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English Football Third Flight Tables from 1992-93 to 2014-15

Following the establishment of the Premier League in 1992, the Football League Division Three was re-named Football League Division Two from seasons 1992-93 to 2003-04 inclusive. Then when Division One was re-named to The Championship from 2004-05, Division Two became League One and has remained the Third Flight of English Football ever since.
Three clubs are promoted from League One each season, going into the Championship – two go automatically whilst the third is joined via the playoffs in which teams finishing in positions 3rd-6th have a knock-out tournament at the end of the season with the final being played at Wembley.
Four clubs are relegated from the League each season, dropping into League Two, the bottom of the four professional football leagues in England.
83 different clubs have participated in this division since 1992. The division is exceptionally competitive, with each team able, on their day, to beat their opponents and this competitiveness makes it very difficult to predict games or profit from betting on outcomes. You can, however, identify patterns and pre-match clues that can help you in your League One betting – minor things like off-field events, training session intensity during the week, dressing room troubles, even bogey opposition teams and managers – everything comes into play and makes betting on League One an art form.
Bristol City are the reigning champions (2014-15), ending the season on 99 points and were joined by Milton Keynes Dons and Preston North End in gaining promotion to the second tier in English football.
Cumulatively, Brentford top the table having picked up 1,177 points during their 18 seasons in this division. The only other clubs to have participated in this division for as many seasons as the Bees since 1992 are Bournemouth and Oldham Athletic. Oldham will be participating in their 19th consecutive season at this level in 2015-16.
By contrast, 16 different clubs have spent just a single season in the Third Flight from 1992-93 to 2014-15 with the most illustrious of them being Manchester City (1998-99). Other current Premier League clubs to have played in this division are: Bournemouth, Leicester City, Norwich City, Southampton, Stoke City, Swansea City, Watford and West Bromwich Albion.
Wolverhampton Wanderers hold the record for the most points in a single season when they collected 103 points during the 2013-14 season. The only other clubs to have reached the century mark are Fulham (101 in 1998-99), Wigan Athletic (100 in 2002-03) and Charlton Athletic (101 in 2011-12).
Remarkably, Brighton and Hove Albion are the only club to have won this division on more than one occasion since the establishment of the Premier League (2001-02 and 2010-11).
Brighton and Hove Albion have also been promoted from this division on three separate occasions, a record they share with Bristol City.
At the other end of the table, Carlisle United and Chesterfield share a record of being relegated from this division on four separate occasions. Chester and Mansfield Town have been relegated in both seasons they have spent in this division.
This has made the Third Flight a very competitive competition with betting always difficult to predict due to the volatile nature of having a large turnover of clubs.