Coventry City FC Premier League Squad Numbers

Coventry City Premier League Players’ Squad Numbers 1993-94 to 2000-01

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Coventry City squad numbers during the club’s Premier League era from 1993-94 to 2000-01. The Coventry City Squad numbers are listed for each season and can be scrolled left to see all Coventry City players who wore Coventry City number 10, and the complete list of Coventry City kit numbers for every Premier League season.

# 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-2000 2000-01 #
1 Steve Ogrizovic Steve Ogrizovic Steve Ogrizovic Steve Ogrizovic Steve Ogrizovic Magnus Hedman Magnus Hedman Magnus Hedman 1
2 Brian Borrows Brian Borrows Brian Borrows Richard Shaw Richard Shaw Roland Nilsson Marc Edworthy Marc Edworthy 2
3 Steve Morgan Steve Morgan David Burrows David Burrows David Burrows David Burrows David Burrows Steve Froggatt 3
4 Peter Atherton Julian Darby Paul Williams Paul Williams Paul Williams Paul Williams Paul Williams Paul Williams 4
5 Lee Hirst Dave Rennie Dave Rennie Liam Daish Liam Daish Richard Shaw Richard Shaw John Hartson 5
6 Dave Rennie Steven Pressley Kevin Richardson Kevin Richardson Gary Breen Gary Breen Mohammed Konjic Richard Shaw 6
7 John Williams Sean Flynn Paul Telfer Eoin Jess Darren Huckerby Darren Huckerby Robbie Keane David Thompson 7
8 Lee Hurst Roy Wegerle Isaias Noel Whelan Noel Whelan Noel Whelan Noel Whelan Youssef Chippo 8
9 Mick Harford Peter Ndlovu Peter Ndlovu Dion Dublin Dion Dublin Mohammed Konjic John Aloisi 9
10 Mick Quinn Mick Quinn Dion Dublin Gary McAllister Gary McAllister Gary McAllister Gary McAllister Mustapha Hadji 10
11 Stewart Robson Willie Boland John Salako John Salako George Boateng Mustapha Hadji Ysrael Zúñiga 11
12 Peter Ndlovu John Williams Dave Busst Paul Telfer Paul Telfer Paul Telfer Paul Telfer Paul Telfer 12
13 Martin Davies Jonathan Gould John Filan John Filan Magnus Hedman Stefano Gioacchino Morten Hyldgaard Chris Kirkland 13
14 Dave Busst Leigh Jenkinson Noel Whelan Peter Ndlovu Trond Egil Soltvedt Trond Egil Soltvedt Carlton Palmer Carlton Palmer 14
15 Paul Williams Paul Cook Isaias Philippe Clement Paul Hall Laurent Delorge John Eustace 15
16 Willie Boland Paul Williams Eoin Jess Brian Borrows George Boateng Steve Ogrizovic Steve Froggatt John Aloisi 16
17 Roy Wegerle Ally Pickering Ally Pickering Willie Boland Willie Boland Ian Brightwell Gary Breen Gary Breen 17
18 Sean Flynn Sandy Robertson Marcus Hall Marcus Hall Marcus Hall Philippe Clement Youssef Chippo Craig Bellamy 18
19 Tony Sheridan Dion Dublin Iyseden Christie Iyseden Christie Martin Johansen Marcus Hall Marcus Hall Ivan Guerreo 19
20 Phil Babb Dave Busst Steve Morgan Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill Gavin Strachan Runar Normann Tomas Gustafsson 20
21 Chris Marsden Tony Sheridan Carlita Andy Ducros Andy Ducros Andy Ducros Gavin Strachan Gavin Strachan 21
22 Leigh Jenkinson Gary Gillespie Willie Boland Gavin O'Toole Simon Haworth Laurent Delorge Barry Quinn Barry Quinn 22
23 Jonathan Gould Martin Davies Jonathan Gould Oleksandr Yevtushok Roland Nilsson Tynan Scope Walter Zevallos Morten Hyldgaard 23
24 Ally Pickering Cobi Jones Richard Shaw Viorel Moldovan Liam Daish John Eustace Marcus Hall 24
25 Julian Darby Marcus Hall Gary Gillespie Gary Breen Willie Boland Barry Ferguson Barry Ferguson 25
26 Sandy Robertson Gavin O'Toole Gordon Strachan Gordon Strachan Steve Froggatt Steve Ogrizovic Mohammed Konjic 26
27 Mike Marsh Nii Lamptey Chris McMenamin Marc Edworthy Stephen McPhee Stephen McPhee 27
28 Detsi Kruszynski Kevin Richardson Darren Huckerby Gavin Strachan John Aloisi Gary McSheffrey Jay Bothroyd 28
29 John Gayle David Burrows Colin Hunwick Scott Goodwin Scott Goodwin Sam Shilton Richard Spong Runar Normann 29
30 John Filan Liam Daish Lorcan Costello John Eustace Barry Quinn Gary McPhee Laurent Delorge 30
31 Tim Dalton Gordon Strachan Lorcan Costello Adam Willis Adam Willis Chris Barnett Cedric Roussel Jaire Martinez 31
32 Lloyd McGrath Andy Ducros Barry Prenderville Barry Prenderville John Eustace Tomas Gustafsson Lee Carlsey 32
33 Sam Shilton Brett Healy Chris Barnett Mark Burrows Chris Kirkland Gary McSheffrey 33
34 Colin Hawkins Barry Quinn Richard Colwell Ysrael Zúñiga Alan Miller 34
35 Adam Willis Craig Faulconbridge Craig Faulconbridge Martin Devaney Colin Hendry Craig Pead 35
36 Carl Nolan John Andrews Jamie Williams Craig Pead Lee Fowler 36
37 Sam Shilton Sam Shilton Craig Faulconbridge Lee Fowler Craig Strachan 37
38 Tim Blake Barry Prenderville Robert Betts Thomas Cudworth 38
39 Paul Mitten Robert Miller Chukkie Eribenne Richard Spong 39
40 Jamie Williams Gary McSheffrey Gerard Mooney Gary McPhee 40
41 Craig Strachan Mark Burrows Calum Davenport 41
42 Chukkie Eribenne Thomas Cudworth Robert Betts 42
43 Chris Kirkland Adam Mehmet 43
44 Craig Pead Craig Strachan 44
45 Gerard Mooney 45
46 Stephen McPhee 46

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