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Complete match record of Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley FC games from 1903 to 2020. Tottenham vs Burnley results are in chronological order in first  table with summary of results and records in second table.

DateCompetitionAttdVenResScoreTottenham Hotspur GoalscorersBurnley Goalscorers
07-Dec-1903FriendlyHW4 – 0Warner, Badger (2), Cameron
13-Jan-06F.A. Cup 120,000HW2 – 0Woodward, Kyle
12-Dec-08Division 210,000HW4 – 2Minter, Woodward (2), Steel RMoffat, Smith R
20-Feb-09F.A. Cup 321,838HD0 – 0
24-Feb-09F.A. Cup 3 Replay30,000AL1 – 3Coquet (pen)Abbott, Smith R, Ogden
17-Apr-09Division 28,000AW2 – 1Woodward (2)Mayson
18-Oct-13Division 122,000AL1 – 3CantrellCharlton (2), Boyle (pen)
21-Feb-14Division 115,000HW2 – 0Walden (pen), Bliss
19-Sep-14Division 125,000HL1 – 3BlissFreeman (2), Hodgson
23-Jan-15Division 14,000AL1 – 3CantrellKelly, Hodgson, Taylor
23-Oct-20Division 139,661HL1 – 2BanksAnderson (2)
30-Oct-20Division 140,000AL0 – 2Kelly, Cross
16-May-21Charity Shield18,000HW2 – 0Cantrell, Bliss
19-Nov-21Division 145,000HD1 – 1SeedAnderson
26-Nov-21Division 125,000AL0 – 1Kelly
9-Sep-22Division 139,434HL1 – 3CantrellKelly, Watson, Cross
16-Sep-22Division 120,000AW1 – 0Bliss
26-Apr-24Division 150,000AD2 – 2Elkes, HargreavesCross, Kelly
3-May-24Division 120,000HW1 – 0Elkes
11-Oct-24Division 123,508HD1 – 1HandleyRoberts
14-Feb-25Division 118,000AW4 – 1Clay (pen), Thompson, Seed, LaneBeel
12-Dec-25Division 118,592AW2 – 1Osborne, DimmockPage
24-Apr-26Division 121,211HL0 – 2McCluggage (pen), Beel
20-Nov-26Division 117,957AL0 – 5Pollard (2), Beel (3)
9-Apr-27Division 115,481HW4 – 1O'Callaghan, Sanders (2), DimmockRichards
3-Dec-27Division 120,404HW5 – 0Handley, O'Callaghan, Osborne (2), Dimmock
14-Apr-28Division 110,906AD2 – 2Osborne, DimmockPage (2)
1-Sep-30Division 223,518HW8 – 1Davies, O'Callaghan (2), Harper (2), Cook (3)Page
2-May-31Division 210,077AL0 – 1Beel
10-Oct-31Division 228,877HD1 – 1HarperO'Dowd
20-Feb-32Division 27,517AL0 – 2Jones, Kelly
15-Oct-32Division 226,097HW4 – 1Howe, Hunt GS, Greenfield, Evans WPrest
14-Apr-33Division 211,353AD1 – 1Hunt GSJones
12-Oct-35Division 234,483HW5 – 1Howe, Morrison (2), Hall GW, Evans WSmith
20-Apr-36Division 28,567AD0 – 0
10-Oct-36Division 220,447AL1 – 3MorrisonLawton (3)
13-Feb-37Division 230,283HW3 – 0McCormick, Morrison, Miller
30-Aug-37Division 213,766HW4 – 0Ward (pen), Morrison (3)
6-Sep-37Division 211,187AL1 – 2MillerFletcher (pen), Richardson
26-Dec-38Division 215,629AL0 – 1Taylor A
27-Dec-38Division 230,276HW1 – 0Duncan
5-Oct-46Division 244,351HD1 – 1MedleyKippax (pen)
18-Feb-47Division 228,462AD0 – 0
7-Oct-50Division 146,518HW1 – 0Medley
24-Feb-51Division 133,047AL0 – 2Chew (2, 1 pen)
3-Sep-51Division 127,045AD1 – 1BennettHapgood
10-Sep-51Division 135,948HD1 – 1Ramsey (pen)McIlroy
27-Sep-52Division 143,031HW2 – 1Duquemin, MedleyHolden
17-Feb-53Division 113,771AL2 – 3Baily, DuqueminShannon (3)
7-Sep-53Division 134,280AL2 – 4Walters, RobbMcIlroy, Gray (3)
16-Sep-53Division 130,472HL2 – 3Duquemin (2)McIlroy (2), Gray
27-Nov-54Division 121,973AW2 – 1Gavin, BailyMcIlroy
16-Apr-55Division 123,555HL0 – 3Holden (2), Pilkington
20-Aug-55Division 133,178HL0 – 1Pilkington
17-Dec-55Division 120,346AL0 – 2McKay, Shannon
27-Oct-56Division 149,154HW2 – 0Medwin, Harmer (pen)
29-Apr-57Division 112,048AL0 – 1Lawson
7-Sep-57Division 140,108HW3 – 1Dunmore (2), DulinCheesebrough
11-Jan-58Division 125,927AL0 – 2McIlroy (2)
13-Dec-58Division 117,047AL1 – 3StokesPointer, Connelly, Robson
8-Apr-59Division 132,296HD2 – 2Smith R (2)Cheesebrough (2)
3-Oct-59Division 142,717HD1 – 1MedwinMiller
1-Mar-60Division 132,992AL0 – 2Pointer, Connelly
3-Dec-60Division 158,737HD4 – 4Norman, Mackay, Jones (2)Connelly (2), Robson, Pointer
18-Mar-61F.A. Cup SF69,968VPW3 – 0Jones, Smith R (2)
22-Apr-61Division 128,991AL2 – 4Baker, Smith RHarris (2), McIlroy, Robson
28-Oct-61Division 156,772HW4 – 2Jones (2), Saul, ClaytonPointer (2)
17-Mar-62Division 146,810AD2 – 2Greaves, JonesHarris, Robson
5-May-62F.A. Cup Final100,000FW3 – 1Blanchflower (pen), Smith R, GreavesRobson
24-Nov-62Division 144,478AL1 – 2GreavesConnelly, Pointer
16-Jan-63F.A. Cup 332,756HL0 – 3Harris, Connelly, Lochhead
30-Mar-63Division 146,536HD1 – 1GreavesLochhead
16-Nov-63Division 142,222HW3 – 2Norman, Smith R (2)Harris, Lochhead
21-Apr-64Division 116,660AL2 – 7Jones, GreavesHarris (2), Irvine (2), O'Neil (2), Lochhead
25-Aug-64Division 121,661AD2 – 2Greaves, SaulIrvine, Towers
2-Sep-64Division 142,326HW4 – 1Saul (3), DysonTowers
4-Dec-65Division 119,509AD1 – 1ClaytonIrvine
12-Feb-66F.A. Cup 450,611HW4 – 3Gilzean (3), SaulIrvine (3)
30-Apr-66Division 129,337HL0 – 1Lochhead
17-Sep-66Division 125,184AD2 – 2Greaves, SaulLochhead (2)
21-Jan-67Division 142,187HW2 – 0Greaves, Jones
2-Sep-67Division 123,337AL1 – 5GreavesLochhead (2), Casper (2), Coates
30-Mar-68Division 126,494HW5 – 0England, Greaves (2), Venables, Jones
7-Sep-68Division 130,167HW7 – 0Jones (2), Robertson, Greaves (3, 1pen), Chivers
29-Mar-69Division 114,547AD2 – 2Johnson, PearceProbert, Coates
13-Aug-69Division 135,920HW4 – 0Collins, Pearce, Greaves, Chivers
19-Aug-69Division 119,485AW2 – 0Collins, Pearce
7-Nov-70Division 130,524HW4 – 0Gilzean, Perryman, Chivers (2)
20-Mar-71Division 116,376AD0 – 0
5-Sep-73Division 125,543HL2 – 3Knowles, ChiversJames, Casper (pen), Collins
11-Sep-73Division 125,158AD2 – 2Holder, PetersNulty, Waldron
5-Oct-74Division 118,441HL2 – 3Pratt, EnglandEngland (2 ogs), James
12-Apr-75Division 117,865AL2 – 3Perryman, DuncanNoble (2), James (pen)
29-Nov-75Division 121,222HW2 – 1Duncan (2)Hankin
20-Mar-76Division 115,490AW2 – 1Pratt, DuncanWaldron
5-Nov-77Division 230,634HW3 – 0Hoddle, McNab, Taylor
1-Apr-78Division 216,916AL1 – 2TaylorIngham, Noble
19-Jan-83League Cup 530,771HL1 – 4GibsonRoberts (2 ogs), Hamilton (2)
22-Sep-93League Cup 2 (1L)16,844AD0 – 0
6-Oct-93League Cup 2 (2L)20,614HW3 – 1Sheringham (2), HowellsEyres
06-Nov-2002League Cup 313,512AL1 – 2PoyetBlake, Davis
9-Nov-04League Cup 410,639AW3 – 0Keane (2), Defoe
6-Jan-09League Cup SF (1L)31,377HW4 – 1Dawson, O'Hara, Pavlyuchenko, Duff ogPaterson
21-Jan-09League Cup SF (2L)19,533AL2 – 3(a.e.t) Pavlyuchenko, Defoe (Spurs won 6-4 agg)Blake, McCann, Rodriguez
26-Sep-09Premier League35,462HW5 – 0Keane (4, 1 pen), Jenas
9-May-10Premier League21,161AL2 – 4Bale, ModricElliott, Cork, Paterson, Thompson
20-Dec-14Premier League35,681HW2 – 1Kane, LamelaBarnes
05-Jan-15F.A. Cup 39,348AD1 – 1ChadliVokes
14-Jan-15F.A. Cup 3 Replay24,367HW4 – 2Paulinho, Capoue, Chiriches, RoseSordell, Wallace
05-Apr-15Premier League18,829AD0 – 0
18-Dec-16Premier League31,467HW2 – 1Alli, RoseBarnes
01-Apr-17Premier League21,684AW2 – 0Dier, Son
27-Aug-17Premier League67,862HD1 – 1(at Wembley) AlliWood
23-Dec-17Premier League21,650AW3 – 0Kane (3, 1 pen)
15-Dec-18Premier League41,645HW1 – 0(at Wembley) Eriksen
23-Feb-19Premier League21,339AL1 – 2KaneWood, Barnes
07-Dec-19Premier League58,401HW5 – 0Kane (2), Moura, Son, Sissoko
07-Mar-20Premier League20,496AD1 – 1Alli (pen)Wood
Burnley FC Goalscorers data kindly supplied by Dave Roberts @dlrbrts

Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley FC
Premier League127322510
Football League Division One (old)68231728119118
Football League Division Two (old)209564020
Football Association Cup95221813
Football League Cup73131411
Charity Shield110020
Total Games118492841222172
Tottenham Hotspur's record against Burnley: 53.39%

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