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England Squads at UEFA Nations League Finals 1968-2020

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England Squads at UEFA Nations League Finals detailed  for every Euros Finals from 1968 to 2020 in which England qualified with Table of Club Affiliations.
Note England only Qualified for the UEFA Nations League Finals in 1968.

England Squads at Euros Finals | England European Championship Goals

England Squads for EURO Nations League Finals

1968 Euro Finals – Italy
Manager: Alf Ramsey
1GKGordon Banks30 December 1937 (aged 30)43Stoke City
2DFKeith Newton23 June 1941 (aged 26)9Blackburn Rovers
3DFRay Wilson17 December 1934 (aged 33)61Everton
4MFAlan Mullery23 November 1941 (aged 26)10Tottenham Hotspur
5DFBrian Labone23 January 1940 (aged 28)9Everton
6DFBobby Moore (c)12 April 1941 (aged 27)61West Ham United
7MFAlan Ball12 May 1945 (aged 23)26Everton
8FWRoger Hunt20 July 1938 (aged 29)30Liverpool
9MFBobby Charlton11 October 1937 (aged 30)85Manchester United
10FWGeoff Hurst8 December 1941 (aged 26)20West Ham United
11MFMartin Peters8 November 1943 (aged 24)19West Ham United
12GKAlex Stepney18 September 1942 (aged 25)1Manchester United
13GKGordon West24 April 1943 (aged 25)0Everton
14MFCyril Knowles13 July 1944 (aged 23)4Tottenham Hotspur
15DFJack Charlton8 May 1935 (aged 33)28Leeds United
16DFTommy Wright21 October 1944 (aged 23)0Everton
17MFNobby Stiles18 May 1942 (aged 26)24Manchester United
18FWMike Summerbee15 December 1942 (aged 25)3Manchester City
19DFNorman Hunter29 October 1943 (aged 24)8Leeds United
20MFColin Bell26 February 1946 (aged 22)2Manchester City
21FWJimmy Greaves20 February 1940 (aged 28)57Tottenham Hotspur
22FWPeter Thompson27 November 1942 (aged 25)14Liverpool
1980 Euro Finals – Italy
Head coach: Ron Greenwood
1GKRay Clemence5 August 1948 (aged 31)49Liverpool
2DFPhil Neal20 February 1951 (aged 29)25Liverpool
3DFKenny Sansom26 September 1958 (aged 21)7Crystal Palace
4DFPhil Thompson21 January 1954 (aged 26)23Liverpool
5DFDave Watson5 October 1946 (aged 33)52Southampton
6MFRay Wilkins14 September 1956 (aged 23)32Manchester United
7FWKevin Keegan (c)14 February 1951 (aged 29)51 Hamburg (West Germany)
8MFSteve Coppell9 July 1955 (aged 24)23Manchester United
9FWDavid Johnson23 October 1951 (aged 28)7Liverpool
10MFTrevor Brooking2 October 1948 (aged 31)37West Ham United
11FWTony Woodcock6 December 1955 (aged 24)10 Köln (West Germany)
12DFViv Anderson29 July 1956 (aged 23)3Nottingham Forest
13GKPeter Shilton18 September 1949 (aged 30)30Nottingham Forest
14DFTrevor Cherry23 February 1948 (aged 32)26Leeds United
15MFEmlyn Hughes28 August 1947 (aged 32)62Wolverhampton Wanderers
16DFMick Mills4 January 1949 (aged 31)29Ipswich Town
17MFTerry McDermott8 December 1951 (aged 28)10Liverpool
18MFRay Kennedy28 July 1951 (aged 28)15Liverpool
19MFGlenn Hoddle27 October 1957 (aged 22)3Tottenham Hotspur
20FWPaul Mariner22 May 1953 (aged 27)9Ipswich Town
21FWGarry Birtles27 July 1956 (aged 23)1Nottingham Forest
22GKJoe Corrigan18 November 1948 (aged 31)5Manchester City
1988 Euro Finals – West Germany
Manager: Bobby Robson
1GKPeter Shilton18 September 1949 (aged 38)98Derby County
2DFGary Stevens27 March 1963 (aged 25)23Everton
3DFKenny Sansom26 September 1958 (aged 29)83Arsenal
4MFNeil Webb30 July 1963 (aged 24)7Nottingham Forest
5DFDave Watson20 November 1961 (aged 26)11Everton
6DFTony Adams10 October 1966 (aged 21)11Arsenal
7MFBryan Robson (c)11 January 1957 (aged 31)66Manchester United
8MFTrevor Steven21 September 1963 (aged 24)23Everton
9FWPeter Beardsley18 January 1961 (aged 27)24Liverpool
10FWGary Lineker30 November 1960 (aged 27)32Barcelona (Spain)
11MFJohn Barnes7 November 1963 (aged 24)39Liverpool
12MFChris Waddle14 December 1960 (aged 27)34Tottenham Hotspur
13GKChris Woods14 November 1959 (aged 28)12Rangers (Scotland)
14DFViv Anderson29 July 1956 (aged 31)30Manchester United
15MFSteve McMahon20 August 1961 (aged 26)3Liverpool
16MFPeter Reid20 June 1956 (aged 31)13Everton
17MFGlenn Hoddle27 October 1957 (aged 30)50AS Monaco (France)
18FWMark Hateley7 November 1961 (aged 26)28AS Monaco (France)
19DFMark Wright1 August 1963 (aged 24)20Derby County
20DFTony Dorigo31 December 1965 (aged 22)0Chelsea
1992 Euro Finals – Sweden
Manager: Graham Taylor
1GKChris Woods14 November 1959 (aged 32)31Sheffield Wednesday
2DFKeith Curle14 November 1963 (aged 28)2Manchester City
3DFStuart Pearce24 April 1962 (aged 30)47Nottingham Forest
4DFMartin Keown24 July 1966 (aged 25)6Everton
5DFDes Walker26 November 1965 (aged 26)44Nottingham Forest
6DFMark Wright1 August 1963 (aged 28)42Liverpool
7MFDavid Platt10 June 1966 (aged 26)29Bari (Italy)
8MFTrevor Steven21 September 1963 (aged 28)34Marseille (France)
9FWNigel Clough19 March 1966 (aged 26)7Nottingham Forest
10FWGary Lineker (c)30 November 1960 (aged 31)77Tottenham Hotspur
11MFAndy Sinton19 March 1966 (aged 26)4Queens Park Rangers
12MFCarlton Palmer5 December 1965 (aged 26)4Sheffield Wednesday
13GKNigel Martyn11 August 1966 (aged 25)2Crystal Palace
14DFTony Dorigo31 December 1965 (aged 26)10Leeds United
15MFNeil Webb30 July 1963 (aged 28)24Manchester United
16MFPaul Merson20 March 1968 (aged 24)5Arsenal
17FWAlan Smith21 November 1962 (aged 29)11Arsenal
18MFTony Daley18 October 1967 (aged 24)5Aston Villa
19MFDavid Batty2 December 1968 (aged 23)8Leeds United
20FWAlan Shearer13 August 1970 (aged 21)2Southampton
1996 Euro Finals – England
Manager: Terry Venables
1GKDavid Seaman19 September 1963 (aged 32)24Arsenal
2DFGary Neville18 February 1975 (aged 21)10Manchester United
3DFStuart Pearce24 April 1962 (aged 34)65Nottingham Forest
4MFPaul Ince21 October 1967 (aged 28)19Internazionale (Italy)
5DFTony Adams (c)10 October 1966 (aged 29)40Arsenal
6DFGareth Southgate3 September 1970 (aged 25)4Aston Villa
7MFDavid Platt10 June 1966 (aged 29)58Arsenal
8MFPaul Gascoigne27 May 1967 (aged 29)38Rangers (Scotland)
9FWAlan Shearer13 August 1970 (aged 25)23Blackburn Rovers
10FWTeddy Sheringham2 April 1966 (aged 30)15Tottenham Hotspur
11MFDarren Anderton3 March 1972 (aged 24)11Tottenham Hotspur
12DFSteve Howey26 October 1971 (aged 24)4Newcastle United
13GKTim Flowers3 February 1967 (aged 29)8Blackburn Rovers
14MFNick Barmby11 February 1974 (aged 22)6Middlesbrough
15MFJamie Redknapp25 June 1973 (aged 22)4Liverpool
16DFSol Campbell18 September 1974 (aged 21)1Tottenham Hotspur
17MFSteve McManaman11 February 1972 (aged 24)10Liverpool
18FWLes Ferdinand8 December 1966 (aged 29)10Newcastle United
19DFPhil Neville21 January 1977 (aged 19)1Manchester United
20MFSteve Stone20 August 1971 (aged 24)6Nottingham Forest
21FWRobbie Fowler9 April 1975 (aged 21)3Liverpool
22GKIan Walker31 October 1971 (aged 24)2Tottenham Hotspur
2000 Euro Finals – Belgium & Netherlands
Manager: Kevin Keegan
1GKDavid Seaman19 September 1963 (aged 36)57Arsenal
2DFGary Neville18 February 1975 (aged 25)38Manchester United
3MFPhil Neville21 January 1977 (aged 23)25Manchester United
4DFSol Campbell18 September 1974 (aged 25)32Tottenham Hotspur
5DFTony Adams10 October 1966 (aged 33)62Arsenal
6DFMartin Keown24 July 1966 (aged 33)30Arsenal
7MFDavid Beckham2 May 1975 (aged 25)30Manchester United
8MFPaul Scholes16 November 1974 (aged 25)22Manchester United
9FWAlan Shearer (c)13 August 1970 (aged 29)59Newcastle United
10FWMichael Owen14 December 1979 (aged 20)19Liverpool
11MFSteve McManaman11 February 1972 (aged 28)27Real Madrid (Spain)
12DFGareth Southgate3 September 1970 (aged 29)35Aston Villa
13GKNigel Martyn11 August 1966 (aged 33)11Leeds United
14MFPaul Ince21 October 1967 (aged 32)50Middlesbrough
15DFGareth Barry23 February 1981 (aged 19)2Aston Villa
16FWSteven Gerrard30 May 1980 (aged 20)1Liverpool
17MFDennis Wise15 December 1966 (aged 33)16Chelsea
18MFNick Barmby11 February 1974 (aged 26)13Everton
19FWEmile Heskey11 January 1978 (aged 22)7Liverpool
20FWKevin Phillips25 July 1973 (aged 26)5Sunderland
21FWRobbie Fowler9 April 1975 (aged 25)14Liverpool
22GKRichard Wright5 November 1977 (aged 22)1Ipswich Town
2004 Euro Finals – Portugal
Manager: Sven-Göran Eriksson (Sweden)
1GKDavid James1 August 1970 (aged 33)24Manchester City
2DFGary Neville18 February 1975 (aged 29)63Manchester United
3DFAshley Cole20 December 1980 (aged 23)26Arsenal
4MFSteven Gerrard30 May 1980 (aged 24)24Liverpool
5DFJohn Terry7 December 1980 (aged 23)8Chelsea
6DFSol Campbell18 September 1974 (aged 29)58Arsenal
7MFDavid Beckham (c)2 May 1975 (aged 29)68Real Madrid (Spain)
8MFPaul Scholes16 November 1974 (aged 29)62Manchester United
9FWWayne Rooney24 October 1985 (aged 18)13Everton
10FWMichael Owen14 December 1979 (aged 24)56Liverpool
11MFFrank Lampard20 June 1978 (aged 25)19Chelsea
12DFWayne Bridge5 August 1980 (aged 23)17Chelsea
13GKPaul Robinson15 October 1979 (aged 24)5Tottenham Hotspur
14DFPhil Neville21 January 1977 (aged 27)48Manchester United
15DFLedley King12 October 1980 (aged 23)5Tottenham Hotspur
16DFJamie Carragher28 January 1978 (aged 26)12Liverpool
17MFNicky Butt21 January 1975 (aged 29)35Manchester United
18MFOwen Hargreaves20 January 1981 (aged 23)19Bayern Munich (Germany)
19MFJoe Cole8 November 1981 (aged 22)17Chelsea
20MFKieron Dyer29 December 1978 (aged 25)22Newcastle United
21FWEmile Heskey11 January 1978 (aged 26)42Birmingham City
22GKIan Walker31 October 1971 (aged 32)4Leicester City
23FWDarius Vassell13 June 1980 (aged 23)18Aston Villa
2012 Euro Finals – Poland & Ukraine
Manager: Roy Hodgson
1GKJoe Hart19 April 1987 (aged 25)22Manchester City
2DFGlen Johnson23 August 1984 (aged 27)40Liverpool
3DFAshley Cole20 December 1980 (aged 31)98Chelsea
4MFSteven Gerrard (c)30 May 1980 (aged 32)96Liverpool
5DFMartin Kelly27 April 1990 (aged 22)1Liverpool
6DFJohn Terry7 December 1980 (aged 31)77Chelsea
7FWTheo Walcott16 March 1989 (aged 23)28Arsenal
8MFJordan Henderson17 June 1990 (aged 21)5Liverpool
9FWAndy Carroll6 January 1989 (aged 23)7Liverpool
10FWWayne Rooney24 October 1985 (aged 26)76Manchester United
11MFAshley Young9 July 1985 (aged 26)25Manchester United
12DFLeighton Baines11 December 1984 (aged 27)8Everton
13GKRobert Green18 January 1980 (aged 32)12West Ham United
14DFPhil Jones21 February 1992 (aged 20)5Manchester United
15DFJoleon Lescott16 August 1982 (aged 29)20Manchester City
16MFJames Milner4 January 1986 (aged 26)30Manchester City
17MFScott Parker13 October 1980 (aged 31)17Tottenham Hotspur
18DFPhil Jagielka17 August 1982 (aged 29)12Everton
19MFStewart Downing22 July 1984 (aged 27)34Liverpool
20MFAlex Oxlade-Chamberlain15 August 1993 (aged 18)5Arsenal
21FWJermain Defoe7 October 1982 (aged 29)48Tottenham Hotspur
22FWDanny Welbeck26 November 1990 (aged 21)9Manchester United
23GKJack Butland10 March 1993 (aged 19)0Birmingham City
2016 Euro Finals – France
Manager: Roy Hodgson
1GKJoe Hart19 April 1987 (aged 29)58Manchester City
2DFKyle Walker28 May 1990 (aged 26)15Tottenham Hotspur
3DFDanny Rose2 July 1990 (aged 25)3Tottenham Hotspur
4MFJames Milner4 January 1986 (aged 30)59Liverpool
5DFGary Cahill19 December 1985 (aged 30)42Chelsea
6DFChris Smalling22 November 1989 (aged 26)24Manchester United
7MFRaheem Sterling8 December 1994 (aged 21)22Manchester City
8MFAdam Lallana10 May 1988 (aged 28)22Liverpool
9FWHarry Kane28 July 1993 (aged 22)11Tottenham Hotspur
10FWWayne Rooney24 October 1985 (aged 30)110Manchester United
11FWJamie Vardy11 January 1987 (aged 29)7Leicester City
12DFNathaniel Clyne5 April 1991 (aged 25)12Liverpool
13GKFraser Forster17 March 1988 (aged 28)6Southampton
14MFJordan Henderson17 June 1990 (aged 25)25Liverpool
15FWDaniel Sturridge1 September 1989 (aged 26)17Liverpool
16DFJohn Stones28 May 1994 (aged 22)10Everton
17MFEric Dier15 January 1994 (aged 22)6Tottenham Hotspur
18MFJack Wilshere1 January 1992 (aged 24)30Arsenal
19MFRoss Barkley5 December 1993 (aged 22)22Everton
20MFDele Alli11 April 1996 (aged 20)7Tottenham Hotspur
21DFRyan Bertrand5 August 1989 (aged 26)8Southampton
22FWMarcus Rashford31 October 1997 (aged 18)1Manchester United
23GKTom Heaton15 April 1986 (aged 30)1Burnley
2020 Euro Finals – Europe
Manager: Gareth Southgate
1GKPickford, Jordan L. 7 March 1994 (aged 27)31Everton  
2RDWalker, Kyle28 May 1990 (aged 31)55Manchester City  
3RBShaw, Luke P.H.12 July 1995 (aged 25)10Manchester United  
4CDRice, Declan 14 January 1999 (aged 22)17West Ham United  
5CDStones, John28 May 1994 (aged 27)42Manchester City  
6CDMaguire, J. Harry 5 March 1993 (aged 28)32Manchester United  
7MGrealish, Jack10 September 1995 (aged 25)7Aston Villa
8MHenderson, Jordan B. 17 June 1990 (aged 30)59Liverpool  
9FKane, Harry E. (Captain)28 July 1993 (aged 27)54Tottenham Hotspur  
10MSterling, Raheem S. 8 December 1994 (aged 26)61Manchester City  
11FRashford, Marcus 31 October 1997 (aged 23)41Manchester United  
12RBTrippier, Kieran J. 19 September 1990 (aged 30)28Atlético Madrid
13GKHenderson, Dean12 March 1997 (aged 24)1Manchester United  
14CDPhillips, Kalvin M.2 December 1995 (aged 25)8Leeds United
15CDMings, Tyrone D. 13 March 1993 (aged 28)10Aston Villa  
16CDCoady, Connor25 February 1993 (aged 28)5 Wolverhampton Wanderers
17FSancho, Jadon M. 25 March 2000 (aged 21)19Borussia Dortmund
18FCalvert-Lewin, Dominic16 March 1997 (aged 24)9Everton  
19MMount, Mason T. 10 January 1999 (aged 22)16Chelsea  
20MFoden, Phil28 May 2000 (aged 21)6Manchester City  
21LBChilwell, Ben21 December 1996 (aged 24)14Chelsea
22CDWhite, Ben8 October 1997 (aged 23)2Brighton & Hove Albion
23GKJohnstone, Samuel L.25 March 1993 (aged 28)1West Bromwich Albion
24FBJames, Reece8 December 1999 (aged 21)6Chelsea
25LBSaka, Bukayo5 September 2001 (aged 19)5Arsenal
26MBellingham, Jude29 June 2003 (aged 17)4Borussia Dortmund

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Total 223 Players from 40 Clubs

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