Manchester City Quiz

Manchester City Quiz

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Manchester City Quiz! Know your Manchester City trivia? Take this Man City quiz and find out now! MyFootballFacts brings you a collection of Man City Questions from our Daily Football Quiz Questions. Use these football questions and answers to create Manchester City trivia quizzes to ask friends and family. Click on the questions for the answer and background or simply search MyFootballFacts trove of football and Man City trivia. Enjoy the pics and one surprise you tube Man City game highlights!

  1. Which eleven players won 20 or more All-Time England Caps with Manchester City?

  2. Which four Irishmen won Manchester City’s Player of the Year Award

  3. Who are the Italians that played Premier League Football with Manchester City?

  4. Which was the only Major European Title won by Manchester City?

  5. Which six Clubs did Manchester City beat in FA Cup Finals?

  6. Which Players wore Manchester City’s Number Ten shirt in the Premier League Era?

  7. Which seven non-Europeans won Manchester City’s Player of the Year Award?

  8. What was unique about Manchester City’s relegation from the First Division in season 1937-38?

  9. Can you name the thirteen player’s who scored Manchester City’s Premier League Hat-Tricks?

  10. Which three Argentinians won Manchester City’s Player of the Year Award?

  11. Which three Clubs did Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling score Premier League Hat-Tricks against?

  12. Which six Clubs have won the most points off Manchester City in the Premier League?

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  14. Who were the last 6 players to wear Manchester City’s number nine shirt?

  15. Which two Africans won Manchester City’s Player of the Year Award?

  16. What was the first FA Cup Final to feature numbers on the Player’s Shirts?

  17. Which six players have scored 50 or more Premier League Goals for Manchester City?

  18. Which four Irishmen won Manchester City’s Player of the Year Award?

  19. Which six Managers won the FA Cup with Manchester City?

  20. Which five players scored the most Goals for England with Manchester City?

  21. Which club did Manchester City beat for their only Major European Trophy win?

  22. Which four Manchester City managers won the Football League Cup?

  23. Who were the first two Manchester City players to appear for England in the World Cup Finals?

  24. Who were the last four English winners of Manchester City’s Player of the Year Award?

  25. How many times have Manchester’s Two Clubs finished First & Second together in the English Top Flight?

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