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Algerian Football Ligue Professionnelle 1 Champions

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Algerian Football League Champions – Ligue Professionnelle 1 – from season 1962-63 to season 2020-21. The Algerian top league is also known as Championnat National de Première Division or Ligue 1 for short.

Algerian Football Ligue Professionnelle 1 Champions by Year

YearAlgerian Champions
1963USM Alger
1964HAMR Annaba
1965CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)
1966CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)
1967NA Hussein Dey (Alger)
1968EP Sétif
1969CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)
1970CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)
1971MC Oran
1972MC Alger
1973JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
1974JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
1975MC Alger
1976MC Alger
1977JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
1978MP Alger
1979MP Alger
1980JE Tizi Ouzou
1981RS Kouba (Alger)
1982JE Tizi Ouzou
1983JE Tizi Ouzou
1984GCR Mascara
1985JE Tizi Ouzou
1986JE Tizi Ouzou
1987EP Sétif
1988MP Oran
1989JE Tizi Ouzou
1990JE Tizi Ouzou
1991MO Constantine
1992MC Oran
1993MC Oran
1994US Chaouia (Oum El-Bouaghi)
1995JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
1996USM Alger
1997CS Constantine
1998USM El Harrach (Alger)
1999MC Alger
2000CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)
2001CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)
2002USM Alger
2003USM Alger
2004JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
2005USM Alger
2006JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
2007ES Sétif
2008JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
2009ES Sétif
2010MC Algiers
2011ASO Chlef
2012ES Sétif
2013ES Sétif
2014USM Alger
2015ES Sétif
2016USM Alger
2017ES Sétif
2018CS Constantine
2019USM Alger
2020CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)*
2021CR Belouizdad

*In Season 2019-20 between 20-22 games were played instead of 30 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Champion CR Belouizdad (Belcourt) played only 21 games. No teams were relegated and four teams were promoted from League 2.

Algerian Ligue 1 Football Champions by Clubs’ Number of Wins and 2020-21 Table.

14JS Kabylie (Tizi Ouzou)
8CR Belouizdad (Belcourt)
8EP/ES Sétif
8USM Alger
7MC (MP) Alger
4MC (MP) Oran
2CS Constantine
1GCR Mascara
1HAMR Annaba
1MO Constantine
1NA Hussein Dey (Alger)
1RS Kouba (Alger)
1US Chaouia (Oum El-Bouaghi)
1USM El Harrach (Alger)
1ASO Chlef
59Total Champions
Ligue Professionnelle 1 2020-21 (Pts)
79CR Belouizdad (C)
71ES Sétif
69JS Saoura
65USM Alger
61JS Kabylie
60MC Oran
57MC Alger
57CS Constantine
52NC Magra
51Olympique de Médéa
50Paradou AC
47NA Hussein Dey
47RC Relizane
46US Biskra
45WA Tlemcen
45ASO Chlef
44AS Aïn M'lila (R)
38USM Bel Abbès (R)
22CA Bordj Bou Arréridj (R)
18JSM Skikda (R)

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