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World Football Leagues: Jamaica

Jamaican Football League Champions – Red Stripe Premier League – from season 1973-74 to season 2017-18.

World Football Leagues Jamaica


YearJamaica Champions
1974 Santos F.C.
1976 Santos F.C.
1977 Santos F.C.
1978Arnett Gardens F.C.
1979Season Abandoned
1980 Santos F.C.
1981 Cavaliers F.C.
1982No Competition
1983 Tivoli Gardens F.C.
1984 Boys' Town F.C.
1985 Jamaica Defence Force
1986Boys' Town F.C.
1987Seba United F.C.
1988Wadadah F.C.
1989Boys' Town F.C.
1990Reno F.C.
1991Reno F.C.
1992Wadadah F.C.
1993Hazard United F.C.
1994Violet Kickers F.C.
1995Reno F.C.
1996Violet Kickers F.C.
1997Seba United F.C.
1998Waterhouse F.C.
1999Tivoli Gardens F.C.
2000Harbour View F.C.
2001Arnett Gardens F.C.
2002Arnett Gardens F.C.
2003Hazard United F.C.
2004Tivoli Gardens F.C.
2005Portmore United F.C.
2006Waterhouse F.C.
2007Harbour View F.C.
2008Portmore United F.C.
2009Tivoli Gardens F.C.
2010Harbour View F.C.
2011Tivoli Gardens F.C.
2012Portmore United F.C.
2013Harbour View F.C.
2014Montego Bay United
2015Arnett Gardens F.C.
2016Montego Bay United
2017Arnett Gardens F.C.
2018Portmore United F.C.

Jamaica Football League Champions

Jamaican Champions (14 Clubs)
6Hazard/Portmore United
5 Santos F.C.
5Tivoli Gardens F.C.
5Arnett Gardens F.C.
4Harbour View F.C.
3Reno F.C.
3Boys' Town F.C.
2Seba United F.C.
2Violet Kickers F.C.
2Wadadah F.C.
2Waterhouse F.C.
2Montego Bay United
1 Cavaliers F.C.
1 Jamaica Defence Force
37Total Champions
Premier League 2017-18 (Pts)
66Portmore United
51Arnett Gardens
50Tivoli Gardens
49Harbour View
46Humble Lions
41Montego Bay United
39Reno FC
22Sandals South Coast
21Boys' Town



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