BTTS Betting Market – All You Need to Know

Article: BTTS Betting Market – All You Need to Know

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By Jonathan Lewis | 23rd Feb 2023

BTTS in the betting industry means “both teams to score”. Betting on the BTTS market indicates that you bet on the possibility of whether both teams will score during the gameplay. In general, betting on BTTS is similar to betting on any other market.

In this form of betting, the market is settled at the end of the match. A game with a 1-1 or higher outcome is a win. The three outcomes of the BTTS market are either the team scores, both teams’ scores, or none of the team scores.

BTTS market is a great option in the betting industry for a good reason. After you finalize the team you would wish to bet on, look for the best bookmaker online. You can look out for the best BTTS odds at Midnite and win large.

BTTS Football Betting Explained

BTTS betting is popular among football players. Oftentimes, the bookmakers offer “both teams to score” betting and give a “Yes” or a “No” choice. You select “Yes”, if you want both teams to score while selecting the option “No” means you bet that one or both teams will not score.

In general, betting on a “Yes” or “No” improves your chances of winning by a greater percentage. The reason is that this form of betting eliminates the third option, which in most cases, is a draw. Other than Yes or No, BTTS betting is of many types as explained below:

  • BTTS + Win

An improved version of the BTTS market, the BTTS + Win allows the players to make predictions on the winner of the game. This is, in particular, a betting form that emphasizes whether both teams would score. After selecting that both teams will score, you choose the team that is most likely to lead the match.

  • Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

This kind of betting form improves the market to a great extent by predicting if both the opponents would score in each half. Each team needs to score at least one goal in the first half and the second half. Both teams to score in both halves betting is ideal for most high-score matches where each team is capable of scoring goals.

  • Both Teams to Score Over/Under

In the BTTS Over/Under kind of betting, you predict the number of goals that each team will score in the match. For example, you predict that both teams will score in the match and the total goals are over 2.5, under 3.5, or over 4.5. The number of goals you predict for each team is the defining factor.

BTTS Tips You Should Learn About

Betting is quite complicated; you need to understand the market to have an idea about which teams have a high chance of scoring. Certain factors showcase that both teams are likely to score well. Learning a few strategies can help you place the right wager and win the bet.

  • Teams with A Good BTTS Record

Some teams have a good BTTS record in various games and leagues. The teams that end with something like 4-2, 3-2, or 2-2 are good to bet on in the BTTS market. Looking at past games in previous seasons can help you understand the performance of the team.

If no significant change in the form such as low morale or injuries is recorded, there are still chances that the team may score in the upcoming match. You can use this betting strategy to determine the games you can bet on.

  • High Scoring Leagues

There are teams that are known for scoring higher goals per match. With this, you have a good chance that the match will end up with both teams scoring a goal. The majority of these teams are youth and women’s leagues.

England’s Premier League U18 has recorded an average of four or more goals per game. After betting on a high-scoring team, the gamblers can score down to specific teams that are likely to score more goals per match.

  • Two Poor Defensive Teams

The opponent’s strength of the defence is the key factor that allows them to score goals. Football teams with poor defence strategy are likely to lose the game even if they are stronger among the two teams fighting on the field.

Look at the number of goals that a team has conceded in the most recent games to determine if it is good at defence If, anyhow, you are able to pick two teams with poor defence skills, you are likely to win the bet.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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