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Premier League Goal Record & Statistics from 1992-93 to 2019-20

Premier league goal record showing total number of games played, goals scored and the average goals per game for every season of the Premier League from 1992-93 to 2019-20. Teams which scored & conceded the most goals and fewest per season are also shown.
The most goals scored by a premier league season by one team is 106 by Manchester city in 2017-18. Includes a chart showing average goals per game season by season.
Correct to 2nd February 2020– Matchday 25

SeasonMatches PlayedGoals ScoredAverage Goals/GameMost Goals ScoredFewest Goals ConcededMost Goals ConcededFewest Goals Scored
1992-934621,2222.65Blackburn Rovers68Manchester United31Middlesbrough75Arsenal40
1993-944621,1952.59Manchester United80Arsenal28Swindon Town100Ipswich Town35
1994-954621,1952.59Blackburn Rovers80Manchester United28Ipswich Town93Crystal Palace34
1995-963809882.60Manchester United73Arsenal32Bolton Wanderers71Manchester City33
1996-973809702.55Manchester United76Arsenal32Middlesbrough60Leeds United28
1997-983801,0192.68Manchester United73Manchester United26Barnsley82Wimbledon34
1998-993809592.52Manchester United80Arsenal17Nottingham Forest69Nottingham Forest35
1999-20003801,0602.79Manchester United97Liverpool30Watford77Watford35
2000-013809922.61Manchester United79Manchester United31Bradford City70Bradford City30
2001-023801,0012.63Manchester United87Liverpool30Ipswich Town & Leicester64Sunderland29
2002-033801,0002.63Arsenal85Manchester United34West Brom & Sunderland65Sunderland21
2003-043801,0122.66Arsenal73Arsenal26Leicester City65Wolverhampton Wanderers38
2004-053809742.56Arsenal87Chelsea15Norwich City77Blackburn Rovers32
2005-063809442.48Chelsea & Man United72Chelsea22Sunderland69Sunderland26
2006-073809312.45Manchester United83Chelsea24Fulham & Charlton Athletic60Man City & Watford29
2007-083801,0022.64Manchester United80Manchester United22Derby County89Derby County20
2008-093809422.48Liverpool77Manchester United & Chelsea24Hull City64Middlesbrough28
2009-103801,0532.77Chelsea103Manchester United28Burnley82Wolverhampton Wanderers32
2010-113801,0632.80Manchester United78Chelsea & Manchester City33Blackpool78Birmingham City37
2011-123801,0662.81Manchester City93Manchester City29Wolverhampton Wanderers82Stoke City36
2012-133801,0632.80Manchester United86Manchester City34Reading & Wigan Athletic73Queens Park Rangers30
2013-143801,0522.77Manchester City102Chelsea27Fulham85Norwich City28
2014-153809752.57Manchester City83Chelsea32Queens Park Rangers73Burnley28
2015-163801,0262.70Manchester City71Tottenham Hotspur & Man Utd35Aston Villa76Aston Villa27
2016-173801,0642.80Tottenham Hotspur86Tottenham Hotspur26Hull City80Middlesbrough27
2017-183801,0182.68Manchester City106Manchester City27Stoke City & West Ham68Swansea & Huddersfield28
2018-193801,0722.82Manchester City95Liverpool22Fulham81Huddersfield Town21
2019-202506912.76Manchester City65Liverpool15Aston Villa & Norwich City47Crystal Palace22
28 Seasons10,75628,5492.65Statistics correct to2ndFebruary 2020(Matchday 25)_

Premier League 1992-93 to 2019-20 (to Matchday 24 Average Goals per Game)

Premier League Average Goals per Game

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