Premier League Goal Statistics
    Premier League Goal Statistics

    Totals of games played, goals scored and the average goals per game for every season of the Premier League from 1992-93 to 2017-18.

    FA Cup Results and Statistics 2017-18
    FA Cup 2017-18

    The 2017–18 FA Cup (also known as the FA Challenge Cup) is the 137th edition of the oldest recognized football tournament in the world.

    UEFA Champions League 2017-18
    Real Madrid: 2016-17 UEFA Champions League Winners

    Full details of the UEFA Champions League 2017-18 including match scores, aggregate scores, fixtures & group tables.

    Belgium League Champions from 1895-96
    Belgium Football League Champions Stats

    Belgian Football League Champions – Juliper Pro League – from season 1895-96 to season 2014-15.

    France League Champions from 1893-94
    French League Champions Football Statisitics

    French Football League Champions  – Ligue 1 –  from season 1893-94 to season 2014-15.

    Argentina Champions from 1891-92
    Northern Ireland Champions from 1890-91
    Scottish League Champions from 1890-91
    England League Champions from 1888-89
    World Leagues Page
    Word Cup Footbll

    World Football Leagues Records & Statistics 1888-2015