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Tottenham Hotspur All-Time Hat-Tricks

Tottenham Hotspur All-Time Hat-Tricks from 1896 to 2019

Tottenham Hotspur Chronological Hat-Tricks

112-Dec-1896FA Cup Q3?HOld St Stephen'sW40Clements (3)
213-Feb-1901FA Cup 1 Replay6,000APreston North EndW42Brown (3)
38-Apr-01FA Cup SF46,000VPWest Bromwich AlbionW40Brown (4)
419-Jan-10FA Cup 1 Replay17,000HPlymouth ArgyleW71Humphreys (3)
529-Mar-10Division 123,000HBlackburn RoversW40Minter (3)
67-Jan-11Division 118,000HBristol CityW32Minter (3)
713-Feb-11Division 18,000HMiddlesbroughW62Steel R (3)
828-Oct-11Division 120,000HPreston North EndW62Newman (3)
926-Dec-12Division 120,000HManchester CityW40Cantrell (3)
1026-Dec-14Division 18,000HSheffield WednesdayW61Bliss (4)
1113-Feb-15Division 18,000AMiddlesbroughL57Cantrell (4)
123-Apr-15Division 111,000HBolton WanderersW42Bliss (3)
1320-Sep-19Division 220,000ASouth ShieldsW30Wilson (3)
1418-Oct-19Division 232,644AClapton OrientW40Bliss (3)
1510-Jan-20FA Cup 117,000ABristol RoversW41Cantrell (3)
162-Apr-20Division 238,000HWolverhampton WanderersW42Bliss (3)
179-Oct-20Division 147,000HChelseaW50Bliss (3)
1829-Jan-21FA Cup 239,048HBradford CityW40Seed (3)
195-Nov-21Division 134,448HNewcastle UnitedW40Seed (3)
203-Feb-23FA Cup 238,333HManchester UnitedW40Handley (3)
2115-Nov-24Division 130,000HBlackburn RoversW50Elkes (3)
2224-Oct-25Division 129,952HLiverpoolW31Osborne (3)
2331-Oct-25Division 128,076ALeicester CityL35Osborne (3)
247-Nov-25Division 135,259HWest Ham UnitedW42Osborne (3)
259-Jan-26FA Cup 349,800HWest Ham UnitedW50Dimmock (3)
2612-Sep-27Division 119,219HMiddlesbroughW42Blair (3)
277-Jan-28Division 134,731HNewcastle UnitedW52Osborne (4)
2811-Feb-28Division 129,149AEvertonW53O'Callaghan (4)
2920-Apr-29Division 224,356HChelseaW41Harper (3)
309-Oct-29Division 28,545HStoke CityW31Osborne (3)
3118-Jan-30Division 224,956HBlackpoolW61Harper (3)
3222-Feb-30Division 229,341HWolverhampton WanderersW42Rowley (3)
3330-Aug-30Division 225,484HReadingW71Harper (5)
341-Sep-30Division 223,518HBurnleyW81Cook (3)
351-Nov-30Division 224,544HCharlton AthleticW50Harper (3)
3629-Nov-30Division 223,609HPort ValeW50Harper (4)
377-Feb-31Division 227,708HOldham AthleticW40Harper (3)
3821-Nov-31Division 222,226HPort ValeW93Davies (3)
3926-Dec-31Division 226,417ACharlton AthleticW52Hunt GS (3)
402-Jan-32Division 225,122HWolverhampton WanderersD33Hunt GS (3)
4122-Oct-32Division 224,778HSouthamptonW50O'Callaghan (3)
4219-Nov-32Division 224,584HChesterfieldW41Evans W (3, 1pen)
4314-Jan-33FA Cup 316,662AOldham AthleticW60Hunt GS (3)
443-Feb-33Division 25,412AOldham AthleticW51Hunt GS (3)
459-Sep-33Division 126,112ALeicester CityW31McCormick (3)
4630-Sep-33Division 167,454AChelseaW40Hunt GS (3)
4730-Dec-33Division 123,894HSheffield UnitedW41Hunt GS (4)
483-Mar-34Division 126,121HEvertonW30Hunt GS (3)
4924-Mar-34Division 126,246ANewcastle UnitedW31Hunt GS (3)
5031-Mar-34Division 129,547HLeeds UnitedW51Hunt GS (3)
5127-Apr-35Division 115,613HLiverpoolW51Evans W (3)
5228-Sep-35Division 232,872HPort ValeW52Morrison (3)
532-Nov-35Division 236,121HSwansea CityW72Hall GW (3)
541-Feb-36Division 210,770APort ValeW51Morrison (3)
5528-Mar-36Division 228,907HSouthamptonW80Hunt GS (3, 1pen)
5628-Mar-36Division 228,907HSouthamptonW80Meek (3)
574-Apr-36Division 211,044ABlackpoolW42Hunt GS (3)
5819-Sep-36Division 233,177HBradford Park AvenueW51Morrison (4)
5931-Oct-36Division 216,653HBradford CityW51Morrison (3)
6014-Nov-36Division 230,054HChesterfieldW51Hunt GS (3, 2pens)
6128-Dec-36Division 216,135HBlackburn RoversW51Miller (4)
622-Jan-37Division 213,131ANorwich CityW32Morrison (3)
6316-Jan-37FA Cup 332,665APortsmouthW50Morrison (3)
6422-Feb-37FA Cup 5 Replay46,972HEvertonW43Morrison (3)
6527-Feb-37Division 226,346HSwansea CityW31Duncan (3)
6620-Mar-37Division 213,621AChesterfieldW31McCormick (3)
6730-Aug-37Division 213,766HBurnleyW40Morrison (3)
6823-Apr-38Division 215,982HSouthamptonW50Morrison (3)
692-Sep-39Division 216,021HWest Bromwich AlbionW43Morrison (3)
701-Nov-47Division 242,362HBrentfordW40Duquemin (3)
717-Feb-48FA Cup 569,049HLeicester CityW52Jordan (3)
727-May-49Division 223,927APlymouth ArgyleW50Bennett (3)
7312-Nov-49Division 254,193HSheffield UnitedW70Walters (3)
744-Nov-50Division 166,402HPortsmouthW51Baily (3)
7518-Nov-50Division 170,336HNewcastle UnitedW70Medley (3)
7617-Mar-51Division 145,353HWest Bromwich AlbionW50Duquemin (3)
7725-Dec-52Division 136,102HMiddlesbroughW71Bennett (4)
7812-Jan-53FA Cup 3 Replay31,541HTranmere RoversW91McClellan (3)
7921-Feb-53Division 150,070HPreston North EndD44Duquemin (3)
8025-Aug-54Division 147,776HWolverhampton WanderersW32Dunmore (3)
8112-Nov-54Anglo-Scottish FT17,542HHeart of MidlothianW42Smith R (3)
8219-Mar-55Division 126,678HSheffield UnitedW50Gavin (4)
8328-Apr-56Division 132,612HSheffield UnitedW31Smith R (3)
846-Oct-56Division 155,788AChelseaW42Stokes (3)
8513-Oct-56Division 152,429HCardiff CityW50Robb (3)
8618-Sep-57Division 135,292HBirmingham CityW71Stokes (5)
8730-Nov-57Division 143,307AManchester UnitedW43Smith R (3)
888-Feb-58Division 137,539HManchester CityW51Smith R (3)
8912-Mar-58Division 122,978HBolton WanderersW41Smith R (3)
9029-Mar-58Division 134,102HAston VillaW62Smith R (4)
913-Sep-58Division 150,299HChelseaW40Medwin (3)
9211-Oct-58Division 137,794HEvertonW104Smith R (4)
937-Mar-59Division 130,561HLeicester CityW60Medwin (4)
9418-Apr-59Division 136,805HWest Bromwich AlbionW50Smith R (4)
9522-Aug-59Division 140,782ANewcastle UnitedW51Jones (3)
9610-Oct-59Division 159,344HWolverhampton WanderersW51Smith R (4)
973-Feb-60FA Cup 564,365HCrewe AlexandraW132Allen L (5)
983-Feb-60FA Cup 564,365HCrewe AlexandraW132Smith R (4)
993-Feb-60FA Cup 564,365HCrewe AlexandraW132Jones (3, 1pen)
1005-Mar-60Division 153,822HSheffield WednesdayW41Jones (3)
10115-Apr-60Division 167,819AChelseaW31Smith R (3)
10231-Aug-60Division 145,684HBlackpoolW31Smith R (3)
1031-Apr-61Division 146,325HPreston North EndW50Jones (3)
10426-Aug-61Division 159,371HArsenalW43Dyson (3)
10520-Sep-61European Cup PR56,737HGornik ZabrzeW81Jones (3)
10616-Dec-61Division 142,734HBlackpoolW52Greaves (3)
10730-Dec-61Division 144,630AChelseaW52Jones (3)
10829-Sep-62Division 149,075HNottingham ForestW92Greaves (4)
10920-Oct-62Division 151,314HManchester UnitedW62Greaves (3)
11022-Dec-62Division 144,650HWest Ham UnitedD44Mackay (3)
11126-Dec-62Division 134,822HIpswich TownW50Greaves (3)
11215-Apr-63Division 153,727HLiverpoolW72Greaves (4, 1pen)
11331-Aug-63Division 149,407HNottingham ForestW41Greaves (3)
11414-Sep-63Division 138,138HBlackpoolW61Greaves (3)
1152-Oct-63Division 137,649HBirmingham CityW61Greaves (3, 1pen)
11611-Jan-64Division 143,953HBlackburn RoversW41Greaves (3)
1174-Apr-64Division 125,115HIpswich TownW63Jones (3)
1182-Sep-64Division 142,326HBurnleyW41Saul (3)
11918-Jan-65FA Cup 3 Replay55,081HTorquay UnitedW51Greaves (3)
12030-Jan-65FA Cup 443,992HIpswich TownW50Greaves (3, 1pen)
12127-Mar-65Division 128,974HWolverhampton WanderersW74Jones (3)
12224-Apr-65Division 132,427HLeicester CityW62Jones (3)
12316-Apr-65Division 136,497HBlackburn RoversW52Gilzean (3)
12412-Feb-66FA Cup 450,611HBurnleyW43Gilzean (3)
12519-Feb-66Division 132,244HFulhamW43Jones (3)
1264-Sep-68League Cup 224,775AAston VillaW41Chivers (3)
1277-Sep-68Division 130,167HBurnleyW70Greaves (3, 1pen)
12825-Sep-68League Cup 325,798HExeter CityW63Greaves (3)
1295-Oct-68Division 136,622HLeicester CityW32Greaves (3)
13016-Nov-68Division 129,072HSunderlandW51Greaves (4)
13116-Sep-70Texaco Cup 1 (1L)16,388HDunfermline AthleticW40Chivers (3)
13228-Oct-70League Cup 431,598HWest Bromwich AlbionW50Peters (3)
13318-Nov-70League Cup 531,670HCoventry CityW41Chivers (3)
13414-Sep-71UEFA Cup 1 (1L)11,000AKeflavikW61Gilzean (3)
13528-Sep-71UEFA Cup 1 (2L)23,818HKeflavikW90Chivers (3)
13627-Sep-72UEFA Cup 1 (2L)21,088HLyn OsloW60Chivers (3)
13728-Oct-72Division 152,497AManchester UnitedW41Peters (4)
1386-Feb-74Division 114,345HBirmingham CityW42Chivers (3)
13911-Jan-75Division 139,679ANewcastle UnitedW52Conn (3)
1403-Dec-75League Cup 525,702HDoncaster RoversW72Duncan (3)
14131-Aug-77League Cup 222,807HWimbledonW40Duncan (3)
14226-Oct-77Division 226,571HBristol RoversW90Lee (4)
14326-Oct-77Division 226,571HBristol RoversW90Moores (3)
14416-Jan-79FA Cup 3 Replay27,878MRAltrinchamW30Lee (3)
14527-Feb-80Division 122,536HCoventry CityW43Hoddle (3, 2pens)
14612-Nov-80Division 125,777HCrystal PalaceW42Crooks (3)
1476-Feb-82Division 129,960HWolverhampton WanderersW61Villa (3)
14820-Mar-82Division 146,827HSouthamptonW32Roberts (3)
1499-Oct-82Division 125,188HCoventry CityW40Brooke (3, 1pen)
15014-May-83Division 133,691HStoke CityW41Archibald (3)
15126-Sep-84League Cup 2 (1L)7,027AHalifax TownW51Crooks (3)
1523-Oct-84UEFA Cup 1 (2L)22,478HSporting BragaW60Crooks (3)
1535-Apr-86Division 19,574ALeicester CityW41Falco (3)
1545-May-86Division 113,036HSouthamptonW53Galvin (3)
15523-Aug-86Division 124,712AAston VillaW30Allen C (3)
1562-Feb-87League Cup 5 Replay41,995HWest Ham UnitedW50Allen C (3, 1pen)
1574-Apr-87Division 122,400HNorwich CityW30Allen C (3)
15829-Apr-89Division 116,551AMillwallW50Stewart (3)
15930-Sep-89Division 123,781HQueens Park RangersW32Lineker (3)
1604-Feb-90Division 119,599HNorwich CityW40Lineker (3, 1pen)
1618-Sep-90Division 123,614HDerby CountyW30Gasgoigne (3)
16226-Sep-90League Cup 2 (1L)19,760HHartlepool UnitedW50Gasgoigne (4, 1pen)
16320-Oct-90Division 134,612HSheffield UnitedW40Walsh (3)
16421-Sep-91Division 111,927AWimbledonW53Lineker (4, 1 pen)
16528-Mar-92Division 122,744HCoventry CityW43Durie (3)
1661-Apr-92Division 131,809HWest Ham UnitedW30Lineker (3)
16720-Feb-93Premier League32,040HLeeds UnitedW40Sheringham (3, 1pen)
1687-Mar-93FA Cup 634,050AManchester CityW42Nayim (3)
16921-Sep-94League Cup 2 (1L)13,659AWatfordW63Klinsmann (3)
1703-Dec-94Premier League28,002HNewcastle UnitedW42Sheringham (3)
1711-Mar-95FA Cup 5 Replay15,172ASouthamptonW62Rosenthal (3)
17217-Jan-96FA Cup 3 Replay31,534HHereford UnitedW51Sheringham (3)
1734-Mar-97Premier League20,729ASunderlandW40Iversen (3)
1742-May-98Premier League25,820AWimbledonW62Klinsmann (4)
17528-Dec-98Premier League36,053HEvertonW41Armstrong (3)
17611-Mar-2000Premier League36,024HSouthamptonW72Iversen (3)
17725-Nov-00Premier League35,696HLeicester CityW30Ferdinand (3)
17811-Dec-01League Cup 528,340HBolton WanderersW60Ferdinand (3)
17912-Jan-03Premier League36,070HEvertonW43Keane (3)
1806-Dec-03Premier League34,825HWolverhampton WanderersW52Keane (3)
1813-Jan-04FA Cup 332,340HCrystal PalaceW30Kanoute (3)
18218-Dec-04Premier League36,054HSouthamptonW51Defoe (3)
18329-Dec-07Premier League36,178HReadingW64Berbatov (4)
1846-Nov-08UEFA Cup Gp 232,788HDinamo ZagrebW40Bent (3)
18519-Aug-09Premier League24,735AHull CityW51Defoe (3)
18623-Sep-09League Cup 316,533APreston North EndW51Crouch (3)
18726-Sep-09Premier League35,462HBurnleyW50Keane (4)
18822-Nov-09Premier League35,650HWigan AthleticW91Defoe (5)
1893-Feb-10FA Cup 4 Replay37,704ALeeds UnitedW31Defoe (3)
19025-Aug-10Champions League34,709HBSC Young BoysW40Crouch (3, 1 pen)
19120-Oct-10Champions League70,520AInter MilanL34Bale (3)
1928-Nov-12Europa League27,089HMariborW31Defoe (3)
19326-Dec-12Premier League36,863HAston VillaW40Bale (3)
19427-Jly-13Barclays Asia Trophy40,000ASouth China (Hong Kong)W60Defoe (3)
19512-Dec-13Europa League23,101HAnzhi MakhachkalaW41Soldado (3)
19623-Oct-14Europa League21,000HAsteras TripolisW51Kane (3)
19721-Mar-15Premier League35,950HLeicester CityW43Kane (3, 1 pen)
19825-Oct-15Premier League11,332AAFC BournemouthW51Kane (3)
19910-Dec-15Europa League34,122HAS MonacoW41Lamela (3)
20014-Jan-17Premier League31,613HWest Bromwich AlbionW40Kane (3)
20119-Feb-17FA Cup 522,557AFulhamW30Kane (3)
20226-Feb-17Premier League31,864HStoke CityW40Kane (3)
20312-Mar-17FA Cup 631,137HMillwallW60Son (3)
20418-May-17Premier League31,351ALeicester CityW61Kane (4)
20521-May-17Premier League23,804AHull CityW71Kane (3)
20626-Sep-17Champions League16,324AAPOELW30Kane (3)
20723-Dec-17Premier League21,650ABurnleyW30Kane (3, 1 pen)
20826-Dec-17Premier League55,412HSouthampton (at Wembley)W52Kane (3)
20928-Feb-18FA Cup 5 Replay24,627HRochdale (at Wembley)W61Llorente (3)
2104-Jan-19FA Cup 312,553ATranmere RoversW70Llorente (3)
21113-Apr-19Premier League58,308HHuddersfield TownW40Moura (3)
21208-May-19Champions League52,641AAFC AjaxW32Moura (3)

Tottenham Hotspur Hat-Tricks Statistics

Players (87)345Total
Jimmy Greaves12315
George Hunt11112
Bobby Smith7512
Harry Kane10111
Johnny Morrison9110
Cliff Jones1010
Ted Harper4116
Jermain Defoe516
Martin Chivers66
Bertie Bliss415
Frank Osborne415
Gary Lineker314
Jimmy Cantrell213
Robbie Keane213
Clive Allen33
Garth Crooks33
John Duncan33
Len Duquemin33
Alan Gilzean33
Teddy Sheringham33
Alfie Stokes112
Les Bennett112
Sandy Brown112
Paul Gasgoigne112
Jurgen Klinsmann112
Colin Lee112
Fernando Llorente22
Terry Medwin112
Taffy O'Callaghan112
Martin Peters112
Peter Crouch22
Gareth Bale22
Lucas Moura22
Willie Evans22
Les Ferdinand22
Steffan Iversen22
Jimmy McCormick22
Billy Minter22
Jimmy Seed22
Les Allen11
Dimitar Berbatov11
John Gavin11
Les Miller11
Steve Archibald11
Chris Armstrong11
Eddie Baily11
Darren Bent11
John Blair11
Gary Brooke11
Topsy Clements11
Alfie Conn11
Billy Cook11
Willie Davies11
Jimmy Dimmock11
Dave Dunmore11
Gordon Durie11
Terry Dyson11
Jack Elkes11
Mark Falco11
Tony Galvin11
Willie Hall11
Tich Handley11
Glenn Hoddle11
Percy Humphreys11
Johnny Jordan11
Erik Lamela11
Freddie Kanoute11
Dave Mackay11
Syd McClellan11
Les Medley11
Joe Meek11
Ian Moores11
Ernie Newman11
George Robb11
Graham Roberts11
Ronnie Rosenthal11
Dick Rowley11
Frank Saul11
Roberto Soldado11
Heung-Min Son11
Bob Steel11
Paul Stewart11
Ricky Villa11
Paul Walsh11
Sonny Walters11
Charlie Wilson11
Football League Division One91
Football League Division Two39
Football Association Cup29
Premier League24
Football League Cup12
UEFA Europa League4
UEFA Champions League4
Anglo-Scottish Floodlight Trophy1
Barclays Premier League Asia Trophy1
Texaco Cup1
UEFA European Cup1
Opponents (83)Total
Leicester City10
Wolverhampton Wanderers8
Newcastle United7
West Bromwich Albion6
Blackburn Rovers5
Preston North End5
Sheffield United5
West Ham United5
Aston Villa4
Coventry City4
Manchester United4
Port Vale4
Birmingham City3
Bolton Wanderers3
Bristol Rovers3
Crewe Alexandra3
Ipswich Town3
Leeds United3
Manchester City3
Norwich City3
Oldham Athletic3
Stoke City3
Bradford City2
Charlton Athletic2
Crystal Palace2
Hull City2
Keflavik (Iceland)2
Nottingham Forest2
Plymouth Argyle2
Sheffield Wednesday2
Swansea City2
Tranmere Rovers2
AFC Bournemouth1
Ajax (Netherlands)1
Anzhi Makhachkala (Russia)1
APOEL (Cyprus)1
AS Monaco (France)1
Asteras Tripolis (Greece)1
Bradford Park Avenue1
Bristol City1
BSC Young Boys (Switzerland)1
Cardiff City1
Clapton Orient1
Derby County1
Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)1
Doncaster Rovers1
Dunfermline Athletic (Scotland)1
Exeter City1
Gornik Zabrze (Poland)1
Halifax Town1
Hartlepool United1
Heart of Midlothian (Scotland)1
Hereford United1
Huddersfield Town1
Inter Milan (Italy)1
Lyn Oslo (Norway)1
Maribor (Slovakia)1
Old St Stephen's1
Queens Park Rangers1
South China (Hong Kong)1
South Shields1
Sporting Braga (Portugal)1
Torquay United1
Wigan Athletic1

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