Copa Lipton 1905 – 1992

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Sir Thomas Lipton (10 May 1848 – 2 October 1931), best known for his tea business, was a keen sportsman and a world-renowned yachtsman. He was also interested in football and donated the the Copa Lipton trophy (also known as Copa de Caridad Lipton) which was contested 29 times between Argentina and Uruguay from 1905 to 1992. The trophy was donated by the Scottish tea magnate Thomas Lipton for a tournament between the two countries either side of the Río de La Plata with the condition that the teams be made up of only native born players. In the event of a draw the cup is traditionally awarded to the away team and the date and rules of the next tournament are set by the holders.
Argentina have won the trophy outright on 18 occasions and Uruguay 11 occasions.

1905   Uruguay
1906   Argentina
1907   Argentina
1908   Argentina
1909   Argentina
1910   Uruguay
1911   Uruguay
1912   Uruguay
1913   Argentina
1915   Argentina
1916   Argentina
1917   Argentina
1918   Argentina
1919   Uruguay
1922   Uruguay
1923   Uruguay
1924   Uruguay
1927   Uruguay
1928   Argentina
1929   Uruguay
1937   Argentina
1942   Argentina
1945   Argentina
1957   Argentina
1962   Argentina
1968   Argentina
1973   Uruguay
1976   Argentina
1992   Argentina

Number of titles

Argentina  18
Uruguay    11


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