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Latvian Higher Football League Champions – Virslīga – from season 1992 to season 2019.
Prior to 1992, Latvia was part of the Soviet Union (USSR).

Latvian Higher Football League – Virslīga – Champions by Year

YearLatvia Champions
1992Skonto FC
1993Skonto FC
1994Skonto FC
1995Skonto FC
1996Skonto FC
1997Skonto FC
1998Skonto FC
1999Skonto FC
2000Skonto FC
2001Skonto FC
2002Skonto FC
2003Skonto FC
2004Skonto FC
2005FK Liepa-jas Metalurgs
2006FK Ventspils
2007FK Ventspils
2008FK Ventspils
2009FK Liepa-jas Metalurgs
2010Skonto FC
2011FK Ventspils
2012FK Daugava Daugavpils
2013FK Ventspils
2014FK Ventspils
2015FK Liepāja
2016JPFS/FK Spartaks Jūrmala
2017JPFS/FK Spartaks Jūrmala
2018Riga FC
2019Riga FC

Latvian Higher Football League Champion Clubs by Number of Wins

Latvian Champions (8 Clubs)
15Skonto FC
5FK Ventspils
2FK Liepa-jas Metalurgs
2JPFS/FK Spartaks Jūrmala
2Riga FC
1FK Daugava Daugavpils
1FK Liepāja
28Total Champions
USSR 1944-1991
Virsliga 2019 (Pts)
66Riga (C)
46Valmiera Glass ViA
44Spartaks Jūrmala

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