Football Wagering Strategy: Which One to Choose?

Article: Football Wagering Strategy – Which One to Choose?

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By Jeff Blaylock | 26 JAN 2021

Football betting can be quite challenging if there are no proper strategies to follow. Without a proper plan or strategy, you may probably end up losing all the money. Wagering is not merely dependent on luck but on the understanding of the rules of the game. Also, it is important to know the team members and know their strengths and weaknesses.

As per recent statistics, sports betting makes up to 30-40% of the global gambling market. The market has increased from 20 billion US dollars in 2009 to 40 billion US dollars in 2016. So as it is a popular sport betting, let’s talk about certain strategies that can be used for football wagering that can help you win and how football betting works.

Football Wagering Strategy: Which One to Choose?

Best Football Wagering or Soccer Bet Strategies

You should know that football wagering is like a whole cooked up master plan with several steps in it. The first step in wagering is to do research. It is one of the best ways to win a football bet, especially when we talk about the wager leagues. Following are some of the strategies!

  • Corner betting – corners are something to look out for during wagering. It is one of the latest types of betting. Since you can calculate the average number of corners by the team in every game and follow it to determine the next move too.
  • Double chance wagering – this is based on simple probability. While betting on double chance, you are dependent on either one outcome or the other. If either one happens, you win. By using this strategy, you increase your chances of winning by double.
  • Small bets – smaller bets in terms of money can help you to increase your chances of winning. But in case you lose, it won’t hurt as much. Also, spreading smaller bets on various results might improve your chances of winning.
  • Betting on number of goals scored – this is another popular strategy used by the betters. For this one, luck and research on the team’s form and performance would come in handy. You can also bet on the centre-forward player as to how many goals he might score.
  • Goliath bets – this bet is one of the oldest in the history of betting. This is based on 8 selections but divided into 247 different outcomes. This spreading of outcomes doubles the chances of winning. Having profit might be secondary in this case. The good thing is that even though you lose 6 out of 8 selections, those last 2 can return the money you invested. But if you win more selection, the returns you get can be life-changing.
  • Arbitrage betting – basically, the Arbitrage betting strategy depends on variations in odds. It is one of the best ways to improve your winning chances.

The most popular strategies and bets are still connected with the results of the full game, with the common results of total goals, yellow cards, penalties (with VAR, visual assistant referees, the penalties strategy became more popular with visual repeat of soccer goals), and corner goals.

You can learn more about wagering by practicing. You can start with a small bet amount. You can also learn about no wagering casino Canada. If you are looking for extra tips, there are plenty of videos on Youtube that can answer your questions.

Today, football betting is starting to be very popular, especially thanks to the development of mobile applications and new technologies. Apps help all gamers and people around the world make bets whenever they are and whenever they want. Professional players even use specialized programmes and bots that help to make bets automatically when getting to a special circumstances that are set up by a player.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it can be said that football betting is a process during which no decision should be taken hastily. Strategize yourself and calculate before you put a bet on any goal or corner. Of course, every bet has a 50% chance of winning or losing. But by researching and talking to some experienced members of the wagering club, you can increase your chances of winning.

They will tell you the same strategies mentioned above. You can also find other strategies that certain people create based on their own counting, football players history and matches results. Rest assured that many people have been using them to win ridiculous amounts in football wagering. You don’t have to depend on your luck anymore. Just a little bit of football knowledge and mathematics, you can win every bet like you are drinking a cup of tea. By using special services that are determined to provide statistics and other useful tools, you can be guaranteed to win at least once. After research and practice, you will be able to win more.

Author’s Bio for Jeff Blaylock

Jeff Blaylock is a popular soccer correspondent and magazine writer. He loves to watch matches and comment on football games, and he also knows all about the football players and how to make a strategy and what bets to add. Also, he is a professional programmer who creates soccer bots to make life easier for other people who love to put bets.