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All-Time England Strike-Rates for every player with 20 or more goals. View here goals, appearances, and average goals per game.

Vivian Woodward

Steve Bloomer

Tommy Lawton

Stan Mortenson

Nat Lofthouse

Jimmy Greaves

Harry Kane Strike-Rate

Vivian WoodwardSteve BloomerTommy LawtonStan MortensonNat LofthouseJimmy GreavesHarry Kane
Goals: 29Goals: 28Goals: 22Goals:23Goals: 30Goals: 44Goals: 32
Appearances: 23Appearances: 23Appearances: 23Appearances: 25Appearances: 33Appearances: 57Appearances: 45
Goal every 0.79 gamesGoal every 0.82 gamesGoal every 1.05 gamesGoal every 1.09 gamesGoal every 1.10 gamesGoal every 1.30 gamesGoal every 1.41 games

Garry Lineker

Peter Crouch

Geoff Hurst

Alan Shearer

Boby Charlton

Mick Channon

Mick Channon

Gary LinekerPeter CrouchGeoff HurstAlan ShearerBobby CharltonMick ChannonMichael Owen
Goals: 48Goals: 22Goals: 24Goals:30Goals: 49Goals: 21Goals: 40
Appearances: 80Appearances: 42Appearances: 49Appearances: 63Appearances: 106Appearances: 46Appearances: 89
Goal every 1.67 gamesGoal every 1.91 gamesGoal every 2.04 gamesGoal every 2.10 gamesGoal every 2.16 gamesGoal every 2.19 gamesGoal every 2.23 games

Wayne Rooney

David Platt

Tom Finney

Kevin Keegan

Bryan Robson

Frank Lampard

Steven Gerard

Wayne RooneyDavid PlattTom FinneyKevin KeeganBryan RobsonFrank LampardSteven Gerrard
Goals: 53Goals: 27Goals: 30Goals: 21Goals: 26Goals: 29Goals: 21
Appearances: 120Appearances: 62Appearances: 76Appearances: 63Appearances: 90Appearances: 106Appearances: 114
Goal every 2.26 gamesGoal every 2.30 gamesGoal every 2.53 gamesGoal every 3.00 gamesGoal every 3.46 gamesGoal every 3.66 gamesGoal every 5.43 games

Statistics Correct to 17th November 2019 (Kosovo 0-4 England)

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