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All-Time Premier League Table & Statistics 1992-93 to 2019-20

Cumulative record of all match results, points and goals of all 49 clubs that have played in the Premier League from 1992-93 to 2019-20. Teams in Bold are Premier League members in season 2019-20. Includes tables showing average points per game won & average goals scored. Statistics correct to 25th November 2019 – Matchday 13

All-Time Premier League Table 1992-93 to 2019-20 (28 Seasons)

1Manchester United1,0526522301702,0109461,0642,186
2Arsenal FC1,0525692672161,8651,0348311,974
3Chelsea FC1,0525662592271,7981,0227761,957
4Liverpool FC1,0525422632471,8061,0587481,889
5Tottenham Hotspur1,0524512623391,5711,3272441,615
6Everton FC1,0523812983731,3711,333381,441
7Manchester City8624001982641,4139914221,398
8Newcastle United9343502383461,2621,25751,288
9Aston Villa9383202783401,1381,208-701,238
10West Ham United8962942323701,0811,292-2111,114
11Blackburn Rovers69626218425092790720970
12Southampton FC7662412173289521,119-167940
13Leeds United46818912515464157368692
14Middlesbrough FC574165169240648794-146664
15Leicester City512167138207656727-71639
16Sunderland AFC608153159296612904-292618
17Fulham FC532157141234604778-174612
18Bolton Wanderers494149128217575745-170575
19West Bromwich Albion456112128216475696-221464
20Stoke City380116109155398525-127457
21Crystal Palace40211699187438582-144447
22Coventry City35499112143387490-103409
23Sheffield Wednesday31610189126409453-44392
25Norwich City3309294144380540-160370
26Charlton Athletic3049382129342442-100361
27Wigan Athletic3048576143316482-166331
28Swansea City2668266118306383-77312
29Queens Park Rangers2788165132339431-92308
30Portsmouth FC2667965122292380-88302
31Birmingham City2667382111273360-87301
32Derby County2666870128271420-149274
33Nottingham Forest198605979229287-58239
34Watford FC2426056126249405-156236
35Ipswich Town202575392219312-93224
36Burnley FC2045647101210317-107215
37Wolverhampton Wanderers204525795222344-122213
38AFC Bournemouth166514075219285-66193
39Hull City1904148101181323-142171
40Sheffield United136364357145181-36151
41Reading FC114322359136186-50119
42Brighton & Hove Albion9022254385135-5091
43Oldham Athletic84222339105142-3789
44Cardiff City7617134666143-7764
45Bradford City7614204268138-7062
46Huddersfield Town7612174750134-8453
47Blackpool FC38109195578-2339
48Barnsley FC38105233782-4535
49Swindon Town425152247100-5330

All-Time Premier League Statistics 1992-93 to 2019-20

Average Points per Game

1Manchester United1,0522,1862.0779
2Arsenal FC1,0521,9741.8764
3Chelsea FC1,0521,9571.8603
4Liverpool FC1,0521,8891.7956
5Manchester City8621,3981.6218
6Tottenham Hotspur1,0521,6151.5352
7Leeds United4686921.4786
8Blackburn Rovers6969701.3937
9Newcastle United9341,2881.3790
10Everton FC1,0521,4411.3698
11Aston Villa9381,2381.3198
12Leicester City5126391.2480
13West Ham United8961,1141.2433
14Sheffield Wednesday3163921.2405
16Southampton FC7669401.2272
17Nottingham Forest1982391.2071
18Stoke City3804571.2026
19Charlton Athletic3043611.1875
20Swansea City2663121.1729
21Bolton Wanderers4945751.1640
22AFC Bournemouth1661931.1627
23Middlesbrough FC5746641.1568
24Coventry City3544091.1554
25Fulham FC5326121.1504
26Portsmouth FC2663021.1353
27Birmingham City2663011.1316
28Norwich City3303701.1212
29Crystal Palace4024471.1119
30Sheffield United1361511.1103
31Ipswich Town2022241.1089
32Queens Park Rangers2783081.1079
33Wigan Athletic3043311.0888
34Oldham Athletic84891.0595
35Burnley FC2042151.0539
36Wolverhampton Wanderers2042131.0441
37Reading FC1141191.0439
38Derby County2662741.0301
39Blackpool FC38391.0263
40West Bromwich Albion4564641.0175
41Sunderland AFC6086181.0164
42Brighton & Hove Albion90911.0111
43Watford FC2422360.9752
44Barnsley FC38350.9211
45Hull City1901710.9000
46Cardiff City76640.8421
47Bradford City76620.8158
48Swindon Town42300.7143
49Huddersfield Town76530.6974

All-Time Premier League Statistics 1992-93 to 2019-20

Average Goals per Game

1Manchester United1,0522,0101.9106
2Arsenal FC1,0521,8651.7728
3Liverpool FC1,0521,8061.7167
4Chelsea FC1,0521,7981.7091
5Manchester City8621,4131.6392
6Tottenham Hotspur1,0521,5711.4933
7Blackpool FC38551.4474
8Leeds United4686411.3697
9Newcastle United9341,2621.3512
10Blackburn Rovers6969271.3319
11AFC Bournemouth1662191.3193
12Everton FC1,0521,3711.3032
13Sheffield Wednesday3164091.2943
14Leicester City5126561.2813
15Oldham Athletic841051.2500
16Southampton FC7669521.2428
17Queens Park Rangers2783391.2194
19Aston Villa9381,1381.2132
20West Ham United8961,0811.2065
21Reading FC1141361.1930
22Bolton Wanderers4945751.1640
23Nottingham Forest1982291.1566
24Norwich City3303801.1515
25Swansea City2663061.1504
26Fulham FC5326041.1353
27Middlesbrough FC5746481.1289
28Charlton Athletic3043421.1250
29Swindon Town42471.1190
30Portsmouth FC2662921.0977
31Coventry City3543871.0932
32Crystal Palace4024381.0896
33Wolverhampton Wanderers2042221.0882
34Ipswich Town2022191.0842
35Sheffield United1361451.0662
36Stoke City3803981.0474
37West Bromwich Albion4564751.0417
38Wigan Athletic3043161.0395
39Burnley FC2042101.0294
40Watford FC2422491.0289
41Birmingham City2662731.0263
42Derby County2662711.0188
43Sunderland AFC6086121.0066
44Barnsley FC38370.9737
45Hull City1901810.9526
46Brighton & Hove Albion90850.9444
47Bradford City76680.8947
48Cardiff City76660.8684
49Huddersfield Town76500.6579

Correct to 25th November 2019 (Matchday 13)

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