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Article: Top 10 Best Football Goalkeepers in the World

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By Jonathan Lewis | 30th NOV 2020

A football team can’t complete without a goalkeeper as the last line for defense between the ball and the net. Not only do they provide protection for the goal line but also have to make their moves quickly and smartly, preventing any enemy’s most dangerous attacks. To do this, they need to have accurate judgment and quick response. Still, there are goalkeepers who do well.

The article shared by bongdatructuyen website below introduces you to the best goalkeepers in the world of all time.

10 Best Football Goalkeepers in the World

1. David de Gea (Manchester United)


This Spanish was said to be the best goalie in the world in 2017-2018. At that time, his stunning flexibility led him to win the Premier League Golden Glove 2018. Not so long later, David de Gea was criticized by fans for his mistakes at the World Cup in Russia and lame performance with Manchester United in domestic campaigns.

Though De Gea can’t maintain his excellence, he is still a legendary goalkeeper that others would dream of over years.

2. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich) 


Manuel Neuer is considered the greatest goalkeeper worldwide recently. This goalie has been Pep Guardiola’s favorite player for Bundesliga games ever since 2011. He also marked himself a place in FIFA World Cup Dream Team as well as FIFA World Cup All-star Team in 2014.

However, right at that golden moment, he was preoccupied with bad injuries that made his performance at Bundesliga that season so poor.

Even though Manuel Neuer hasn’t been at his best sometimes, he remains one of the world’s finest sweeper-keepers of all time.

3. Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)


Buffon currently plays as an excellent goalkeeper for Italy national team. Besides, he competes at Serie A games side Juventus.

Gianluigi Buffon could be a role model that every keeper should dream of. He won the award Goalkeeper of the year at Serie A twelve times so far. In 2017, he earned his place in worldwide recognition with Best FIFA Goalkeeper and became one of the Juventus Greatest XI of All-time.

4. Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona)


After Neuer, Marc-Andre ter Stegen is the next name in line when it comes to the call for the goalkeeper position of the German national football team.

Without any doubt, ter Stegen elevated the modern idea of goalkeeping to such a higher level. Marvelously performing his task as the final defense for the Barcelona team, he marked himself a slot in UEFA Champion League Squad of the Season twice till now. Also, he has just received 2nd place for FIFA Best Men Goalkeeper of 2019.

5. Alisson Becker (Liverpool)


Along with Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker was the one who turned the Liverpool squad from zero to hero when this football club became Premier League winners, plus, European champions.

Not only is Alisson a gifted goalie but also he’s an amazing organizer that gets the back of Liverpool. This led him to win tons of awards, including Copa America Golden Glove and The best FIFA goalkeeper in 2019.

6. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid)


After a shaky start with Chelsea, Thibaut Courtois finally found his place at Real Madrid in 2018. Taking this transfer as a big name replacement to Navas, Courtois has proven an excellent addition to this Spanish club.

The Belgian goaltender’s save percentage ranked third in La Liga with the number of 71.2%. FIFA World Cup Golden Glove called his name in 2018 and he also achieved a place in FIFA World Cup Dream Team in that same year.

7. Keylor Navas (PSG)


Keylor Navas never seemed to be welcomed at Real Madrid as this club wanted a greater name. Navas then had to leave Real Madrid in 2019 despite his stunning performance.

PSG didn’t miss the chance to have him by their side and proved to the world that losing Navas was Real Madrid’s greatest loss. Keeping 5 sheets clean in 1 Champions League season is an excellent record that any other keeper could be hard to break. He became a part of the UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season in 2018.

8. Ederson Moraes (Manchester City)


Ederson is currently the world’s most expensive goalkeeper from the £35 million transfer into the Manchester City team. With the pressure to prove himself worth the transfer value, alongside Pep Guardiola, Ederson lifted the football style of Man City to a new age.

Nowadays when modern goalkeepers also have to participate in build-up play, only a few goalies can rival Manchester City’s Ederson Moraes. He won the 2019-2020 Premier League’s Golden Glove with his dream team.

9. Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid)


The Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper created a jaw-dropping performance at the La Liga tournament with a 73.1% save percentage in 1 season. This made him a reliable player that could protect the red line for the club no matter how strong the attacks.

In the 2015–16 La Liga season, he won the Ricardo Zamora title for best goalkeeper, conceding only 18 goals during the entire season. He went on to win this award over the next three seasons. Oblak was also nominated for the 2017 and 2018 Golden Ball award after his great performances at Atletico Madrid club.

10. Samir Handanovic (Inter Milan)


This is another stunned Slovenian goalkeeper that rocks Europe’s football tournaments. Even though he rarely gets the attention from all over the world that we think he’s worth, he proved himself a legend in the Inter Milan club with his consistently marvelous displays.

Samir Handanovic is a netminder of an old school type filled with calmness, transparent communication. Conquer Serie A with 74.7% save percentage, Samir is called Batman of Milan. He is one of only 4 non-Italian goalies to be awarded as Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year. Plus, he won this honored award three times.

The modern idea about goalkeepers required much more at a goalie than just only keeping the net safe. Only a few netminders in the world could display their consistent performance to mark themselves the best among worldwide footballers. The acumen, flexibility, and style and play style of each goalkeeper are crucial to the safety of the home team’s goal. Please follow and always accompany football in general and your favorite team in particular. Check out to watch live football video and update world football news of the day.

Above is our suggestion for the top 10 best goalkeepers in the world. Agree with it or not? Let your voice and opinions be heard by commenting right below here.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer