The Best Football Teams of England

Article: The Best Football Teams of England by Jonathan Lewis

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By Jonathan Lewis | 28th SEP 2021

Everyone who shows at least the faintest interest in football should be familiar with the best football teams of England since this country stands out.

Even though you can come across many different sports all over the world, some of them will be one step higher and show off with a big army of fans. Football is rightly considered one of the most popular sports worldwide, but it is on a national scale in some countries. For instance, football has managed to cement its position in England, and a wide range of clubs only validates this statement. Indeed, the oldest clubs date back to the 17th century, and most of them haven’t lost their popularity nowadays. If you want to go deep down this question, you will have to make enough room in your schedule since this question is quite multifaceted. College students can reach out to the reliable write my essay cheap service to get their papers done on time while busy examining English football teams. Of course, we’ll not consider all the clubs you can find there since there are about 400,000 of them right now. Thus, it seems more reasonable to focus on the top-rated teams that are definitely worth your attention.

Manchester United

Even if football is not your cup of tea, the chances are still high that you have heard about this football club at least once in a lifetime, so it hardly requires a formal introduction. It represents one of the most successful and popular teams in England, and it is not surprising considering they have managed to win 66 football prizes. This number involves major titles such as FA cups, English Premier Leagues, and Football League Cups. It is not to mention the FA Community Shield and UEFA champions leagues. Well, the team has managed to win even the FIFA Club World Cup, so no list of the top-rated English teams can do without Manchester United. In general, one can say that they have set a certain ‘golden’ standard, so it is hard to compete with them.

Liverpool FC

Even though this team has given in to the previous one, winning only 61 titles, one can hardly say it has taken a back seat. They can boast of strong players like Nathaniel Philips, Thiago, Roberto Firmino, and others who are ready to do their best to increase the number of trophies. Nowadays, the team has won most English Premier Titles and proved their value in the international arena. They can boast of the Community Shield title as well as numerous wins of the Europa League, Super Cup, and the UEFA champions league. Thus, if you are looking for a worthy role model, you’ve just found one.

Arsenal FC

This English club has won more than 47 different titles during its history, and it is interesting that its fan club was the first one officially established 135 years ago. Talking about titles won, they can boast of FA and League titles, among others. Unlike many other football clubs, Arsenal FC has never faced expatriation. Its team has managed to withstand a whole season and win 14 FA Gunner Cups. Its tremendous records are one of the reasons why the club has gained extreme popularity among football admirers.

Chelsea FC

This English football team has the right to possess a fourth place on the list of the best clubs in the country thanks to winning 31 national and even international prizes. The club is a proud owner of six English Premier League titles, nine FA Cups, and six Football League Cups. It is possible to list all the trophies they have won in the club’s history, but it is better to highlight their professional approach to the game and incredible commitment. Thus, it is not surprising the team has a big army of fans within and outside the country. Lukaku is considered one of the most valuable and experienced team players who has already helped the team win several important matches. It is interesting that the club has recently changed the coach, and the latter has managed to lead the team to victory in the last season. A similar situation happened several years ago when the change of the coach resulted in increased performance of players and a few crucial wins.

Tottenham Hotspur

It is one of the oldest football teams of England, founded 139 years ago, and enters the top-five clubs in the country. They have managed to win 26 titles in the national and international arenas. Talking about prizes they have got in England, it is possible to mention 2 English Premier League. However, 8 FA Cups and 4 Football Leagues Cups look much more impressive. Even though they give in to the teams mentioned above, they are worth your attention since every victory is not a coincidence but a long period of training in combination with persistence and strong will. The club is ranked thirteen by the UEFA, possessing a coefficient of 85.0 points.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

The Best Football Teams of England