Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham FC Match Records 1903-2019

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Complete match record of Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham FC games from 1903 to 2019. Spurs vs Fulham results are in chronological order with summary in second table.

05-Sep-1903Southern Lge10,000AD0 – 0
21-Sep-03London Lge3,000HW2 – 1Cameron, Kriwan
2-Jan-04Southern Lge10,000HW1 – 0Warner
11-Apr-04London LgeAW5 – 1Berry (2), Cameron, Badger, Copeland
3-Sep-04Southern Lge17,000HL0 – 1
12-Nov-04Western LgeAD0 – 0
31-Dec-04Southern Lge9,000AL0 – 1
2-Jan-05Western LgeHL0 – 5
30-Sep-05Southern Lge25,000AD0 – 0
18-Oct-05Western Lge6,000HW1 – 0Kyle
20-Nov-05Western LgeAW3 – 0Stansfield, Kyle (2)
12-Feb-06Southern Lge18,000HL0 – 1
24-Sep-06Southern Lge13,000HW5 – 1Walton, Hewitt, Reid (2), Dow
29-Oct-06Southern Lge20,000AL1 – 2Stansfield
20-May-07TourAW2 – 1Whyman, Bull
5-Dec-08Division 235,000AW3 – 2Minter (2), Steel R
6-Feb-09F.A. Cup 233,008HW1 – 0Steel R
10-Apr-09Division 222,000HW1 – 0Woodward
6-Dec-09LonCharCupF17,000NL1 – 4Minter
5-Dec-10LonCharCupF10,000NW2 – 1Minter, Middlemiss
23-Oct-11Lon Prof Charity Fund3,981HW3 – 0Minter, Steel R, Middlemiss
14-Oct-12Lon Prof Charity FundAL0 – 1
14-Oct-13LonCharCup26,500AW2 – 0Middlemiss (2)
6-Feb-15FriendlyHD2 – 2Steel, Cantrell
16-Oct-15London Comb14,200HW3 – 1Banks, Bliss (2)
1-Jan-16London Comb15,000AW2 – 0Bassett, Lloyd
19-Feb-16London Comb23,000AL1 – 3Steel
25-Mar-16London Comb26,000HW4 – 0Lloyd (2), Bliss, Steel
21-Oct-16London Comb4,000AL1 – 2Banks
13-Jan-17London Comb4,000HoW1 – 0Barton
6-Oct-17London Comb6,000HiW1 – 0Banks(pen)
1-Dec-17London Comb7,000AL3 – 4Banks (2), Coomber
26-Jan-18London Comb15,000HiL0 – 1
23-Mar-18London Comb3,000AW3 – 0Walden, Potter, Jack
27-Apr-18LondComb Sub5,000AL0 – 1
4-May-18LondComb Sub2,000UpL2 – 3Thomas, Goldthorpe
7-Sep-18London Comb8,000AD2 – 2Barnard, Thomas
2-Nov-18London Comb500HoW1 – 0Simons
28-Dec-18London Comb8,000AL1 – 3Banks
22-Feb-19London Comb10,000HoL0 – 2
19-Apr-19Victory Cup SF45,000SbL0 – 2
10-May-19Nat War Fund5,000HD2 – 2Grimsdell
6-Dec-19Division 230,000AW4 – 1Grimsdell, Minter, Cantrell, Bliss
13-Dec-19Division 238,000HW4 – 0Walden, Minter (2), Bliss
14-May-21FriendlyNW4 – 0Grimsdell, Banks, Wilson, Bliss
27-Oct-24LonCharCup13,559HW5 – 1Osborne, Hargreaves, Elkes (3)
17-Oct-27LonCharCup1AL2 – 6O'Callaghan, Dimmock (pen)
10-Dec-32Division 242,111AD2 – 2Hunt GS (2)
7-Apr-33Division 244,312HD0 – 0
5-Oct-35Division 237,298AW2 – 1Duncan, Evans W
8-Feb-36Division 245,277HD2 – 2Sargent, Evans W
19-Dec-36Division 220,495AD3 – 3Ward (pen), Morrison, Miller
24-Apr-37Division 221,133HD1 – 1Alexander
16-Oct-37Division 229,556AL1 – 3Sargent
26-Feb-38Division 234,097HD1 – 1Morrison
15-Oct-38Division 246,679HW1 – 0Lyman
18-Feb-39Division 226,466AL0 – 1
23-Mar-40FL South C8,000AW3 – 2Morrison, Dix (2)
10-Apr-40FL South C2,000HW3 – 1Cox, Morrison (2)
7-Jun-41Reg Lge Sth2,815HW2 – 1Ward (pen), Broadis
1-Nov-41London WarLge6,000AD2 – 2Gibbons, Noble
2-May-42London WarLge3,754HW7 – 1Broadis, Gibbons (2), Stevens (2), Ludford (2)
26-Apr-43FriendlyHW3 – 0Rowley (2), Ludford
25-Dec-43Football Lge Sth16,629HW2 – 0Walters, Jones
27-Dec-43Football Lge Sth13,200AW2 – 0Ludford, Jones
25-Nov-44Football Lge Sth14,300HW2 – 1Walters, Beasley
28-Apr-45Football Lge Sth8,000AW4 – 2Ward (pen), Ludford, Hall AE, Freeman og
9-Mar-46Football Lge Sth30,000AD1 – 1Whitchurch
16-Mar-46Football Lge Sth23,211HL1 – 3Dix (pen)
26-May-46FriendlyHD2 – 2Ludford, Burgess
2-Nov-46Division 240,762AD1 – 1Foreman
8-Mar-47Division 227,715HD1 – 1Bennett
22-Nov-47Division 236,147AW2 – 0Duquemin, Stevens
10-Apr-48Division 232,490HL0 – 2
4-Dec-48Division 236,247AD1 – 1Nicholson
30-Apr-49Division 250,133HD1 – 1Duquemin
23-Mar-51Division 147,391AW1 – 0Murphy
26-Mar-51Division 151,862HW2 – 1Bennett, Murphy
20-Aug-51Division 148,766HW1 – 0Medley
29-Aug-51Division 133,920AW2 – 1Bennett, McClellan
12-Dec-59Division 136,772AD1 – 1Jones (pen)
19-Mar-60Division 152,189HD1 – 1Mackay
5-Nov-60Division 156,270HW5 – 1Jones (2), White, Allen (2)
25-Mar-61Division 138,536AD0 – 0
11-Nov-61Division 135,662HW4 – 2Jones, White (2), Mackay
17-Apr-62Division 143,355AD1 – 1Greaves
10-Nov-62Division 139,961AW2 – 0Mackay, Jones
13-Apr-63Division 145,951HD1 – 1Greaves
2-Nov-63Division 142,023HW1 – 0Greaves
28-Mar-64Division 130,388AD1 – 1Greaves
5-Oct-64Division 132,908HW3 – 0Norman, Greaves, Saul
13-Feb-65Division 127,708AL1 – 4Greaves
4-Sep-65Division 128,718AW2 – 0Mackay, Clayton
19-Feb-66Division 132,244HW4 – 3Saul, Jones (3)
1-Oct-66Division 128,628AW4 – 3Robertson, Greaves, Gilzean, Venables
11-Feb-67Division 143,961HW4 – 2Greaves, Gilzean, Jones (2)
26-Dec-67Division 136,274HD2 – 2Jones (2)
30-Dec-67Division 130,051AW2 – 1Robertson, Jones
10-Aug-74FriendlyAW1 – 0Peters
10-Sep-77Division 231,939HW1 – 0Jones
4-Feb-78Division 224,763AD1 – 1Taylor
2-Dec-81League Cup 430,214HW1 – 0Hazard
7-Jan-84F.A. Cup 323,398AD0 – 0
11-Jan-84F.A. Cup 3 Replay32,898HW2 – 0Roberts, Archibald
20-Aug-84Friendly/TestHW3 – 1Crooks, Allen C (2)
19-Jul-89FriendlyChase LodgeHW3 – 1Howells (2), Moran
5-Jan-98F.A. Cup 327,909HW3 – 1Clemence, Calderwood, Brady
1-Dec-99League Cup 418,134AL1 – 3Iversen
02-Aug-2000Friendly12,928AD0 – 0
28-Nov-01League Cup 417,006AW2 – 1Rebrov, Davies
15-Dec-01FA Prem36,054HW4 – 0Ferdinand, Anderton, Davies, Rebrov
24-Mar-02FA Prem15,885AW2 – 0Sheringham, Poyet
11-Sep-02FA Prem16,757AL2 – 3Richards, Sheringham
22-Feb-03FA Prem34,704HD1 – 1Sheringham (pen)
30-Aug-03FA Prem33,421HL0 – 3
31-Jan-04FA Prem17,024AL1 – 2Keane (pen)
30-Oct-04FA Prem21,317AL0 – 2
26-Feb-05FA Prem35,885HW2 – 0Kanoute, Keane
24-Sep-05FA Prem35,427HW1 – 0Defoe
31-Jan-06FA Prem21,081AL0 – 1
17-Sep-06FA Prem36,131HD0 – 0
20-Jan-07FA Prem23,580AD1 – 1Chimbonda
18-Feb-07F.A. Cup 518,655AW4 – 0Keane (2), Berbatov (2)
1-Sep-07FA Prem24,007AD3 – 3Kaboul, Berbatov, Bale
26-Dec-07FA Prem36,077HW5 – 1Keane (2), Huddlestone (2), Defoe
15-Nov-08FA Prem25,139AL1 – 2Campbell
26-Dec-08FA Prem35,866 H D 0 – 0
26-Dec-09FA Prem25,679A D 0 – 0
26-Jan-10FA Prem35,467HW2 – 0Crouch, Bentley
6-Mar-10F.A. Cup 624,533A D 0 – 0
24-Mar-10F.A. Cup 6 Replay35,432HW3 – 1Bentley, Pavlyuchenko, Gudjohnsen
16-Oct-10FA Prem25,615AW2 – 1Pavlyuchenko, Huddlestone
1-Jan-11FA Prem35,603HW1 – 0Bale
30-Jan-11F.A. Cup 421,829AL0 – 4
5-Nov-11FA Prem25,698AW3 – 1Braid (og), Lennon, Defoe
13-May-11FA Prem36,256HW2 – 0Adebayor, Defoe
1-Dec-12FA Prem25,426AW3 – 0Sandro, Defoe (2)
17-Mar-13FA Prem36,004 HL0 – 1
4-Dec-13FA Prem24,128AW2 – 1Chiriches, Holtby
19-Apr-14FA Prem35,841HW3 – 1Paulinho, Kane, Kaboul
19-Feb-17F.A. Cup 522,557AW3 – 0Kane (3)
18-Aug-18FA Prem58,297 HW3 – 1(at Wembley) Moura, Trippier, Kane
19-Jan-19FA Prem24,807AW2 – 1Alli, Winks

Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham
Premier League2815674626
Football League Division One (old)2214714525
Football League Division Two (old)2281133324
Southern League822476
Western League421145
FA Cup9621166
Football League Cup320144
Wartime Matches38214137855
Friendlies & Testamonials9630207
Total Games143763631253158
Tottenham Hotspur's record against Fulham: 65.73%

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