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Thai League 1 Champions

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Thai Football League Champions from season 1996-97 to season 2020.
The 2021-22 Thai League1 is scheduled to run from  July 2021 to May 2022.
Before the inception of Thai Premier League,
the highest level of club football was the Kor Royal Cup, which was contested in a tournament format from 1916 to 1995.

List of  Thai League 1 Football Champions

YearThailand Champions
1997Bangkok Bank
1997Royal Thai Air Force
1999Royal Thai Air Force
2000BEC Tero Sasana
2002BEC Tero Sasana
2003Krung Thai Bank
2004Krung Thai Bank
2005Thailand Tobacco Monoploy
2006Bangkok University
2008Provincial Electricity Authority
2009Muang Thong United
2010Muang Thong United
2011Buriram PEA
2012Muang Thong United
2013Buriram PEA
2014Buriram United
2015Buriram United
2016Muangthong United
2017Buriram United
2018Buriram United
2019Chiangrai United
2020Pantham United

Thailand Football League Champions

Thailand Champions (12 Clubs)
7Buriram PEA
4Muang Thong United
2Royal Thai Air Force
2BEC Tero Sasana
2Krung Thai Bank
1Bangkok Bank
1BG Pathum United
1Sinthana (Chula United)
1Thailand Tobacco Monoploy
1Bangkok University (United)
1Chiangrai United
24Total Champions
Kor Royal Cup (Knock-out) 1916-1995
Premier League 2019 (Pts)
77BG Pathum United (C)
63Buriram United
54Chiangrai United
51Bangkok United
47Samut Prakan City
47Muangthong United
46Ratchaburi Mitr Phol
42Nakhon Ratchasima
37PT Prachuap
36Police Tero
28Sukhothai (R)
17Trat (R)
15Rayong (R)

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