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Senegalese Top Tier Football League – Senegal Premier League – Champions from season 1960 to season 2018-19. 

Senegal Premier League Winners by Year

YearSenegal Champions
1960ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
1964Olympique Thiès
1966Olympique Thiès
1967Espoir Saint-Louis
1968Foyer France (Dakar)
1969ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
1970ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
1971ASFA Dakar
1972ASFA Dakar
1973ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
1974ASFA Dakar
1975ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
1976ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
1977ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
1978US Gorée
1979ASF Police (Dakar)
1980SEIB (Diourbel)
1981US Gorée
1982ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
1983SEIB (Diourbel)
1984US Gorée
1985ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
1986ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
1987SEIB (Diourbel)
1988ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
1989ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
1990UCST Port Autonome (Dakar)
1991UCST Port Autonome (Dakar)
1992ASEC Ndiambour (Louga)
1993AS Douanes (Dakar)
1994ASEC Ndiambour (Louga)
1995ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
1996SONACOS (Diourbel)
1997AS Douanes (Dakar)
1998ASEC Ndiambour (Louga)
1999ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
2000ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
2001ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
2002ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
2003ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
2004ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
2005UCST Port Autonome (Dakar)
2006AS Douanes (Dakar)
2007AS Douanes (Dakar)
2008AS Douanes (Dakar)
2010ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
2012Casa Sport (Ziguinchor)
2013ASC Diambars (Saly)
2014AS Pikine (Pikine)
2015AS Douanes (Dakar)
2016US Gorée
2017Génération Foot
2018ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
2019Génération Foot

*Teungueth FC and Jaraaf FC were declared Senegal representatives in 2020-21 Total CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup as they were the two best ranked teams when Season 2019-20 was halted after 13th Round.

Senegal Football League Champions by Club and 2018-19 Table

Senegalese Champions (17 Clubs)
12ASC Diaraf (Foyer France)
10ASC Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar)
6AS Douanes (Dakar)
4US Gorée
3ASFA Dakar
3ASEC Ndiambour
3UCST Port Autonome (Dakar)
2Olympique Thiès
2Génération Foot
1AS Police (Dakar)
1Espoir de Saint-Louis
1ASC Linguère
1US Ouakam
1Casa-Sports FC
1Diambars FC
1AS Pikine
56Total Champions
Premier League 2017-18
61ASC Diaraf (Dakar)
50Génération Foot
46Sonacos (Diourbel)
43Teungueth FC
40AS des Douanes
39Mbour Petite Côte
38ASC Linguère (Saint-Louis)
38Dakar Sacré-Cœur
38Stade de Mbour
37Casa Sports (Ziguinchor)
36ASC Niary Tally (Dakar)
32Diambars de Saly
15.US Ouakam
12Guédiawaye FC

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