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Tahitian Football League Champions – First Division

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Tahitian Football League Champions – First Division – from season 1948 to season 2019-20.

Tahitian Football League Winners – First Division

YearTahiti Champions
1948AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1949AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1950AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1951AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1952AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1953AS Vénus (Mahina)
1954AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1955AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1956AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1957AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1958AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1959AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1960AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1961AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1962AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1963AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1964AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1965AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1966AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1967AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1968AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1969AS Tamarii Punaruu (Papeete)
1970AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1971AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1972AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1973AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1974AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1975AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1976AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1977AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1978AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1979AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1980AS Arue (Arue)
1981AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1982AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1983AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1984AS PTT (Papeete)
1985AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1986AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1987AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1988AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1989AS Pirae (Pirae)
1990AS Vénus (Mahina)
1991AS Pirae (Pirae)
1992AS Vénus (Mahina)
1993AS Pirae (Pirae)
1994AS Pirae (Pirae)
1995AS Vénus (Mahina)
1996AS Manu-Ura (Papeete)
1997AS Vénus (Mahina)
1998AS Vénus (Mahina)
1999AS Vénus (Mahina)
2000AS Vénus (Mahina)
2001AS Pirae (Pirae)
2002AS Vénus (Mahina)
2003AS Pirae (Pirae)
2004AS Manu-Ura (Papeete)
2005AS Tefana (Faa'a)
2006AS Pirae (Pirae)
2007AS Manu-Ura (Papeete)
2008AS Manu-Ura (Papeete)
2009AS Manu-Ura (Papeete)
2010AS Tefana (Faa'a)
2011AS Tefana (Faa'a)
2012AS Dragon (Papeete)
2013AS Dragon (Papeete)
2014AS Pirae (Pirae)
2015AS Tefana (Faa'a)
2016AS Tefana (Faa'a)
2017AS Dragon (Papeete)
2018Central-Sport (Papeete)
2019AS Vénus (Mahina)
2020AS Pirae (Pirae)

Tahiti Football Champions by Club and 2019-20 Table

Chilean Champions (16 Clubs)
18Universidad de Chile
15Universidad Catolica
8Union Espanola
4Audax Italiano
3Santiago Wanderers
1Green Cross
1Santiago Morning
1Union San Felipe
105Total Championships
Primera Division 2020 (Pts)
65Universidad Católica (C)
57Unión La Calera
52Universidad de Chile
52Unión Española
48Deportes Antofagasta
46Curicó Unido
44Santiago Wanderers
41Audax Italiano
41Universidad de Concepción
39Deportes La Serena
39Colo-Colo (O)
38Deportes Iquique (R)
35Coquimbo Unido (R)

Pirae and Vénus qualified for OFC Champions League Group Stage.

Tiare Tahiti Qualification to 2020–21 Coupe de France seventh round

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