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Manchester United Quiz! Know your Manchester United Trivia? Answer these Manchester United Quiz Questions and find out now! MyFootballFacts brings you a collection of Manchester United Quiz Questions from our Daily Football Quiz Questions. Use these Manchester United questions and answers to create Manchester United trivia quizzes to ask friends and family. Click on the questions for the answers and link to Manchester United Facts or simply search MyFootballFacts trove of football and Manchester United stats. Enjoy the football quiz!

  1. Which 8 players made over 300 Premier League Appearances for Manchester United?

  2. Which nine Players won over 50 England Caps while with Manchester United?

  3. Which four Foreign Countries have hosted Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur matches?

  4. Which Dutchmen played Premier League Football for Manchester United?

  5. Which players scored 10 or more Goals for England while with Manchester United?

  6. Who was the last player to be directly transferred between Manchester United & Liverpool FC?

  7. Which players scored 90 or more Premier League Goals for Manchester United?

  8. Which five Italians played for Manchester United in the Premier League?

  9. Which six players have worn Manchester United’s Number Five Shirt in the Premier League Era?

  10. Which eight Englishmen won Manchester United’s Player of the Year Award from 1988 to 2019?

  11. Who were the six goalkeepers that wore Manchester United’s number one shirt in the Premier League Era?

  12. Who are the five players that scored UEFA Champions League Hat-Tricks for Manchester United?

  13. Who are the four Scotsmen that played for both Arsenal FC and Manchester United?

  14. Who are the players that scored Premier League Hat-Tricks against Manchester United?

  15. Which sponsors have appeared on Manchester United’s Premier League shirts?

  16. Where was Manchester United’s first home UEFA European Cup game played?

  17. Who are the seven Brazilians that played for Manchester United in the Premier League?

  18. Who had more than 60 Premier League Goals for Manchester United?

  19. How many times have Manchester’s Two Clubs finished First & Second together in the English Top Flight?

  20. Which nine Players scored over 160 All-Time Goals for Manchester United?

  21. Which players wore Manchester United’s Number 25 Shirt in the Premier League Era?

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