Beginners Guide to Football Asian Handicap Betting

VOdds’ Beginners Guide to Football Asian Handicap Betting

Asia | 21st JAN 2020


King football rules the world, also in sports betting. No wonder, after all, football is the most popular sport in the world. Every day there are dozens of first-class games around the world where football professionals are offered many opportunities to demonstrate their skills. One of the most exciting ways to put your money on soccer games is the Asian handicap betting.

The Asian Handicap

This form of football betting originated in Asia and very quickly dominated the local betting market. It took a while for this form of betting to gain momentum in Europe. However, their popularity has increased year after year since the turn of the millennium. Meanwhile, the Asian handicap, as it is called in English, has become one of the most popular football bets worldwide.

How does it Work Exactly?

In the Asian handicap, the worse team is given an advantage over the better team to theoretically make the chances of both teams the same. This advantage is expressed in goals, but also in the quarter and half goals. Due to the leverage granted, the chances of both teams are equal, which is why the odds are similar. It is still important to stay up to date.

Different Types of Asian Handicap Betting

Null Asian Handicap: In the zero Asian handicap, both teams are classified as equally strong. Therefore, neither is granted an advantage, and the handicap is 0: 0.

Total Asian Disability: This is the most common handicap bet and very easy to understand. In the whole Asian handicap, a team with whole goals is given an advantage.

Quarter Asian Handicap: A quarter of Asian handicap bets operate on the same principle. These bets split your bet into two handicap bets – a half and a full handicap bet. This sounds quite complicated than it is.

Do Your Homework

The key to Asian handicap is doing your homework. This applies not only to Asian handicap betting but also for all sports betting. Not only do you have to choose the winner of a game, but you also have to worry about the likely goal difference. For that, it is imperative that you obtain current information about both teams. It is important to note that having access to an Asian sportsbook aggregator is a big deal as you can get access and bet on multiple bookies’ Asian handicap odds through one platform.


If you keep the context in mind, chances are you can spot some overrated favourites. The Asian handicap tries to match both teams by adding a handicap before the start of the game. If you think a favourite is overvalued, you can wager your money on a full, half, or three-quarter handicap bet in favour of the outsider and win on a tie or an outsider win. In this case, you bet that the favourite will not succeed.

Are you still going full throttle in the league or is the focus entirely on the Cup and Champions League? Take the chance to make a profit in the event of a tie, but also the case of outsider victories. Place your bets on VOdds with foresight. Wishing you best of luck and lots of fun with Asian handicap betting!