenegalAug-2130th June  2027 
30Rodrigo BentancurMidfieldJuventus, Italy UruguayJan-2230th June  2025£15,870,000
33Ben DaviesLeft BackSwansea City WalesJul-1430th June  2025£10,000,000
34Clément LengletCentral DefenderBarcelona, SpainSeason Loan from Barcelona, SpainFranceJul-2230th June  2023Loan
38Yves BissoumaMidfield Brighton & Hove Albion MaliJun-2230th June  2026£25,000,000
39Troy ParrottForwardBelvedere Boys, Dublin, IrelandSeason Loan to Preston North EndIrelandJul-19*30th June  2025£0
40Brandon AustinGoalkeeperChelsea United States U-18Jul-18*30th June  2024£0
41Alfie WhitemanGoalkeeperTottenham Hotspur AcademySeason Loan to Degerfors IF, SwedenEngland U-19Jul-18*30th June  2022£0
42Harvey WhiteForwardTottenham Hotspur Academy England U-18Jul-19*30th June  2024£0
43Nile JohnMidfieldTottenham Hotspur Academy England U-17Feb-21*30th June  2023£0
44Dane ScarlettForwardTottenham Hotspur AcademySeason Loan to PortsmouthEngland U-19Aug-20*30th June  2026£0
45Alfie DevineMidfieldWigan Athletic England U-19Jul-2030th June  2027£500,000
46Malachi Fagan-WalcottDefenderTottenham Hotspur Academy England U-18Mar-20*30th June  2022£0
48Maksim PaskotšiCentral DefenderFlora Tallinn, Estonia EstoniaSep-20  
50Kallum CesayCentral MidfielderWest Ham United  Sierra LeoneAug-21  
51Matthew CraigCentral MidfielderWatford Scotland U-19Aug-21  
52Michael CraigCentral MidfielderWatford Scotland U-19Aug-21  
53Brooklyn Lyons-FosterDefenderTottenham Hotspur Academy  Jul-19* £0
55Romaine MundleMidfieldTottenham Hotspur Academy  Aug-21  
57Marcel LavinierRight BackTottenham Hotspur Academy England U-17Feb-21* £0
 Charlie SayersDefenderSouthend United  Jly-22 £0
 Jamie BowdenMidfieldTottenham Hotspur Academy Ireland U-19Jul-19*30th June  2023£0
 Correct to 30th August 2022*(First Team Squad Debut Date)£525,255,000

*First Team Squad Debut Date

Tottenham Hotspur Players’ Combined Goals & Assists Season 2020-21

Players (19)Premier LeagueConference LgeLeague CupFA CupTotals Combined Goals & AssistsTotal Minutes PlayedAvg Mins per Goal or Assist
38 Matches7 Matches5 Matches3 Matches53 Matches
Dejan Kulusevski58      58131,392107
Heung-Min Son23711    248323,525110
Harry Kane1796110302710374,250115
Lucas Moura2612201068142,435174
Steven Bergwijn310010  415873175
Giovani Lo Celso0021  01224945236
Matt Doherty24      2461,654276
Tanguy Ndombele11  10  213960320
Rodrigo Bentancur04      0441,378345
Dele Alli101001  2131,088363
Sergio Reguilón23      2352,282456
Harry Winks0101  101231,698566
Pierre-Emile Højbjerg221001013473,971567
Bryan Gil0001    011707707
Ryan Sessegnon02      0221,419710
Davinson Sánchez20      2022,3561,178
Emerson Royal11      1122,7851,393
Ben Davies11      1123,7711,886
Cristian Romero10      1012,5592,559
Maksim Paskotši           3 
J’Neil Bennett           10 
Dilan Markanday           15 
Nile John           45 
Jack Clarke           45 
Cameron Carter-Vickers           87 
Dane Scarlett           270 
Joe Rodon           515 
Pierluigi Gollini           900 
Japhet Tanganga           1,421 
Oliver Skipp           1,933 
Eric Dier           3,498 
Hugo Loris           3,900 
Own Goals6 2   1 9 9  

Figures correct up to and including 23rd May 2021 (58 games played)

Tottenham Hotspur Players’ All-Time Premier League Appearances, Goals & Strike-Rates

Premier League AppearancesPremier League GoalsTottenham Hotspur All-Time
Correct to 17th September 20221992-93 to 2022-23Premier League Strike Rates
AppsPlayer (258)Goals GoalsPlayer (161) SRAppsGoalsPlayer (161)
343LLORIS Hugo0 189KANE Harry 1.51285189KANE Harry
299ANDERTON Darren34 97SHERINGHAM Teddy 1.935629KLINSMANN Jurgen
285KANE Harry189 96SON Heung-Min 2.4323697SHERINGHAM Teddy
276DEFOE Jermain91 91KEANE Robbie 2.4823896SON Heung-Min
268KING Ledley10 91DEFOE Jermain 2.597027BERBATOV Dimitar
266LENNON Aaron26 53BALE Gareth 2.6223891KEANE Robbie
255CAMPBELL Sol10 51ERIKSEN Christian 2.636324VAN der VAART Rafael
243DIER Eric12 51ALLI Dele 2.719234ADEBAYOR Emmanuel
240WALKER Ian0 48ARMSTRONG Chris 2.9414148ARMSTRONG Chris
238KEANE Robbie91 36IVERSEN Steffen 3.0031McVEIGH Paul
238SON Heung-Min96 34ANDERTON Darren 3.0327691DEFOE Jermain
236SHERINGHAM Teddy97 34ADEBAYOR Emmanuel 3.0916453BALE Gareth
236DAWSON Michael7 33FERDINAND Les 3.336018BENT Darren
232VERTONGHEN Jan6 29KLINSMANN Jurgen 3.33103SAHA Louis
226CARR Stephen7 27BERBATOV Dimitar 3.434814MIDO Ahmed Hossam
226ERIKSEN Christian51 26LENNON Aaron 3.5318051ALLI Dele
183WALKER Kyle4 24VAN der VAART Rafael 3.5811833FERDINAND Les
182DEMBELE Mousa7 21JENAS Jermaine 3.717821PAVLYUCHENKO Roman
180DAVIES Ben4 21PAVLYUCHENKO Roman 3.9714336IVERSEN Steffen
180ALLI Dele51 20BARMBY Nick 4.0082HENDRY John
175LAMELA Erik17 19MOURA Lucas 4.0082MARNEY Dean
174ALDERWEIRELD Toby8 18BENT Darren 4.00246KULUSEVSKI Dejan
165EDINBURGH Justin0 17POYET Gustavo 4.14297DEMPSEY Clint
164BALE Gareth53 17LAMELA Erik 4.296014KANOUTE Frederic
161CALDERWOOD Colin7 15CHADLI Nacer 4.358720BARMBY Nick
156ROSE Danny8 14KANOUTE Frederic 4.4322651ERIKSEN Christian
155JENAS Jermaine21 14MIDO Ahmed Hossam 4.50184DUMITRESCU Ilie
155ASSOU-EKOTTO Benoit4 13DOZZELL Jason 4.828217POYET Gustavo
144HUDDLESTONE Tom8 13FOX Ruel 5.0051WATSON Kevin
143HOWELLS David8 13GINOLA David 5.44499KRANJCAR Niko
143IVERSEN Steffen36 13DAVIES Simon 5.905910REBROV Sergei
141ARMSTRONG Chris48 13MODRIC Luka 5.938915CHADLI Nacer
138MABBUTT Gary2 12NIELSEN Alan 6.00183NAYIM
137ROBINSON Paul1 12SHERWOOD Tim 6.087312CROUCH Peter
137MOURA Lucas19 12CROUCH Peter 6.158013DOZZELL Jason
130TARICCO Mauricio2 12DIER Eric 6.67203TURNER Andy
128WINKS Harry2 10CAMPBELL Sol 6.71477ZIEGE Christian
128SANCHEZ Davinson3 10KING Ledley 6.75274DURIE Gordon
126MODRIC Luka13 10REBROV Sergei 7.00213BERTI Nicola
124AUSTIN Dean0 9SEDGLEY Steve 7.00213KORSTEN Willem
121DAVIES Simon13 9KRANJCAR Niko 7.0071MABIZELA Mbulelo
119PERRY Chris3 8HOWELLS David 7.0071GILBERTO Da Silva Melo
119SISSOKO Moussa3 8HUDDLESTONE Tom 7.11649SEDGLEY Steve
118FERDINAND Les33 8ROSE Danny 7.14507SOLDADO Roberto
114GARDNER Anthony2 8SIGURDSSON Gylfi 7.2113719MOURA Lucas
106FOX Ruel13 7CALDERWOOD Colin 7.33223DALMAT Stephane
102GINOLA David13 7CARR Stephen 7.3815521JENAS Jermaine
101FREUND Steffen0 7VEGA Ramon 7.67233POPESCU Giga
96GOMES Heurelho0 7ZIEGE Christian 7.8510213GINOLA David
92SHERWOOD Tim12 7DAWSON Michael 8.00324CASKEY Darren
92ADEBAYOR Emmanuel34 7DEMBELE Mousa 8.009612NIELSEN Alan
89CLEMENCE Stephen1 7DEMPSEY Clint 8.1510613FOX Ruel
89CHADLI Nacer15 7SOLDADO Roberto 8.29587LEONHARDSEN Oyvind
88ZOKORA Didier0 7BERGWIJN Steven 8.43597BERGWIJN Steven
87BARMBY Nick20 6SINTON Andy 8.7929934ANDERTON Darren
85KELLER Kasey0 6MALBRANQUE Steed 9.00637VEGA Ramon
82SINTON Andy6 6KABOUL Younes 9.00182CAULKER Steven
81ROSENTHAL Ronnie4 6WANYAMA Victor 9.0091VINICIUS Carlos
81CORKUKA Vedran1 6NDOMBELE Tanguy 9.3112113DAVIES Simon
81SANDRO3 6HOJBJERG Pierre-Emile 9.6912613MODRIC Luka
80DOZZELL Jason13 6KULUSEVSKI Dejan 10.00101CAMPBELL Fraizer (loan)
80HOJBJERG Pierre-Emile6 5PAULINHO 10.2326626LENNON Aaron
78PAVLYUCHENKO Roman21 5AURIER Serge 10.2917517LAMELA Erik
77AURIER Serge5 4DURIE Gordon 10.33626MALBRANQUE Steed
73SAMWAYS Vinny3 4CASKEY Darren 10.50212ALLEN Rory
73RICHARDS Dean4 4ROSENTHAL Ronnie 10.50636NDOMBELE Tanguy
73CROUCH Peter12 4DUMITRESCU Ilie 11.00444DOMINGUEZ Jose
70WILSON Clive1 4DOMINGUEZ Jose 11.00222MURPHY Danny
70LEE Young-pyo1 4DOHERTY Gary 11.00111GUDJOHNSEN Eidur (loan)
70CHIMBONDA Pascal3 4RICHARDS Dean 11.50696WANYAMA Victor
70BERBATOV Dimitar27 4REDKNAPP Jamie 12.00484REDKNAPP Jamie
69WANYAMA Victor6 4ASSOU-EKOTTO Benoit 12.67383RUDDOCK Neil
68TRIPPIER Kieran2 4WALKER Kyle 13.00393ALLEN Paul
65NETHERCOTT Stuart0 4DAVIES Ben 13.00131SAIB Moussa
65PALACIOS Wilson1 3ALLEN Paul 13.33806HOJBJERG Pierre-Emile
64SEDGLEY Steve9 3NAYIM 13.50272HAZARD Micky
64DOHERTY Gary4 3RUDDOCK Neil 13.67826SINTON Andy
64SULLIVAN Niel0 3SAMWAYS Vinny 14.00423BENTLEY David
64CARRICK Michael2 3TURNER Andy 15.00151CUNDY Jason
63VEGA Ramon7 3POPESCU Giga 15.00151DAVENPORT Calum
63VAN der VAART Rafael24 3BERTI Nicola 15.00302JANSSEN Vincent
63NDOMBELE Tanguy6 3KORSTEN Willem 15.40775AURIER Serge
62MALBRANQUE Steed6 3PERRY Chris 16.00161SCOTT Kevin
61TAINIO Teemu3 3DALMAT Stephane 16.00644DOHERTY Gary
61GALLAS William1 3TAINIO Teemu 16.00161FOYTH Juan
60KANOUTE Frederic14 3BENTLEY David 16.67503TOWNSEND Andros
60BENT Darren18 3SANDRO 17.00342O'HARA Jamie
59YOUNG Luke0 3SAHA Louis 17.881438HOWELLS David
59REBROV Sergei10 3TOWNSEND Andros 18.00181GRAY Andy
59BERGWIJN Steven7 3SISSOKO Moussa 18.00181ATOUBA Thimothee
58LEONHARDSEN Oyvind7 3SANCHEZ Davinson 18.001448HUDDLESTONE Tom
58SIGURDSSON Gylfi8 2HENDRY John 18.00362LLORENTE Fernando
56KLINSMANN Jurgen29 2MABBUTT Gary 18.25734RICHARDS Dean
55LO CELSO Giovani1 2HAZARD Micky 18.331106KABOUL Younes
53MASON Ryan2 2ALLEN Rory 18.50372KELLY Stephen
52REGUILON Sergio2 2TARICCO Mauricio 19.00191POSTIGA Helder
51BUNJEVCEVIC Goran0 2GARDNER Anthony 19.501568ROSE Danny
50BROWN Michael2 2BROWN Michael 20.00201JACKSON Johnnie
50HUTTON Alan2 2MARNEY Dean 20.25814ROSENTHAL Ronnie
50FRIEDEL Brad0 2KELLY Stephen 20.2524312DIER Eric
50PARKER Scott0 2CARRICK Michael 20.33613TAINIO Teemu
50TOWNSEND Andros3 2STALTERI Paul 21.00422STALTERI Paul
50SOLDADO Roberto7 2MURPHY Danny 21.00211GHALY Hossam
49WOODGATE Jonathan2 2O'HARA Jamie 21.751748ALDERWEIRELD Toby
49KRANJCAR Niko9 2WOODGATE Jonathan 22.00221BENTANCUR Rodrigo
48REDKNAPP Jamie4 2HUTTON Alan 22.50452BASSONG Sebastien
48MIDO Ahmed Hossam14 2BASSONG Sebastien 23.001617CALDERWOOD Colin
47ZIEGE Christian7 2CAULKER Steven 23.33703CHIMBONDA Pascal
45ETHERINGTON Matt1 2MASON Ryan 24.00241ZIEGLER Reto
45BASSONG Sebastien2 2TRIPPIER Kieran 24.00241CAPOUE Etienne
45PAULINHO5 2JANSSEN Vincent 24.33733SAMWAYS Vinny
45BENTALEB Nabil0 2WINKS Harry 24.50492WOODGATE Jonathan
44DOMINGUEZ Jose4 2LLORENTE Fernando 25.00502BROWN Michael
42STALTERI Paul2 2DOHERTY Matt 25.00251PAMAROT Noe
42BENTLEY David3 2REGUILON Sergio 25.00502HUTTON Alan
42NAUGHTON Kyle0 1CUNDY Jason 25.00251HOLTBY Lewis
40DAVIDS Edgar1 1GRAY Andy 25.00251ROMERO Cristian
39ALLEN Paul3 1WATSON Kevin 25.5025510CAMPBELL Sol
38RUDDOCK Neil3 1SCOTT Kevin 26.00261REID Andy
37KERSLAKE David0 1WILSON Clive 26.001827DEMBELE Mousa
37KELLY Stephen2 1McVEIGH Paul 26.00522REGUILON Sergio
37ROYAL Emerson1 1CLEMENCE Stephen 26.50532MASON Ryan
36THATCHER Ben0 1SAIB Moussa 26.8026810KING Ledley
36LLORENTE Fernando2 1POSTIGA Helder 27.00271CARROLL Tom
34O'HARA Jamie2 1MABIZELA Mbulelo 27.00271CHIRICHES Vlad
32CASKEY Darren4 1JACKSON Johnnie 30.00301RICKETTS Rohan
32SCALES John0 1ROBINSON Paul 30.00301NAYBET Nourredine
32SKIPP Oliver0 1NAYBET Nourredine 30.00301MENDES Pedro
32DOHERTY Matt2 1MENDES Pedro 31.00311EDMAN Erik
31EDMAN Erik1 1EDMAN Erik 32.00642CARRICK Michael
30RICKETTS Rohan1 1ZIEGLER Reto 32.292267CARR Stephen
30NAYBET Nourredine1 1PAMAROT Noe 33.712367DAWSON Michael
30MENDES Pedro1 1DAVENPORT Calum 34.00682TRIPPIER Kieran
30JANSSEN Vincent2 1REID Andy 37.00371ROYAL Emerson
29DEMPSEY Clint7 1ATOUBA Thimothee 38.672326VERTONGHEN Jan
28FAZIO Federico0 1DAVIDS Edgar 38.751554ASSOU-EKOTTO Benoit
27DURIE Gordon4 1LEE Young-pyo 39.671193PERRY Chris
27HAZARD Micky2 1GHALY Hossam 39.671193SISSOKO Moussa
27CARROLL Tom1 1GILBERTO Da Silva Melo 40.00401DAVIDS Edgar
27CHIRICHES Vlad1 1CAMPBELL Fraizer (loan) 42.671283SANCHEZ Davinson
26REID Andy1 1PALACIOS Wilson 45.001804DAVIES Ben
25PAMAROT Noe1 1GUDJOHNSEN Eidur (loan) 45.751834WALKER Kyle
25HOLTBY Lewis1 1GALLAS William 55.00551LO CELSO Giovani
25ROMERO Cristian1 1CARROLL Tom 57.001142GARDNER Anthony
24ZIEGLER Reto1 1HOLTBY Lewis 61.00611GALLAS William
24CAPOUE Etienne1 1CAPOUE Etienne 64.001282WINKS Harry
24KULUSEVSKI Dejan6 1CHIRICHES Vlad 65.001302TARICCO Mauricio
23POPESCU Giga3 1FOYTH Juan 65.00651PALACIOS Wilson
23BAARDSEN Espen0 1LO CELSO Giovani 69.001382MABBUTT Gary
23TANGANGA Japhet0 1SESSEGNON Ryan 70.00701WILSON Clive
22DALMAT Stephane3 1VINICIUS Carlos 70.00701LEE Young-pyo
22MURPHY Danny2 1ROMERO Cristian 81.00811CORKUKA Vedran
22BENTANCUR Rodrigo1 1ROYAL Emerson 89.00891CLEMENCE Stephen
21ALLEN Rory2 1BENTANCUR Rodrigo 1371371ROBINSON Paul
21BERTI Nicola3        
21KORSTEN Willem3        
21GHALY Hossam1        
20TURNER Andy3        
20JACKSON Johnnie1        
20CUDICINI Carlo0        
19POSTIGA Helder1        
18GRAY Andy1        
18VAN DEN HAUWE Pat0        
18DUMITRESCU Ilie4        
18THELWELL Alton0        
18ATOUBA Thimothee1        
18CAULKER Steven2        
17ACIMOVIC Milenko0        
17DOS SANTOS Giovani0        
16SCOTT Kevin1        
16ZAMORA Bobby0        
16CERNY Radek0        
16FOYTH Juan1        
15CUNDY Jason1        
15DAVIS Sean0        
15DAVENPORT Calum1        
15WIMMER Kevin0        
14ROCHA Ricardo0        
14BOATENG Kevin-Prince0        
14RODON Joe0        
13SAIB Moussa1        
13VORM Michel0        
13ONOMAH Josh0        
12KONCHESKY Paul0        
12STAMBOULI Benjamin0        
12WALKER-PETERS Kyle0        
11GUDJOHNSEN Eidur (loan)1        
11N'KOUDOU Georges-Kévin0        
10HILL Danny0        
10CAMPBELL Fraizer (loan)1        
10PIENAAR Steven0        
10SAHA Louis3        
9McMAHON Gerry0        
9BRADY Garry0        
9TAARABT Adel0        
9VINICIUS Carlos1        
9GIL Bryan0        
8HENDRY John2        
8MORAN Paul0        
8FENN Neale0        
8PIERCY John0        
8MARNEY Dean2        
8RASIAK Grzegorz  0        
8N'JIE Clinton0        
7MABIZELA Mbulelo1        
7GILBERTO Da Silva Melo1        
7FRYERS Zeki0        
7FERNANDEZ Gedson0        
7PERISIC Ivan0        
6TRAMEZZANI Paolo0        
6BISSOUMA Yves0        
5BERGSSON Gundi0        
5FENWICK Terry0        
5TUTTLE David0        
5WATSON Kevin1        
5SLADE Steve0        
5McEWEN Dave0        
5ROUTLEDGE Wayne0        
5GUNTER Chris0        
5NELSEN Ryan0        
4HODGES Lee0        
4BOOTH Andy (loan)0        
4TODA Kazuyuki0        
3MAHORN Paul0        
3McVEIGH Paul1        
3YEATES Mark0        
3IFIL Phil0        
3BARNARD Lee0        
3LENGLET Clément0        
2McDONALD David0        
2ROBINSON Stephen0        
2NILSEN Roger0        
2BLONDEL Jonathan0        
2VELJKOVIC Milos0        
2PRITCHARD Alex0        
2PARROTT Troy0        
2SCARLETT Dane0        
1DEARDEN Kevin0        
1CLAPHAM Jamie0        
1SEGERS Hans0        
1SLABBER Jamie0        
1ALNWICK Ben0        
1LANCASTER Cameron0        
1SMITH Adam0        
1FALQUE Iago0        
1YEDLIN DeAndre0        
1LESNIAK Filip0        
1AMOS Luke0        
1SPENCE Djed0        

Spurs Squad 2019-20




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