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New Zealand National League Champions formerly New Zealand Football Championship.  The New Zealand Championship was from season 2004-05 to season 2020-21. The New Zealand National League began in season 2021-22.

 New Zealand Premier League Regular Season Winners

Regular Season Premiership Winners
Year2004-05 to 2020-21No.Club
2004-05Auckland City FC11Auckland City FC
2005–06Auckland City FC6Waitakere United
2006–07Waitakere United17Total
2007–08Waitakere United
2008–09Waitakere United
2009–10Auckland City FC
2010–11Waitakere United
2011–12Auckland City FC
2012–13Waitakere United
2013–14Auckland City FC
2014–15Waitakere United
2015–16Auckland City FC
2016–17Auckland City FC
2017–18Auckland City FC
2018–19Auckland City FC
2019–20Auckland City FC
2020–21Auckland City FC

New Zealand Football Playoff Winners

Play-Off Winners
Year 2004-05 to 2020-21New Zealand Champions (4 Clubs)
2004–05Auckland City FC8Auckland City FC
2005–06Auckland City FC5Waitakere United
2006–07Auckland City FC3Team Wellington
2007–08Waitakere United1Eastern Suburbs
2008–09Auckland City FC17Total
2009–10Waitakere United
2010–11Waitakere United
2011–12Waitakere United
2012–13Waitakere United
2013–14Auckland City FC
2014–15Auckland City FC
2015–16Team Wellington
2016–17Team Wellington
2017–18Auckland City FC
2018–19Eastern Suburbs
2019–20Auckland City
2020–21Team Wellington



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