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The Best 5 Australian Players That Football Has Ever Seen

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By Jonathan Lewis | 22nd OCT 2020

Celebrating football is something that we always are very excited to do. Football is an international love and very much one of the most popular sports of all time. There is no wonder as to why all the best sports betting deals are made through the world and realm of football. It is because it generates so much interest and support within every nation and corner of the planet. When it comes to speaking about football, the best players of talent are always brought into the conversation. Since we are of Aussie origins, we have noticed that Australian football stars do not nearly get recognised or celebrated as much as other football stars out there. So, let’s? We have included the top 5 players within this article, have a browse and see if you actually agree with us?

Tim Cahill 

We can go on and on about how much we think Cahill is of the best out there. He was greatly admired for his contributions that he brought to Everton back in the 2004-2012 and the 56 goals overall that he made within the Premier League, is definitely something else. He was a player that earned the hearts of many of the Everton family. His moves within the World Cup in 2006 against Japan, was something else that got him noticed. Especially as his goals against Japan was something else entirely. Currently he resides within the US, playing with the New York Red Bulls and looking to make his next debut within the World Cup. Cahill, we salute you!

Harry Kewell 

Harry Kewell has been known for the many injuries that he has procured within his career, yet put all that aside, you can say that he can be arguably the best player Australians have ever seen. He began his career as a 17-year-old within Leeds United. Before, when he was not old enough to debut for Leeds, he was in the youth club for West Yorkshire and managed to scoop up a young player award in 2000 to celebrate his outstanding talent that he has amongst others in the field with him. The injuries did unfortunately put him off slightly, yet he still managed to make a name for himself within his time at Liverpool-especially for that Champions League 2005 victory. Nevertheless, he now coaches and is estimated to be worth quite a bit! One can imagine where he would have gotten if the health issues did not get in the way…

Mark Viduka 

Mark Viduka is one of the big boys in football, there is no doubt about that. Having the honour of representing the Australian team as captain within the world cup, you can see that this guy meant business within his career, right from the start. He played in many teams within the UK, Celtic being the first, then moving on to Leeds United in 2004 and Middlesbrough in 2009. He was known for having a temper, but he was also known for having a great goal scoring record. Within 28 matches for Leeds, he managed to score 25 times. Which is a record that still holds today as one of the highest. Many players of today’s influence within the premier league, such as Rooney, Suarez and Lampard (some of his past teammates too), have mentioned that he was one of the best they have played with.

Craig Johnston

Johnston may have been born in South Africa, but his blood is Australian, through and through. He made a great career and made a name for himself within Anfield for Liverpool during 1981-1988. He was always up and running off the bench as a midfielder, making 40 goals in total for Liverpool, in 271 appearances. Yes, his career ended quite early (at 27), however his reason to end his career was to look after his ill sister back in Australia. Despite quitting football, he still brought some of the best contributions to the sport and other well-known players down the line. The Predator boots released in the 90’s was of his creation and became the next big must in all of the football world. Beckham was allowed to bend like himself, due to those bad boy boots.

Johnny Warren 

Johnny Warren is considered the core of Aussie football. Representing the Aussies in 1974, within the world cup, he managed to really stand out from others within the team. He also was nicknamed as the ‘Captain Socceroo’ when he played for the Socceroo’s. It was within this team that he managed to earn 62 caps and inspire millions with his legendary midfielding on the pitch. He was always able to provide the morale that his team needed as they played and for that reason, that is why he is referred to as the heart and soul of Australian football. Although passing in 2004 due to cancer complications, he was the reason as to many youths taking up football in the first place, years down the line.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer

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