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Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton & Hove Albion All-Time Match Records 1898-2020

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Complete match record of Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton & Hove Albion games from 1898 to 2020. Spurs vs Brighton results are in chronological order with summary of Tottenham vs Brighton records in first table.

Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton & Hove Albion All-Time Record

Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton and Hove Albion
Premier League641186
Football League Division One (old)8512147
Football League Division Two (old)201113
Football Association Cup110021
Football League Cup321041
Southern League*146442417
United League220051
London War League (WWII)200237
Football League South (WWII)220040
Friendlies & Testamonials8620235
Total Games482810108848
*Brighton United resigned from the Southern League during season 1899-1900
Tottenham Hotspur's record against Brighton & Hove Albion 68.75%

Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton & Hove Albion Results Record List by Match

As Brighton United
DateCompetitionAttdVenResScoreTottenham Hotspur Goalscorers
05-Oct-1898UnitedLgeAW2 – 1Cameron, Joyce
21-Jan-1899Southern Lge2,000AW1 – 0Bradshaw
25-Mar-1899Southern Lge2,500HL1 – 3Joyce
04-Apr-1899UnitedLgeHW3 – 0Cameron (pen), Leach, Caldwell og
07-Oct-1899Southern Lge18,000HW6 – 1Jones, Copeland (2), Kirwan (3)
10-Feb-1900Southern Lge1,800AW3 – 0Pratt (3, 1pen)
As Brighton and Hove Albion
24-Oct-03Southern Lge8,000HD2 – 2Woodward, Chalmers
13-Apr-04Southern Lge8,000AW2 – 1Warner, Kirwan
12-Sep-04FriendlyHW3 – 1Stansfield, O'Hagan (2)
19-Nov-04Southern Lge9,000AD1 – 1Bull
18-Mar-05Southern Lge7,000HD1 – 1Chapman
16-Sep-05Southern Lge9,000AL0 – 2
20-Jan-06Southern Lge10,000HW3 – 1Bull, Walton, Woodward
24-Nov-06Southern Lge8,000AL0 – 2
30-Mar-07Southern Lge12,000HW3 – 0Walton, Walker, Pickett
19-Oct-07Southern Lge12,000HD1 – 1Morris og
15-Feb-08Southern Lge3,000AL0 – 2
11-Oct-41London WarLge4,542HL1 – 2Broadis
17-Jan-42London WarLge2,000AL2 – 5Sibley, Burgess
9-Oct-43Football Lge Sth10,668HW2 – 0Martin, Rowley
29-Jan-44Football Lge Sth6,000AW2 – 0Ward, Walters
23-Mar-76Friendly/TestAW6 – 1Pratt, Stead, Osgood, Armstrong, Chivers, Jones
19-Nov-77Division 248,613HD0 – 0
15-Apr-78Division 232,647AL1 – 3Jones
8-Sep-79Division 134,107HW2 – 1Armstrong, Hoddle (pen)
19-Jan-80Division 129,406AW2 – 0Hughton, Villa
23-Aug-80Division 139,763HD2 – 2Hoddle, Crooks
31-Jan-81Division 123,610AW2 – 0Ardiles, Crooks
24-Oct-81Division 137,294HL0 – 1
9-Mar-82Division 127,082AW3 – 1Ardiles, Archibald, Crooks
6-Oct-82League Cup 2 (1L)20,416HD1 – 1Brooke (pen)
26-Oct-82League Cup 2 (2L)20,755AW1 – 0Crooks
28-Dec-82Division 123,994HW2 – 0Villa, Hughton
2-Apr-83Division 120,341AL1 – 2Roberts
12-Aug-83FriendlyAD0 – 0
8-Aug-86FriendlyAW4 – 0Falco (2), Waddle (2, 1pen)
3-Apr-90FriendlyAW3 – 0Gascoigne (2), Stewart
29-Jul-92Friendly4,877AD1 – 1Samways
2-Aug-94Friendly11,860AW3 – 0Kerslake, Anderton, Barmby
08-Jan-2005F.A. Cup 336,094HW2 – 1King, Keane
30-Jly-11Friendly17,000AW3 – 2Kaboul, Corluka, Livermore
29-Oct-14League Cup 433,537HW2 – 0Lamela, Kane
13-Dec-17FA Prem46,438HW2 – 0(at Wembley) Aurier, Son
17-Apr-18FA Prem30,440AD1 – 1Kane
22-Sep-18FA Prem30,531AW2 – 1Kane (pen), Lamela
23-Apr-19FA Prem56,251HW1 – 0Eriksen
05-Oct-19FA Prem30,160AL0 – 3
26-Dec-19FA Prem56,308HW2 – 1Kane, Alli

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