Article: Three Top Tips for Aspiring Football Referees by Jonathan Lewis

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By Jonathan Lewis | 3rd JAN 2022

Football would be nothing without the humble referee. They might not steal the limelight from the players, but this doesn’t detract from the important role that the match officials play. Without referees, the beautiful game would quite simply fall into disarray!

Do you wish to play your part in maintaining fairness, amicability, and equality in the world of football? If so, you should try your hand at becoming a professional referee. For advice on how to successfully climb this sporting career ladder, be sure to read on.

Improve your focus

In order to make the right decisions at the right times throughout the course of each football match that you referee, you will need to remain incredibly focused. Even the slightest of slip-ups in this instance could result in you missing a pivotal piece of the action, which in turn could trigger a major turning point in the game.

Quite simply, if you’re serious about becoming a successful football referee, improving your focus levels should be one of your top priorities. There’re a number of things that you can do to enhance your focus capacity, one of which is to play poker on a regular basis. This is a game that demands concentration and requires attention to detail. In order to successfully take part in this pastime, you will need to watch your competitors closely and take note of the cards that they play. This will help you to notice patterns and, in turn, make more informed decisions when placing your own cards down. If you wish to play poker in a safe and secure environment from the comfort of your own home, head on over to luckynuggetcasino.com/ie/.

Be decisive

Decisiveness is a key attribute in the world of sport refereeing. If you want to succeed within this field, you must have the capacity to make split-decision calls in the heat of the moment. Your ability to perform this all-important task will have a profound effect on your reputation as a referee, which in turn will directly impact your ongoing career trajectory.

Is decisiveness not currently one of your strongest qualities? If not, try improving this skill by putting the following advice into practice:

  1. Consider why you’re so hesitant (is it a lack of confidence?) and then actively attempt to overcome this specific plight
  2. Push your personal boundaries, get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and be open to the idea of change
  3. Place yourself in work-related environments that demand decisiveness
  4. Stop overanalyzing and overthinking the day-to-day challenges that you encounter
  5. Align yourself with a mentor (an experienced referee, perhaps) that has a proven track record of operating in a decisive manner

Avoid drama

The football players that you officiate should be the stars of the show … not you! You’re just there to keep the peace and make sure the match is amicable, fair, and played in the right spirit. It is for this reason that you should aim to stay out of the spotlight. No matter what incidents occur in the matches that you referee, you are advised to avoid drama at all costs.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer


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