Ronaldo and Messi


The Intense Rivalry Between Messi and Ronaldo​

​Today, we are all witnesses of one of the biggest sports rivalries in history, the one between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. These two soccer superstars are in their 30s now, but they still fall among the world’s best players, and they keep breaking each other’s records, scoring goals and winning big titles.
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There is no definitive answer as to who is a better player between these two. Some prefer Messi, claiming that he is a better passer that possesses better dribbling skills, while others make an argument that Ronaldo’s athleticism and speed are unmatched.
It is measured that Lionel Messi scores a goal approximately every 138 minutes, while Ronaldo needs almost 15 minutes more than that. However, CR7 is the better player when it comes to penalty shots. He makes around 82% of his attempts, 5% more than Messi does.
Messi’s fans like bringing up the fact that his Barcelona is better when facing Ronaldo’s teams. Namely, these two players competed against each other 35 times over the past 11 years. Messi came out as the winner 16 times, while Ronaldo only celebrated 10 times. The games ended in a draw 9 times.
However, individually, Ronaldo can be proud of the fact that he scored 20 more goals than Messi in his career. Nevertheless, the Portuguese player is two years older than the Argentinian and had over 100 more appearances for his clubs.
Messi won the Champions League, La Liga, and Spanish Cup titles with Barca, but so did Ronaldo with Real Madrid.
One thing that Messi doesn’t have, though, is a big title with his national team. He played the FIFA World Cup final in 2014, as well as three Copa America finals, but never lifted a trophy. On the other hand, Ronaldo managed to lead Portugal to the UEFA Euro title in 2016.
No matter who you believe is better, you should still appreciate the fact that these two have given us one of the best rivalries in football history and sport in general. As their careers are reaching late stages, we can only hope for a few more great matchups highlighted by amazing goals.