Football is probably the most popular sport in the world, attracting many fans. Let's find out which football clubs are driving fans crazy right now.

Article: Football Clubs make Fans all over the World go Crazy

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By Jonathan Lewis | 1st DEC 2020

Football clubs are also the second home for footballers. Because, it is here that sows seeds and nurtures young talents to shine. Most soccer clubs have their own large-scale stadiums. Funding sources of clubs mainly come from: sponsors, advertising partners, cooperating bookmakers, selling tickets, transferring players, … Most of the big clubs use the house as their partner. For example, W88 is the main partner for Crystal Palace’s 2020/2021 season or Betclic is sponsoring Juventus for $21.4 million. Professional soccer clubs must be licensed, managed and run to strict standards.

The fans always look forward to seeing excellent performances from the players. Therefore, football clubs in the world have been established to train quality players. Surely there will be many famous football club names that are loved by many people. Definitely if you want to learn about famous clubs to expand your knowledge of sports or soi keo bong da. The following information will provide an overview. Let’s take a look at some of the clubs that are considered to have the best plays that are attracting a lot of fans in the world today.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the top football teams in the world that has always maintained its form despite years of playing. The Royal Spanish team has led the ranking of the best team in the 21st century, and in just over 5 years they have acquired 5 Champions League titles. Real Madrid did even better, making many fans love it with three consecutive championships in 2016-2017-2018.

The best team in the 20th century is on its way to becoming the strongest team of the 21st century. Real Madrid’s annual season continues to set its goal of getting the fourth Champions League.

Real Madrid is one of the top football teams in the world

                  Real Madrid is one of the top football teams in the world

Club Bayern Munich

In the list of famous teams in the world, it is indispensable to name Bayern Munich. The Bayern Munich team was formed many years ago and won its first title in 1932. With 18 Bundesliga titles and 18 national cups, this team is the richest team in Germany.

In the international arena, the club has won 5 Champion League championships and 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Besides, they also have 1 UEFA Cup and 1 UEFA Super Cup Cup. In addition they also once won the world cup club and 2

Bayern once made a mark in history with the treble in 2013. It was the European Championship, the National Cup and the German Football Cup. Therefore, when it comes to the football team that is the most fans, people will immediately think of this team.

Brazil Club

This is the team that won the most world cup 5 times to win the first prize. The Brazilian national football team is the team of the Brazilian Football Federation and represents Brazil internationally. Brazil’s first international match was against Argentina in 1914. Brazil is the most successful team in the world today, with five wins at FIFA World Cup, the most recent was in 2002. This team is often considered the best team on the planet and is the only team to attend all the football world finals.

Brazil is the only team to attend all the World Cup finals because fans are not surprised when they won 5 World Cup championships in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. Brazil is also the birthplace of many world-class strikers. They have created a powerful football empire with many glorious victories, dedicating the audience to many exciting matches.

Brazil is the team that has won many world championships

        Brazil is the team that has won many world championships

Liverpool Club

One of the most famous football clubs in the world that makes football fans crazy is Liverpool. Few clubs in the world are considered to have progressively improved like Liverpool Club. Thanks to their achievements in the Champions League arena, they have helped them raise their position to 3 places from 9th to 6th in the world of football.

Liverpool club is spending the most time on the Premier League. They won England 18 times and many other tournaments. The Liverpool squad is famous for such players as Ian Callaghan, Jamie Carragher. In recent years, this club has continuously asserted its strength. They deserve to be one of the famous soccer clubs in the world. Every year during the famous season football fans of the world are always waiting to appear on the field of this club.

Barcelona Club

Barcelona club, also known as Barca, was established in 1899. They are one of the three most successful teams in Spain. Barca has 25 times the honor of winning La Liga. In addition, they also won 30 national cups, 2 League Cups and 13 Super Cups. With many outstanding achievements, this team makes many football fans surprised and wait.

In addition, the Catalan team has remained in their collection 5 UEFA Champions League Cups, 4 Europa League cups, 3 C3 cups and 5 European super cups.

A particularly admirable thing that few people know about Real Madrid is the team with the highest revenue in the world today with more than 1 billion USD. However, Barcelona’s latest announcement in October 2018, this team earned $1.05 billion in the five seasons 2017-2018, while rival Real Real only earned 892 million dollars. Thereby becoming the first club with a turnover exceeding $1 billion and the team with the biggest revenue in the world today.

Juventus Club

Juventus is investing heavily to return to the Champions League

Surprisingly, when they were on this list, they had just returned 7 years after Calciopoli and immediately dominated Serie A for 8 consecutive seasons. Juventus is also the team to reach two Champions League finals in the last 4 years, 2015 and 2017. This team is less famous than other football teams, but the achievements they own are quite massive. Each season, they give their all, bringing many impressive things to football fans. They were from a team with only a halo in the past, suddenly strongly revived, known to many people.

Juventus always invests in tournaments to contribute to the audience

Juventus always invests in tournaments to contribute to the audience

Above is remarkable information about world famous soccer clubs that are driving crazy fans that you should know. Every time the matches take place they are always desirable names. Every play of these teams always makes the audience hold their breath for the combination and drama. Hopefully in the near future, these famous teams still affirm their bravery and position in the international arena. We also hope that through the information shared, you will have more knowledge and be able to choose your favorite team to follow through the different seasons. Download now the software that supports online football watching at link sopcast hom nay for easy tracking.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer