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Article: Is it Possible to Make Money Betting from Football?

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By Jonathan Lewis | 30th NOV 2020

You may indeed feel it’s certainly possible to make some cash betting at football. However it is not as easy as it seems. You have a lot of factors to take into consideration, hopefully this article can provide a little help for you.

The Weekend Has Landed

It’s Saturday afternoon, a long week’s work is done and you are sitting comfortably on your couch. Eagerly anticipating watching the football scores come in live. Why? Because you are a die hard football fan? Because your favourite team is playing? No! Because you have some bets on the games! Sit back and enjoy the ride! These days with online casinos and bookmakers you don’t need to wait for the EFL either you can bet on football in Asia or anywhere in the world.

Markets To Bet On

Which market is your favourite? Be aware nowadays there are a lot of different areas from which to choose. From old fashioned straight Home Draw Away selections to First\Last Goalscorer to Goals Markets to Handicap Markets, you are spoilt for choice. Handicap Markets have certainly become a lot more popular in the last few years. You could focus on one specific market or spread your interest across a variety of markets. Find what appeals to you most and do a bit of research into it. You may find that searching around the markets means you find one that strikes you as interesting and fun.

Having Different Accounts

My friend, you are currently living in the greatest time to be alive in terms of choices for different betting accounts available. A lot of companies will try their best to keep you on board, betting exclusively with them. But it is in your best interests to have a few different online betting accounts for a variety of reasons. A very sad but true fact is if you have a big win or are consistently winning, some sites can suspend your account or limit the amount you can stake on bets. This can seriously hinder your capacity to make money.

Also, for example, if you like to bet on football accumulators, the odds can vary massively from one site to another. An accumulator that is 28/1 on one site could be as high as 42/1 on another. These price differences are huge and must be taken advantage of over time. There is no point in sticking to one site out of misguided loyalty, you must help yourself any way you can.


If you are unfamiliar with this word, the more betting articles you read it will appear frequently. But what does it mean? And how does it affect you? Unsurprisingly, this is a state of mind that affects everyone different on the betting front. Huge loss – can you avoid chasing your money back. Betting drunk or in anger – can you control it. Strategies – can you stick to them. Betting with your heart – your favourite team is playing, you are very tempted to bet on them even though it’s highly likely they will lose!

This is how online casinos hope to part you from your hard earned money. There are many pitfalls within this state of mind alone. On a good run? Raise your stakes to above higher than normal levels because you are feeling very confident? Next thing, a jaw dropping, agonising loss. Heartbreak all around. Many experienced gamblers say discipline is one of the key elements of gambling.

Online Betting Experience

The scale of online betting options is absolutely immense. From casino games such as rulett to virtual horse racing to betting on football leagues all over the world. For example, at the start of the year, when all the main football leagues were shutting down due to coronavirus, the Belarus football league kept going. Suddenly, half of Europe and the entire betting community became ardent fans as they were starved of football elsewhere. Clubs and places never heard of before were suddenly being discussed.

Online casinos that usually have a wide range of football sections and options to bet on were only too happy to see this league continue along with Tajikistan and Nicauragua. It is amazing the vast choice available as regards to online casino football options. Be it International games, outcomes of different league winners, the signings of different players or markets that have become extremely popular over the years such as the next manager to be sacked or who will be the next manager to get appointed.


Another important word and not to be underestimated when it comes to your own circumstances. Again,a lot of people have their own different take on this, it can vary quite a lot. Your starting bank could be $200 for example another person $2000, it’s all relative and only deposit and bet what you feel comfortable with. Don’t ever get in over your head! Always keep it aside from money that you need for essential purchases. That way you can avoid any problems.

The next thing is how people go about using this bank. Some people like to use points per bet stakes. For example, 1 point is $10, this is never deviated from, so this figure is the most you may lose. Some people like to use percentage per bet stakes. For example, 2% of your bank per bet. So when on winning runs, your stakes are higher and on losing runs stakes get lower so as to protect your bank, always careful not to wipe it out! Also, there are always people who just like to bet recklessly!


In reality, football betting is not a certain way of making money. It still should be seen as a source of fun, rather than looked at as a regular income stream. Nothing is guaranteed, just like with any form of gambling, be it slots like book of dead or the lottery. By establishing which markets you like makes it far more interesting for you. Having numerous accounts gives you a better range of online games and different odds for you to maximise profits (if any!).

Keeping your discipline is very important, what takes time to accumulate can be wiped out very quickly in a series of bets or one very large bet if you are not careful. Betting online gives you access to an endless variety of games and sports all over the world along with virtual games. Keep your stakes at a level you are happy with. With large competitions like the World Cup you can have a lot of small bets over the tournament to add some extra excitement without wiping out your bankroll. So good luck to you, keep cool and enjoy.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer