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Complete details of every hat-trick scored in a FIFA World Cup Finals Tournament from 1930 to 2018, not including Qualification Rounds. This list of World Cup Hat-Tricks includes each footballer’s time of goals, national team, final score, opponent, tournament, round and date.
Geoff Hurst from England is the only player who scored a hat-trick in a World Cup Final Match.
Gabriel Batistua from Argentina is the only player to score a Hat-Trick in two FIFA World Cup Tournaments  (1994 and 1998).
The Most Hat-Tricks scored in a World Cup are two by  Gerd Müller from German in 1970, Just Fontaine from France in 1958 and Sándor Kocsis from Hungary in 1954.

FIFA World Cup Hat-Tricks 1930-2018

#PlayerGoalsTime of goalsRepresentingScoreOpponentTournamentRoundDate
1Bert Patenaude310', 15', 50' United States3–0 Paraguay UruguayFirst17-Jul-30
2Guillermo Stábile38', 17', 80' Argentina6–3 Mexico UruguayFirst19-Jul-30
3Pedro Cea318', 67', 72' Uruguay6–1 Yugoslavia UruguaySemi-final27-Jul-30
4Angelo Schiavio318', 29', 64' Italy7–1 United States ItalyFirst27-May-34
5Edmund Conen366', 70', 87' Germany5–2 Belgium ItalyFirst27-May-34
6Oldřich Nejedlý319', 71', 80' Czechoslovakia3–1 Germany ItalySemi-final3-Jun-34
7Ernest Wilimowski453', 59', 89', 118' Poland5–6 aet Brazil FranceFirst5-Jun-38
8Leônidas da Silva318', 93', 104' Brazil6–5 aet Poland FranceFirst5-Jun-38
9Gustav Wetterström332', 37', 44' Sweden8–0 Cuba FranceQuarter-final12-Jun-38
10Harry Andersson39', 81', 89' Sweden8–0 Cuba FranceQuarter-final12-Jun-38
11Gyula Zsengellér319', 39', 85' Hungary5–1 Sweden FranceSemi-final16-Jun-38
12Oscar Míguez314', 45', 56' Uruguay8–0 Bolivia BrazilFirst2-Jul-50
13Ademir417', 36', 52', 58' Brazil7–1 Sweden BrazilFinal Round9-Jul-50
14Sándor Kocsis324', 36', 50' Hungary9–0 South Korea SwitzerlandFirst17-Jun-54
15Erich Probst34', 21', 24' Austria5–0 Czechoslovakia SwitzerlandFirst19-Jun-54
16Carlos Borges317', 47', 57' Uruguay7–0 Scotland SwitzerlandFirst19-Jun-54
17Sándor Kocsis43', 21', 67', 78' Hungary8–3 West Germany SwitzerlandFirst20-Jun-54
18Burhan Sargın337', 64', 70' Turkey7–0 South Korea SwitzerlandFirst20-Jun-54
19Max Morlock330', 60', 77' West Germany7–2 Turkey SwitzerlandFirst23-Jun-54
20Theodor Wagner325', 27', 53' Austria7–5 Switzerland SwitzerlandQuarter-final26-Jun-54
21Josef Hügi317', 19', 58' Switzerland5–7 Austria SwitzerlandQuarter-final26-Jun-54
22Just Fontaine324', 30', 67' France7–3 Paraguay SwedenFirst8-Jun-58
23Pelé352', 64', 75' Brazil5–2 France SwedenSemi-final24-Jun-58
24Just Fontaine416', 36', 78', 89' France6–3 West Germany Sweden3rd-place28-Jun-58
25Flórián Albert31', 6', 53' Hungary6–1 Bulgaria ChileFirst3-Jun-62
26Eusébio427', 43' pen., 56', 59' pen. Portugal5–3 North Korea EnglandQuarter-final23-Jul-66
27Geoff Hurst318', 98', 120' England4–2 aet West Germany EnglandFinal30-Jul-66
28Gerd Müller327', 52' pen., 88' West Germany5–2 Bulgaria MexicoFirst7-Jun-70
29Gerd Müller319', 26', 39' West Germany3–1 Peru MexicoFirst10-Jun-70
30Dušan Bajević38', 30', 81 Yugoslavia9–0 Zaire W GermanyFirst18-Jun-74
31Andrzej Szarmach330', 34', 50' Poland7–0 Haiti W GermanyFirst19-Jun-74
32Rob Rensenbrink340' pen., 62', 79' pen. Netherlands3–0 Iran ArgentinaFirst3-Jun-78
33Teófilo Cubillas336' pen., 39' pen., 79' Peru4–1 Iran ArgentinaFirst11-Jun-78
34László Kiss369', 72', 76' Hungary10–1 El Salvador SpainFirst15-Jun-82
35Karl-Heinz Rummenigge39', 57', 66' West Germany4–1 Chile SpainFirst20-Jun-82
36Zbigniew Boniek34', 26', 53' Poland3–0 Belgium SpainSecond28-Jun-82
37Paolo Rossi35', 25', 74 Italy3–2 Brazil SpainSecond5-Jul-82
38Preben Elkjær Larsen311', 67', 80' Denmark6–1 Uruguay MexicoFirst8-Jun-86
39Gary Lineker39', 14', 34' England3–0 Poland MexicoFirst11-Jun-86
40Igor Belanov327', 70', 111' pen. Soviet Union3–4 aet Belgium MexicoSecond15-Jun-86
41Emilio Butragueño443', 56', 80', 88' pen. Spain5–1 Denmark MexicoSecond18-Jun-86
42Míchel322', 61', 81' Spain3–1 South Korea ItalyFirst17-Jun-90
43Tomáš Skuhravý312', 63', 82' Czechoslovakia4–1 Costa Rica ItalySecond23-Jun-90
44Gabriel Batistuta32', 44', 89' pen. Argentina4–0 Greece United StatesFirst21-Jun-94
45Oleg Salenko514', 41', 44' pen., 72', 75' Russia6–1 Cameroon United StatesFirst28-Jun-94
46Gabriel Batistuta372', 80', 82' pen. Argentina5–0 Jamaica FranceFirst21-Jun-98
47Miroslav Klose320', 25', 70' Germany8–0 Saudi Arabia S Korea/JapanFirst1-Jun-02
48Pauleta314', 65', 77' Portugal4–0 Poland S Korea/JapanFirst10-Jun-02
49Gonzalo Higuaín333', 76', 80' Argentina4–1 South Korea South AfricaFirst17-Jun-10
50Thomas Müller312' pen, 45', 78'Germany4–0PortugalBrazilFirst16-Jun-14
51Xherdan Shaqiri36', 31', 71'Switzerland3–0HondurasBrazilFirst25-Jun-14
52Cristiano Ronaldo34' pen, 44', 88'Portugal3–3SpainRussiaFirstJune 15, 2018
53Harry Kane322' pen, 45+1' pen, 62'England6–1PanamaRussiaFirstJune 24, 2018

FIFA World Cup Hat-Tricks Scored and Conceded by Nation

Hat-Tricks Scored Hat-Tricks Conceded
Germany / West Germany7  Germany / West Germany4
Hungary5  South Korea4
Argentina4  Belgium3
Brazil3  Poland3
England3  Brazil2
Poland3  Bulgaria2
Portugal3  Cuba2
Uruguay3  Iran2
Austria2  Paraguay2
Czechoslovakia2  Sweden2
France2  Austria1
Italy2  Bolivia1
Spain2  Cameroon1
Sweden2  Chile1
Soviet Union / Russia2  Costa Rica1
Switzerland2  Czechoslovakia1
Denmark1  Denmark1
Netherlands1  El Salvador1
Peru1  France1
Turkey1  Greece1
United States1  Haiti1
Total53 Jamaica1
  North Korea1
    Saudi Arabia1
    United States1

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