A Transfer No One Saw Coming - The Ronaldo and Messi Move

A Transfer No One Saw Coming – The Ronaldo & Messi Move

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By Jonathan Lewis | 3rd NOV 2021

The football world has seen many legends from different countries of the world. There was the era of Pele, who played for Brazil and helped them win several world cup titles. Then, the era of Maradona, who played for Argentina. He is famous for his goal, which was called “the hand of God’. Football lovers thought there wouldn’t be any legend better than these two until Ronaldo and Messi came.

Ronaldo started his football career when he joined Andorinha, Portugal. He later joined Manchester United in 2003 and also played for other clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus. However, Messi started his career in Barcelona at the age of 13 and has won several titles in the club. We will be explaining all you need to know about these two football legends in this article.

The Ronaldo Transfer to Manchester United

A Transfer No One Saw Coming - The Ronaldo and Messi Move


As we have already said, Ronaldo made his first move to Manchester United in 2003. After several impressive seasons in the club, he won his first Ballon d’Or in 2008. Subsequently, he won the award four more times while at Real Madrid. The football legend has won several club and international titles throughout his career. In 2018, Ronaldo moved to the Italian Ligue 1 side – Juventus, where he also won several trophies. As the saying goes; In football, anything can happen. Well, the unexpected happened when Ronaldo returned to Manchester United from Juventus in 2021. His transfer fee to Manchester United was €15million, with an additional €8 million fees for other costs.

The Messi Transfer to Paris Saint-German

A Transfer No One Saw Coming - The Ronaldo and Messi Move


Another transfer that took the world by storm was that of Lionel Messi. He started his football career at Barcelona while playing for their under-14 team. In 2009, Messi beat Ronaldo to it by winning his first Ballon d’Or award. Subsequently, he won the prestigious award in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He won the award four times in a row and also won it in 2015 and 2019.

The Argentine has won several titles for both his club and country, which is why some people have named him the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). While everyone was speculating that Messi would finish his career at Barcelona, the unexpected happened in 2021 – Messi moved to Paris Saint-Germain.

Why Their Transfer Shocked the World?

Ronaldo started his career in Portugal and moved to Manchester United, where he won several awards. However, after spending several seasons at Old Trafford, nobody would have thought the superstar would return to the club.

The Messi move was also shocking because the football legend has played for Barcelona all his life. He has a deep root with the club that even made him weep bitterly at his farewell press conference.

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Overall, we have been able to explain why the transfer story of Ronaldo and Messi shocked the world. For Ronaldo, he had played for Manchester United before and won several awards. But, in 2021, he made a shocking comeback to the club, which no one saw coming. However, the story is different for Messi, who has played in the Barcelona team all his life. But, he had to move to Paris Saint-Germain for free because his former club couldn’t meet his terms.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer