East German Football Champions: DDR-Oberliga

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East German Football League Champions from season 1947-48 to season 1990-91.Prior to 1947, teams competed in the German League, as they also did after 1991.

East Germany Football Champions by Year

YearEast Germany Champions
1948SG Planitz
1949ZSG Union Halle
1950ZSG Horch Zwickau
1951BSG Chemie Leipzig
1952BSG Turbine Halle
1953SG Dynamo Dresden
1954BSG Turbine Erfurt
1955BSG Turbine Erfurt
1956SC Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
1957SC Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
1958ASK Vorwarts Berlin
1959SC Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
1960ASK Vorwarts Berlin
1962ASK Vorwarts Berlin
1963SC Motor Jena
1964BSG Chemie Leipzig
1965ASK Vorwarts Berlin
1966FC Vorwarts Berlin
1967FC Karl-Marx-Stad
1968FC Carl Zeiss Jena
1969FC Vorwarts Berlin
1970FC Carl Zeiss Jena
1971SG Dynamo Dresden
19721FC Magdeburg
1973SG Dynamo Dresden
19741FC Magdeburg
19751FC Magdeburg
1976SG Dynamo Dresden
1977SG Dynamo Dresden
1978SG Dynamo Dresden
1979Berliner FC Dynamo
1980Berliner FC Dynamo
1981Berliner FC Dynamo
1982Berliner FC Dynamo
1983Berliner FC Dynamo
1984Berliner FC Dynamo
1985Berliner FC Dynamo
1986Berliner FC Dynamo
1987Berliner FC Dynamo
1988Berliner FC Dynamo
1989SG Dynamo Dresden
19901FC Dynamo Dresden
1991FC Hansa Rostock

East Germany Football Champions by Club

East German Champions (12 Clubs)
10Berliner FC Dynamo
8SG Dynamo Dresden
6ASK Vorwarts Berlin
3SC Wismut Karl Marx Stadt
31FC Magdeburg
3FC Carl Zeiss (Motor) Jena
2BSG Chemie Leipzig
2BSG Turbine Erfurt
2ZSG Horch Zwickau (Planitz)
2ZSG Union (Turbine) Halle
1FC Karl-Marx-Stad
1FC Hansa Rostock
43Total Championships
From 1991-92 clubs joined German League




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