Everything You Need to Know about Rashid Stadium

Article: Everything You Need to Know about Rashid Stadium

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By Jonathan Lewis | 15th NOV 2021

The famous Arab emirate of Dubai beckons tourists with its Hi-Tech style. The country’s oil reserves account for only a third of the UAE’s revenue stream, so the government is banking on tourists and building structures on the sand of such a standard that no one in the world can outshine them.

General Information

Al Rasheed is a multipurpose sports arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is currently in use mainly for soccer and rugby league matches. The stadium seats about 18,000 spectators. Al Rasheed was constructed in 1948 and reconstructed and enlarged in 2000 to its current capacity. It provides the domestic arena for the Al-Ahly Football Club

Al Rasheed Stadium hosted a number of Youth World Cup matches in 2003 and the FIFA Youth World Cup in 2013. In addition, the arena hosted a number of games of the friendly tournament Dubai Challenge Cup, held since 2007, with the participation of famous European clubs. In 2009, 2011, and 2012, this competition consisted of one game played at Al Rashid Stadium. All three were won by Italy’s AC Milan, with German Hamburg, local Al-Ahly, and French PSG as opponents, respectively.

History of Origin and Architecture

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is called Dubai. It is the most popular emirate visited by tourists, so the best facilities are provided here. Fashionable hotels in the Jumeirah district, the famous Wild Wadi Water Park, Palm Island, Sail Hotel, and Rashid Stadium. As for the latter attraction – the arena was built in 1974. Rashid is the leading athletic venue in the emirate of Dubai. The total capacity of the arena is about 12,000 spectators. Currently, it hosts soccer games with the best teams from the Arab Emirates competing against teams from different countries. And besides, the arena is utilized for rugby league matches. Rashid Stadium is located in the very famous district of Dubai – Deira. Very close is the second stadium Dubai Al Maktoum, which opened a little later than Rashid Stadium. In 1995 Al Maktoum became the hometown arena for Dubai’s Al Nasr Football Club. It boasts a total seating capacity of 18,000 spectators. Rashed Stadium is also adjacent to the tennis field and Al Mamzar Park which is unrivaled in the region.


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A Tourist Guide

Rasheed Stadium is located directly across the street from the Dubai Police, thereby occupying two areas. You can reach the stadium by car by turning right behind Al Mulla Plaza Etinhad. There is also a metro station on the green line in the area. Fans can get to Rashid Stadium easily by taking the mini buses provided by the Dubai Football Club. To find out the schedule of upcoming sporting events to be held at Rashid Stadium, two phone numbers are available: 042988988 and 042988222. Tourists who prefer to spend their vacations in warm countries can choose a tour of the Emirates at any period of the year. But the main season for vacationing guests of the country is October and April. When visiting the UAE, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the rules and traditions of the region (a certain appearance, the dry law, and more).

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

Everything You Need to Know about Rashid Stadium