The Best Outright Betting Tactics for the Remainder of the English Premier League

The Best Outright Betting Tactics for the Remainder of the English Premier League

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By Jonathan Lewis | 11th Mar 2023

As the most popular football league in the world, the English Premier League is well into its final phase. As the season begins to draw to a close, the good news is that there is still plenty of action to bet on. The challenge now is knowing the markets to bet on that will bring you the biggest rewards with legalni bukmacherzy.

If you want to bet on Premier League on the best football betting site, now is the time to get a little creative. When it comes to who will take the crown or who will face the drop, we’re so far into the season that you’ll struggle to find competitive odds. That doesn’t mean that you should give football betting a miss, it means that you should be exploring the following markets instead.

Asian Handicap bet

This betting market means that your selection has a handicap to overcome. With this type of bet, there is no possibility of the end result being a draw.

Bookmakers assign a team either a plus or a minus figure that shows their handicap. It could be a whole number, such as +1 or -2, or it could be something known as a half-goal handicap.

The best way to understand how these bets work is to take a look at some examples. The thing to note with each of these examples is that it’s harder to win your bet than if you were just betting on the winner. For that reason, you’ll find that you get better odds. Let’s take a look at some examples now:

The whole-goal handicap

Let’s say that you’re wanting to bet on Arsenal and Everton. Clearly, Arsenal would be clear favourites. To make a bet more interesting you may see something like Arsenal -1, Everton +2.  These numbers get applied to the score in the match.

Now, rather than Arsenal just needing to win, they need to win by at least a two-goal margin. If you decide to bet on Everton, you’d still win the bet if the score was a draw or if they lost by just one goal.

Half-goal handicap

When a half-goal handicap is used, you could see Arsenal -1.5 Everton +1.5. When this is the case, it means that a draw sees you losing your bet, no matter which team you bet on. To win your bet on Arsenal, they need to win by 2 goals or more.

Next manager

As well as betting on what happens on the pitch, this stage of the season is a great time to wager on what goes on off it. With success and failure aplenty, you can be sure that there will be movement with managers. A wager on who goes where can lead to a healthy win.

Other betting markets to consider

If you’re looking for great odds so far into the season, other markets worth exploring include:

  • Double chance
  • Accumulators
  • Over and Under
  • Goal scorer

You could even start to explore some of the markets for the next season so that you’re all set to go.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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